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you guys ever get a bad mood you ever go through a bad day out there and i've never had one of these before you know it's the first time as a youtuber and my life is perfect outside of youtube i have no issues whatsoever i'm joking of course but no i actually am kind of frustrated by the latest reports on the iphone 12 because like i don't know the two biggest features we thought were coming or just not you know and this is on top of apple already taking out the charger taking out the headphones from the box

Redoing the packaging to look really cool anyway i want to talk about some iphone 12 rumors that have rustled my jimmies but not in the good way today so drop a like if you guys are excited hit subscribe for more and let's just go ahead and jump in let's just do it guys oh my gosh this is awesome i love this where's my phone can somebody give me my give me my phone first up a screen on the iphone this year is supposed to be or was supposed to be a 120 hertz promotion

Display this is something to be clear that samsung oneplus i believe google as well they've all figured it out on their screens they've all been able to get their 60 hertz panels on the phone to go to 120 hertz have it be really high quality but also not have an insane impact on battery life because with the 120 hertz refresh rate means is it's essentially refreshing twice as much as the normal iphone screens that we're used to apple has this on a product right now it's on

The the ipad pro it's been there since 2017 and every year i'm like this is the year we're gonna get it and every time we just don't see it now if this is a scenario where apple was about to do this first let's say that nobody else could figure out 120 hertz display on a phone balancing that with optimization performance i'd be like all right i'm gonna cut apples some slack here you know they may not have been able to figure it out because they're first you know nobody's done it is even possible but we live in

A society where everybody else seems to have figured it out and this is without a doubt a pro feature like if there's one thing that would be considered pro about the next iphone it was supposed to be the fact that the screen was like twice as buttery smooth you know that's not something that the average person would care about but a lot of people that like tech that's something that they would care about somebody like me or maybe somebody like you ross miller somebody who

Recently got like a hundred percent accurate on the galaxy fold two specs and has a pretty good track record of predicting screen refresh rates and resolutions and stuff like that is saying multiple times has been saying the same thing for a couple of months now that apple's lines the production lines themselves to be 120 hertz compatible are not built they're not coming until next year and the fact that sources are telling him that this year the iphone doesn't even have the hardware to support it

Because there was some speculation that maybe apple would enable in software in an update later it just wasn't perfect right away apparently the screen refresh rate technology called like ltpo where it can switch from 120 hertz to 60 hertz the one hertz has a really positive effect on battery life apple's actually baked it into the apple watch series 5 and that's how the always on display technology works that as well is apparently not even in the the build for the iphone this year so

That's the first thing where i'm like oh you got to be kidding me like everybody else has this feature and you're telling me i'm going to drop a thousand bucks on a phone in 2020 maybe a little bit more according to some sources and it's not going to have the flagship feature that everybody else in the industry has been able to figure out and i just feel like the 12 pro without this feature is already gonna miss the mark now i look forward to being wrong here i really hope i'm wrong i hope ross is

Wrong hope everybody else saying that it's not coming is wrong um but it doesn't seem like they are second thing arguably more important than this is again something that apple seems to be lagging on which is the size of the notch on the phone now listen buster let's calm down put the guns back in the the holsters here it's okay if you like the size of the notch now and you don't notice it hey listen i don't notice it either in fact i don't think that the current notch width is problematic but i do

Think it looks outdated and if you're really going to sit here and argue that compared to again what every other manufacturer is doing because believe it or not we do live in a global marketplace a couple of images have surfaced lately of some display panels that are for the iphone 12 apparently and size of the notch remains unchanged now the first one i'm really concerned about this one because we saw another image recently that has you know the the flipped connotation we

Have you know evidence that it is actually getting smaller i'm split 50 50 on this one because a part of me that like believes that everything's going to be okay is like there's no way like this is a huge iphone upgrade it's the biggest one since the iphone 10 three years ago there's no way apple ships the same size notch the other part of me is like hey there's a pandemic still happening apple had a really hard time developing the iphone 12 what if they just ran out of time and

Couldn't get it right like they already pushed the release date of the phones back till mid-october maybe early november usually they come out in middle of september so a month delay and engineers for months could not fly back and forth from the us to china because things were shut down due to the pandemic i want to say that apple figured it out but also these images are leaking uh basically after the final production model is supposed to be complete so like right now somewhere in the world

