Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing | Silver Edition

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hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek and today I wanted unbox for you guys Apple's iPhone 8 and as with any Apple unboxing we must have that crispy plastic included in the Box are some very simple things we have literature on top including your awesome Apple stickers the phone itself with this own layer of that crispy plastic besides that we have some pretty standard stuff of course a 5 watt power break lightning

Ear pods with a adapter and a lightning cable for charging this device once you begin the new setup process in iOS 11 you will notice that you can set up your new phone from your old one just make sure you have Bluetooth enabled and you'll get this menu to setup your new phone and here it's very familiar if you ever owned an Apple watch just scan the unique code and then continue setting up your device and don't worry if you love using touch ID this iPhone still has a home button you'll also notice the new true tone display option here in the

Setup menu it's kind of hard to show on video but true tone display is basically an enhanced version of nightshift that is always on just like on the new iPad pros and I'll be sure to cover this more in my full review and just like the iPhone 7 this devices home button is not a physical click it's gonna take some getting used to for me coming from an iPhone S II as well as reaching the corners of these screens this device comes with iOS 11 at launch which means you have all the newest features optimized for this device so moving on should you buy the iPhone 8 sure it may

Look great with the new all glass design but that doesn't necessarily mean you need to upgrade now if you're on an iPhone 6s or B low or even the iPhone se this is a significant upgrade it brings better speed a better display better cameras waterproofing technologies it just is a solid upgrade but if you have an iPhone 7 that is already waterproof already has great cameras already has great speed you don't need to upgrade so if you do have an iPhone 7 I would not recommend upgrading but if you have a 6s a 6 a 5s you'll definitely get some awesome new features also keep in mind

The size of this device the 8 and 8 plus have not changed in size at all but if you do have an iPhone 5s a 5 and iPhone se things like typing and reaching corners of the display may take some getting used to alright guys that'll be it for this video there is much more to come so don't forget to subscribe to the channel and follow me on Twitter at Apple geek 3 for more updates don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed and I will see you guys in the next video peace

Apple iPhone 8 Unboxing | Silver Edition

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