How to Unjailbreak iOS 9 / 10 NO computer, NO updating

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If you're one of those that keeps up with the news in the jailbreak community you would have heard that jailbreaking is not dead we've had jail breaks released for iOS eight point four point one and nine point three point five and recently a new jailbreak for iOS ten point two point one so yes Joe breaks are being released just not at the newest firmware like we've seen in the past and as you know if something goes wrong with your device while it is jailbroken you'll be forced to restore in iTunes which our update you to the latest version of iOS which is problematic if you want to keep your

Jailbreak back in the less stressful days of iOS 9 and below we had a tool called Cydia eraser that can bail us out in case anything went wrong just open the app run it and your device will be good as new unfortunately this application has not received an update 40 years a few months ago I showed you guys an updated method with a tool called OS restore X to remove your jailbreak without updating however that process is now not available either so if you are jailbroken on any firm winner it is still risky for you to be jailbroken because there is no safe way

To restore your device without losing your jailbreak of all iOS version and in this video I'll be showing you guys a method that works as an alternative to Cydia eraser and OS restore X so for this video I did get my hands on an old iPhone 5s that is jailbroken on iOS 10 and I'll be showing you guys how to remove the jailbreak without updating to the latest firmware all right so the first thing I'm gonna do is prove to you guys a what firmware I am on I am currently running iOS 10 point zero point two now the first step in this process obviously is to backup your

Device to your computer that way you'll still be able to have all your information after you have your race to your device and after you backed up your device just go into Cydia add this source on the screen now or in the description below so you want to go to sources and it's pad type in that source and hit add source and once you have that source it should look something like this purple one right here or blueish thing I don't know so just tap on this go to system and the only F in here is gonna be remover and look for remover

This is what you want to install if you want to erase your Cydia so since I've already installed this I'm gonna go ahead and just open up this remover application it looks just like this down here you can select which tool you use to jailbreak it so I did jailbreak this device with the Younger 102 the jailbreak but if you have an iPhone 7 you might have used the edge of your recipe or if you have an older device the Home Depot or the Phoenix jailbreak obviously more options may or may not be added in the future so do keep that in mind and once you have that selected

Just go ahead and tap on unjailbroken the app should crash and if you go back into the application you can see that it says done and reset next go into settings go into iCloud scroll down to find my iPhone and turn this off don't worry if you did this right this will automatically come back on once you restore your backup all right then go back into general scroll down to reset erase all content and then in here put in your passcode and then just hit you race iPhone erase and it should start erasing this may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes so give it some time and I'll

Be right back when this is done alright guys so I have finished setting up my iPhone and restore some of my stuff back from my backup as you guys can see here Cydia is now gone from the home screen I know I'm gonna have any of my tweaks installed and if we go ahead and go into settings in general about I am still on iOS 10 point 0.2 that way now I can do whatever I want with this device update it jailbreak it again is have a fresh start but anyways guys that is basically how you remove Cydia without a computer or iTunes or restoring or anything and staying on the same exact firm winner

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How to Unjailbreak iOS 9 / 10 NO computer, NO updating

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