Uh there's there are apple employees that are carrying around these essentially fully completed prototypes like the final versions that we're going to be buying and the fact that these these images are leaking out of screens that don't have different notch sizes is really disappointing if that is going to be the reality because if you're trying to market a phone more than six hundred dollars it has the same size not just the iphone 10 and it doesn't have any upgraded screen

Technology i mean yeah you're gonna have cool stuff like better cameras on the back 5g the little metal uh refresh design that's more squared off similar to the ipad pro listen that stuff is cool but i feel like these are two features that apple just cannot miss this year and it looks like they could it looks like they just might not happen i just think that if apple's goal is to sell a lot of these and they wish to be competitive in the marketplace they're not going to be which i'm pretty sure is what shareholders want they want

A phone that's just as good if not better than everybody else's if they're missing these features it's not going to be close do you agree do you disagree do you want to fight me do you want to square up outside of the local arby's because i will be there tonight at 7 00 pm listen i know it's just a phone and that none of this actually matters like there's much bigger problems in the world but this is just food for thought and things that like i'm concerned about so i wanted to share that with you and keep you updated on

Like the latest stuff we're hearing for the iphone 12 but now welcome back to another video guys it's time for the positive happy train to arrive chew mother truck and chew i'm your host mr happy here and uh we wouldn't even have that good of news for the iphone 12 but i i do think it's important to talk about a couple of other things we've been hearing first that apple's launch strategy for these phones might be kind of weird so you know how they were delayed till october

A new report came in recently suggesting that the two 6.1 inch models would come out first my guess is because apple has already had a 6.1 inch screen out before so that's like the the easiest for them to replicate year over year so the the iphone 12 max 6.1 inch and the base iphone 12 pro 6.1 inch would come out in a first wave of releases and then like the fringe sizes the 5.4 small iphone 12 and 6.7 inch giant iphone 12 pro max would come out

At a later date um i i'm kind of split on this one i could see them doing it just to sort of get like something from each line out i do also feel like the 5.4 and the 6.7 inch models though are the most interesting which is possible i just don't know if apple would do that they've never done that before they always launch like the iphone 10s and then the 10r comes later or they'll launch the iphone 8 and then the 10 comes like they've never done one model of each line and then filled in the blanks later

So something to think about this next rumor though you may have seen this floating around that the iphone 12 inside it could actually have a ring of magnets they almost look like a power icon right which makes me like wonder if is this actually real is this legit it came courtesy of like somebody over on the chinese social network you guys have told me in the comments at least 500 times how i pronounce this i think it's weibo right but the images surfaced there then they were reposted by a couple of accounts on twitter

Okay but why would apple put magnets in the iphone 12. well you have to remember that they are actually actively working on a new version of airpower you guys remember airpower the product that apple actually canceled themselves and i think march or april 2019 it's coming back and it is better than ever actually i don't know if it's better than ever i'm just assuming so for a super quick tldr here airpower was the idea that you could set your phone down on this apple wireless charging mat

Anywhere and you could charge your watch your phone and your airpods with no defined location like they were gonna have all these coils overlapped so you could set anything anywhere and it would start charging well that created so much heat that apple had to cancel the product because it wasn't up to their quality and testing standards now i think they found the solution these magnets go directly around the wireless charger so what if apple said okay we couldn't figure out with these coils placed everywhere but we still want that

Magic experience of your phone basically going just where it needs to what if they made air power with that same ring of magnets on the inside so when you set your phone down it wouldn't have to be exactly where it needs to be there could be you know three sets of magnets around the mat so you could place your phone in position one position two or position three and it would automatically lock on snapping right to where it needs to go next apple watch could be the same thing maybe there's a couple magnets in there

It goes right where it needs to anywhere on the mat so you essentially set these three things down and rather than coils overlapped like crazy creating so much heat and ultimately making the product not work you could have specific spots for coils and then these magnets which don't make any heat at all but that lock those products into place right where they need to be that's a really good idea and it will probably add a little bit of weight to the iphone 12 but that's that's a cool idea and we even have an image of the iphone 12

Case like an official case from apple it's gonna have these magnets baked in there as well that's your weekly update hope you guys enjoyed this one hope you enjoyed hearing my voice i love each of you so much thank you for watching stay safe out there wear your mask i feel like a parent right now means it's time to sign off drop a like if you guys enjoyed hit subscribe for more and i'll catch all of you in the next one uh fingers crossed for the iphone 12 to not be bad


iPhone 12 120Hz & Smaller Notch Not Coming…





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