iOS 14 Public Beta! What’s the Best New Features?!

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Last week we talked about iPad OS 14 and how that beta was after a week of use well today let's do the same except today let's talk about how two weeks of the iOS 14 beta has been and this is the perfect time to do this as the public beta I've been using that developers beta the public version came out yesterday there are an awful lot of new features a lot of enhancements and one very special edition that I've actually kind of been waiting forever for Apple to include so how is the iOS beta after two weeks let's find out it's a phone I don't want to slam it down – what's up everyone I'm the everyday dad and if I

Can figure it out you can figure it out when we did the iPad OS video last week I had to preface that with a pretty big asterisk that you should definitely not download and install the early developer beta on any of your devices that is a single point of failure for you and I maintain that position now it's a little more complicated now that the public beta is out but I think if you only have one phone do not install the beta sure all the features are cool and the beta so far has been pretty darn stable but we have no idea what will happen in the next couple of releases it could go from

Very stable to not so much so if you only have one phone you got to keep yourself you got to keep yourself as safe as possible for example for me I use an iPhone 11 as my daily driver so I've installed iowa's 14 on my iPhone se – safety safety first and okay okay that boring dad caution out of the way everyday dad how dare you have boring dad warnings let's get into iOS 14 so there are some things that I am absolutely crazy about with this release it's like it's things that I've always really wanted my iphone to do which it now finally is capable of all right now

As this is early beta we're not near release for this yet so I'm not gonna be overly negative or nitpicky about this because they're not selling it to you yet it's that you have to go out and get this they're not pushing this on you so what I want to talk about today are features that I've really enjoyed using over the past couple of weeks and some things that I hope that we will continue to see in the future first often the thing that's most noticeable that everybody's been talking about are the widgets like you can I think you can even see them from right here because

They're just so big and noticeable I really like the widgets one of the biggest complaints that I think iOS has both on phones and iPads is there's lack of customization really on the home screen you're kind of locked into that grid these widgets allow for some neat customization and functionality on the main screen of your iPhone and the best part unlike the iPad OS and the restriction of its widgets to the small side that you may never actually have up these can go anywhere like this is the front screen of my phone well okay they can go anywhere as long as they fit into

That grid that we already talked about earlier it's not it's not chaos we got to have some kind of order right I really I continue to really like the widgets it could just be the novelty of having a new shiny toy on my phone and someday legitimately someday the magic could wear off but again it's been two weeks and I still really like him and I use them pretty much more than I used the single apps what would my favorite widget be I don't know it's definitely different than on the iPad since there's less screen real estate I do like the widgets that do

More with less and it's probably gonna be a boring pick but I like the smart stack since it's basically all of the important things that you could want in a widget combined into one thing that you can just scroll through like like I like how easy it is to just have one widget that kind of does everything but a new one that came out as I was writing the script and it's an up-and-coming widget since the beta 2 came out is the new files widget and one of them that's another big weakness of iOS as a whole is the lack of a good coherent file system so yes this is a bigger issue for

IPads and iPhones I just like how quick and easy it is to now access the files inside of the phones and I really hope that when beta 2 for iPad OS comes out it will also have this new files widgets because any seriously any files update has me excited because each new update gets us closer and closer to that like pinnacle nirvana of iOS and iPad OS operating as legitimate full-featured systems and which it's not gonna get you all the way there but it shows that they're thinking about it so definite thumbs up thus far in my experience with these little things the big thing though

Is I'm kind of sick of saying widget so we're not gonna so we're gonna try to not say widget as much throughout the rest of video the next thing seems to be a bigger deal for others but I'm not finding it all that useful it's the app library what this does is this feature takes all of your apps and it does neatly organized them into clearly defined categories for example utilities ref Princes reading entertainment stuff like that so if you have an absolute ton of apps I could see this being a much nicer way to find what you were looking for

And from a design perspective it looks really nice and it has a very convenient search bar at the top of that library but I only I mean you just heard me say I use the widgets more than I use the F there's only really 5 to 9 apps that I use on any consistent basis so I plenty of space on my home screen anyway I mean I'm gonna be able to fit what I need in that compact space so it's not for me personally but I do appreciate that it's there and I do kind of wish that would make its way over into iPad OS as I could see the much greater need there for keeping your travel computers

Functionality organized into those easily searchable buckets and one of the new features with beta 2 is you can now download apps directly to the app library and they can be deleted directly from the library little things like that so expect these little changes as the beta gets further and further under way so that is a difference between beta 1 and beta 2 so here's my absolute this is the one that I was talking about in the opening here's my favorite new feature on iOS 14 as security becomes a bigger and bigger deal for all of our electronics I personally like to know

What my tech is doing at any given moment you now have little dots that turn on showing when both your microphone or camera are being used much like how you can get a light to turn on when your camera is being used on some laptops I love this I absolutely love this I don't know why but I'm paranoid about it I always have a cover over my webcams on my computers if I have a camera in my house that's gonna be like just fully exposed to like my family's living conditions I always have it covered and I like that now in Iowa's 14 you'll be able to see if an app is

