Apple AirPods Review – 6 Months Later

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Hey guys the inner pods are almost one year old and in this video I want to take a look at how this thing has held up throughout that year and see if they met the needs of the headphone market let's jump right in the air pods were first announced in 2016 alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 plus but due to numerous complications during production these were actually delayed for months before people actually began receiving them as of now I've only had these for about six months the first thing you need to know about this device that it's very portable sometimes they may not feel very comfortable in your pockets because

Of the shape of the case but I do have to say that the convenience factor is very good with this device you can literally put it in any pocket anywhere and on the flip side of that is also very easy to move the case so be careful where you put this device sound quality on the air pods is not bad but it's not that great either it's not like your traditional set of headphones or noise cancelling earbuds these headphones let in a lot of noise so if you're going to be listening to these outside or on a plane train car I do not recommend it but when you're

Inside is not too bad now on the software side of things iOS the 11 brings a couple new splash screens to the air pod setup menu as you guys can see here there's now a rotating graphic on the main set of the menu and once you get the ear pods connected and as you guys can see that battery life is not that bad on the air pods it is as advertised you won't get a ton of juice out of the headphones themselves but the air pods case does bring a ton of extra juice I have not been able to run these guys dead yet now believe it or not apple has heard our

Cries for more functionality if you go into iOS 11 while this device is connected and go into the Bluetooth settings for this device you can see that there's more customization when it comes to the double tap gesture on the air pods here you can select next track or previous track depending on whether you double tap on the left ear pod or the right ear pod now I have a little secret I bet you saw this one coming I dropped my air pod yes I've managed to drop these let's talk about durability and fit Apple created these with a

One-size-fits-all mentality so if it doesn't fit you it's not gonna fit you there's no way you can make it fit your ears I definitely would not run with these they just fall out too easily but if you're going to use these for indoor workouts it's just fine the only way to really know is to try them on yourself now why is this on I did not have this on before and why was it open in the camera Bennett now that's kind of creepy anyway so like I said I did drop my air pause and if you look closely here you

Can see a little dent these are made of white plastic so you can assume that they're not super durable now in terms of compatibility I believe the air pods are compatible with whatever device has supports Bluetooth 4.0 all you have to do is hold down the little button on the back to set it up if your device is not on iOS 10 or later or if it's an Android device you will not get the popup sheet to set it up you have to do it manually in settings and this will work with an older iOS device so not that well and you can't adjust the settings for it unless you have a device on iOS 10 or

Later but if you already set it up on another device whatever gestures you set will still work for the older iOS which is actually kind of cool I don't think this was an intended feature though now for some reason the Siri command doesn't really work on the older iOS versions only on iOS 10 and up in my experience this is Apple's attempt of taking a step into the future what do you guys think about this device do you think it's actually futuristic or is it just a failed attempt be sure to let me know in the comments don't forget to subscribe and I will see you guys in the next one

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Apple AirPods Review – 6 Months Later

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