Terrible New Features in iOS 11

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Hey guys what is going on this is AI Apple geek and today I'm coming at you with a different type of video now that iOS 11 is out to the public everybody's excited for this jam-packed update however there are quite a few things inside of this update that has not yet fully baked in the words of Craig federighi Mac OS hi Sierra this might be misconstrued but they assured us this name is fully baked so these are some things in iOS 11 that personally annoy me when I made one of these videos last year I didn't think I would be making them again with iOS 11 but here we are please note that in this video I'm gonna

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Device which is great if you need power on the go without being stuck to a wall also power IQ – is not limited to other devices so the power bank itself can charge up quickly and efficiently if you're interested in this product please check out the link in the description and if you ask me I totally recommend now let's get right into the video all right so the first thing I wanted to talk about was app compatibility something that Apple does not really make that clear and they did not say anything at any of their keynotes before when you bought an app on the App Store

You were able to go back and redownload that app as long as you still have the same Apple ID but on iOS 11 a lot of those older applications have been dropped for support so for example if I was now to go into the App Store and tap on my profile then purchases and in here try to search for something like flappy bird this has not been updated for iOS 11 simply because it has been taken down by Apple previously in the past you still be able to download this file and still play it on your phone however because this is supported on iOS 11 it will not download

Some of the older apps you love using or like to keep around you won't be able to use those anymore next up I want to talk about control center and also the lack of control yes you do have the option to add toggles to control center about time Apple I thank you for adding these features in my point is the toggles itself are kind of broken I mean look at this if I try to turn off Bluetooth it doesn't actually turn off Bluetooth same with Wi-Fi it doesn't actually turn off Wi-Fi unless you have airplane mode enabled then it will actually turn off so Apple added false toggles in iOS xi I

Mean why would you have false toggles I can understand for Bluetooth for those of you who have air pods or the Apple watch is definitely a convenience to have bluetooth on but Wi-Fi why why do you need Wi-Fi if you hit off here and it doesn't connect to anything what's the point of having this it doesn't even join no networks so it's not like is actually adding any convenience I don't understand it just keeps on an extra process for the phone and the next thing we're gonna talk about is the Notification Center or the lack of a

Notification Center it seems like iOS 11 is removing a lot of features a so basically the Notification Center is no longer what we used to know and love so for example I have my iPod Touch 5th generation on good ol I Oh s7 and this is what our Notification Center used to be a dedicated place for your notifications rather than being merged with the lockscreen but there are still a few things that are missing like the ability to group notifications based on which app it is it still does not let you do that I don't know why they ever took that out in the first place and

Then the lack of actual widgets on this screen I mean it's just notifications and you have to swipe over here come on come on there we go to these widgets that you can set yes these are kind of convenient but they're really just shortcuts are not really widgets and this actually ties in with my next point all right the next thing is something I think you guys will agree with me on and that is the file's app and the lack thereof the file's app was added to iOS 7 to serve the purpose of having a file browser on iOS which about time Apple you

Finally added one however right now is very very limited and extremely buggy I mean extremely buggy check this out so if I go home and I 3d touch on the widget you can see some of the shortcuts for the documents that I last viewed or last modified so these are my notes for a speech I'm gonna try to access that and bang it just crashes it just it's gone it's not even floating I mean come on it's it's a document which device which file browser can you think of besides the Internet Explorer that can't open documents I mean come on Apple can you

Not make a document reader on iPhone seriously so you look check this out even inside of the application if I try to open this it just crashes it crashes what kind of file browser is this if you can't even read the words I mean a four-year-old can do that and one last thing why in the world does the App Store look like it's made out of hot dogs Johnny I my boy Craig come on like what were they thinking when they designed at this icon like does it make it more straight or less circular less of an angle or something I mean maybe it's to counteract the slope of Johnny

Ives pear-shaped head alright I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you guys did don't forget to subscribe it for more stuff like this follow me on Twitter at I Apple geek for more updates and I will see you guys in the next video peace


Terrible New Features in iOS 11





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