Trying to be sneaky or underhanded and using that microphone or camera in the background I've seen the reddit posts for like camera hackers that stuff legitimately freaks me out will this prevent all of it no absolutely not but at least it'll give you some kind of notice and another new cool addition to this beta is if you go into the control center you can actually see what app was last to use your microphone or camera so maybe they did it when you weren't looking at the camera and then you go back later and you can look in the control panel you

Can see that it did it okay on to happier additions another big improvement much like on iPad OS are the new smaller call boxes nothing drives me more crazy than I'm work an email or I'm typing a tweet or something only to have a phone call come in and just break everything up it just swipes it away that you can't do any work on it totally breaks up my concentration this new feature means that you get a small little notification at the top of the screen and you can accept it or decline it without interrupting yourself

This also works for FaceTime calls which is awesome I just really like features that make my phone less irritating to use and not having a random person call totally take control away from my phone that's something that I am 100% onboard with the next thing which is actually kind of a big deal for iOS is video picture-in-picture mode for certain apps now this is something that Android has had for a very long time and prior to me paying for YouTube premium it was a key reason that I kept a samsung galaxy s 9 I think was an S 9 I kept that s 9 around for long-distance car trips so

That I could listen to YouTube but also have my GPS maps up it's just nice to have I don't have to worry about that as much now because I have YouTube premium in it we'll just play in the background and unfortunately speaking about YouTube not all apps currently support picture-in-picture the app developer has to actively turn on the capability in their specific app key to that why I said that earlier is YouTube does not support this yet that sucks hopefully hopefully as we get close to actual iowa's 14 release they'll start but I have seen the twitch work twitch

Does work with the picture-in-picture so if you like watching streaming you can picture and picture that another cool thing about that box is you can drag it around the screen and you can really get it where you want to or even out of your way and with this new update much like the newest update on the iPad you get a lot more control and functionality out of your air pods and I didn't mention that in the iPad video and I'm not gonna make like an air pods video by itself so it's here on iOS 14 but with these new 14 series systems your air pod pros now have the capability to seamlessly

Transition between all of your devices yes that's how it was supposed to previously work but honestly I find because I use ear pods a lot of hours in the day I still find that I have to manually switch over from my phone to my iPad to my Mac but now it should seamlessly make the move mmm plus and here's another thing going back to widgets hopefully that's the last time we're gonna say it the battery widget shows the battery charge of every device paired to your iPhone like the air pods I I love this I love it's such a pain in the butt to try to

Find out what my airpot power level is yes you are supposed to be able to just flip the case open next to your phone but honestly for both my ear pods and ear pods Pro it only works like 50% of the time at best having a quick notification up at all times is easily is easily one of the best things about iOS 14 just by itself if you haven't noticed I'm really big on little quality of life changes I don't personally need gigantic new things all of the time because honestly the phone already does everything that I wanted to do but these little quality of life things hmm

Another cool thing that you can find both on iOS and iPad OS is a new feature that you can get inside of Safari called website privacy report letting you know which websites are trying to track you throughout your browsing time around on the Internet like I said privacy is a huge deal especially with all these electronics controlling everything you got to know like who's doing what to your digital presence ok yes there are other things that have been released on iOS 14 like car keys AP FS encrypted drive support and other things but this is again my impressions of the things

That I've used and liked over the last couple of weeks and those I haven't really seen the need so much I mean I personally I have a 2015 Nissan Frontier that barely has electronic locks on and it definitely does not have enough tech inside of it to be started with my phone maybe hopefully hopefully someday but not today the last cool feature I do want to touch on honestly it's probably not something that I'll use all that much right now is I've been stuck working from home like everybody else for the past few months but this thing is so cool even to just

Play around with it it's the new translation function it's insane like it's actually crazy used to open it up and it works you can choose between typing in a sentence or just speaking into the phone and it will auto translate then play that translated phrase out that's just so cool obviously I barely speak English I don't speak a second language so I can't verify its accuracy but doing some double-checking through Google translation looks pretty darn close looks pretty darn close and should make traveling around the globe so much more

Easier you don't have to worry about I don't speak the language you have a translator coming with you and it's like D'Arnot I'm gonna gush a little bit its functionality like this which does get me excited for these kind of advancements in our consumer technology because it's so easy but it's so powerful I know that's a meme it makes me sound like a huge fanboy which I am but I think this is just darn cool and it should make it easier for all of us like humanity as a whole to communicate together and even if it's small it goes a long way towards

Bringing us together that's sappy I know but it's so cool what are some of the things that you all have liked about Iowa's 14 leave a comment below because I'd love to be able to find out what everybody else thinks that has responsibly installed the operating system I want to know how you have all gotten along with it and find out maybe there's some cool things that I haven't seen but you've discovered let me know in the comments below and if you like this video oddly enough I bet you'd like to see a video about iPad OS 14 thankfully I have

A video about just that very thing you can click right here and watch click click click click click click click thanks for watching

iOS 14 Public Beta! What’s the Best New Features?!

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