Apple Thinks They Own All Fruits

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Yo what's up guys sam here what's up what is happening out there apparently quarantine has broken apple as well i don't know if you guys have seen the story yet but it is absolutely phenomenal it is big corporate at its finest and uh and i'm pointing out apple here you can find a million other examples of what's happening but uh i saw this article apple takes legal action i kid you not quote against small company with pear logo end quote this is something else all right so this is essentially

A small business you know what america has been founded on what apple was back in the day and this company uh has been in operation for uh a few minutes now it's been going for a few years this company called pre-pair now you've never heard of prepare before don't worry none of us have they're just some random third-party cooking app that helps you in the kitchen you know it's like a connected cooking app they call it they give you recipes ingredients

I don't know it looks pretty cool but i'm not saying this is the first company to ever do this it won't be the last it's just a company and recently as their business has probably started to grow as everybody stuck inside they decided to trademark their logo so they decided to trademark pre-pair and when you do that when you go to the us trademark filing office you have some period of time where before you are officially going to get your trademark

Anybody in the world can object to it so let's say i wanted to start a company selling computers and i wanted to call it drycrowsoft and i was the name of my company and i had a four panel window logo obviously i'm never gonna get that trademark because if you compare that logo that i made and then the microsoft logo it's completely different apple is alleging today that consumers will be confused when they see prepares logo if they were doing that then sure apple's got a bit of a case

Here but they're not doing that at all and i just feel like i just feel like this is a bit much right like of all the the legal obligations and battles and you know frankly wars that apple has to to wage every year just to protect the apple logo because it is so ubiquitous why are they picking this one here's the best part this is the logo that they think it looks like oh that's a case of i've ever seen one i mean this this really looks like something you'd read on the onion it is

Not uh this is this is in the legal documentation that apple submitted i'll pull it up right here this is uh this is what they're asserting that the applicant logo the mark that they're they're trying to get is actually similar to the apple logo now for those of you that have been able to look at this you probably have noticed that there's a few issues with what apple is claiming here it's a pear it's it's literally a pear that they're

Comparing to apple i guess instead of apples and oranges it's apples and pears because they shouldn't be comparable and for some reason they are second the little leaf isn't even on the top of the fruit it's on the side uh and it's not even filled in in the middle have you ever seen an apple logo that doesn't have the solid fill it in in the middle with either rainbows or something else consumers encounter an applicant's marker likely to associate the mark with apple applicant's mark consists of a minimalistic fruit design

With a right angled leaf which readily calls to mind apple's famous logo and creates a similar commercial impression as shown in the following side-by-side comparison now obviously the lawyer writing this is getting paid very well because that's an excellently written sentence great uh greatly said and while that would be great if they had a case here they don't because even what they've argued could be argued against any fruit what are they trying to do

Claim that any fruit that has a leaf is somehow apple's intellectual property that consumers will be confused something i always like to do on my channel here as much as i'm like hyping up the new products it's calling apple out when they've done something ridiculous this case needs to be dropped immediately there is no case here and the fact that apple is trying to overreach their bounds here to shut down this random independent business getting their trademark

Is ridiculous i want to make it very clear this company apple is not suing pre-pair on the basis of their app or anything or banning them from the app store or anything like that they're just basically saying that they don't think the applicant's mark should be able to be registered so i guess apple's got a team of people out here looking for similar logos day in and day out i mean this is pretty funny but this isn't the first time apple's actually done this here's one for the norwegian

Political party from 2019. man that's a that's an apple if i've ever seen one now playing devil's advocate here this one i can see some similarities uh way more similarities than he could before um it's not close to the apple logo uh again the leaf is coming to the side it's not in place of the stem so that was a stretch i don't actually did they win this one i don't actually know all right i looked it up i can't find any information that actually

Says whether or not apple won this so i don't know this this one though all right here's another one german cycling path logo opful route uh i i said somebody took four years of german in high school i'm quite fluent in the language that actually means apple root for the uninformed the one reason i would say they have a slight case here is because the apple logo is or the the little leaf part is almost identical to apple's logo proper but nothing else is um there's no text

In the apple logo this kind of looks like a reset button to be honest this is not a great logo and neither was the last one i think if apple should be suing them for anything it should be that they need a better graphic design team this one again is from 2019 and i don't think it played out yet or maybe it's still pending so apple's trying to do this again with another company and listen at the end of the day is it you know is the company

That pre-pair gonna shut down if they don't get their trademark i don't think so should apple win this absolutely not that you know there's two sides of this like i'm not saying that apple deserves to win but i'm also saying in a case where apple would win even though they shouldn't i don't think that this is gonna destroy the company and ruin them to ruin them to the point where they're not financially stable or something but i wanna hear your thoughts on all this is this

Is this corporate overreach is this anti-trust is this a completely separate issue than any trust i've actually been i've been thinking a lot about apple as a company lately and um may do a fuller video on them in the future not really sure yet still trying to figure that out in my own head but i hope you guys enjoyed this one hope you enjoyed some sunday evening entertainment or whenever you're watching this apple doing the best and their products and doing the best to shut down anybody else

That believes in using a fruit flavored logo all right i've been sam hope you guys doing well and i'll see you on the other side of the apple

Apple Thinks They Own All Fruits

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