Microsoft Surface Laptop: Unboxing & Review

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What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and after the surface studio the surface book the surface pro we finally gets the surface laptop I think this is a product many of us have been waiting for ever since Microsoft got into the premium hardware business they did not disappoint with the surface laptop it's an incredible piece of design and hardware and we're gonna take a really close look at it so all surface laptops do get dual core 7 generation skylake CPUs but to start we get a core i5 we also get four gigs of RAM in addition to 120 gigs of SSD mdme storage this also gets us intel's HD 620 integrated GPU

But if you go for the core i7 you get intel cyrus plus graphics 640 GPU now personally I recommend the $12.99 model which is what I have here that get you the core i5 256 gigs of SSD storage and 8 gigs of ram now that's important because this computer is not user upgradeable so I think you want to spend the extra money upfront to make sure you have computer that meets your needs for a long time now this computer is available in multiple colors and I get to take a look at two of them today the burgundy and the blue color so we're gonna take a look at them side-by-side

This laptop does feel very high-end it's made out of machined aluminum so it doesn't flex or creak under load that has a very nice smooth anodized finish so it feels a little smoother than the one you might find on the MacBook Pro getting to the accessories we do have some people work with a Quick Start Guide and regulatory and warranty information down below that we have the accessory packet which does include our power adapter and the power cord now the power adapter here is kind of unique it does include a USB type a connector for connecting other accessories to the

Charger which is handy of course we also have that surface connector so this is magnetic and reversible it does have an LED indicator that lets you know when the laptop is fully charged and can quickly come off when it's yanked so it doesn't snag your computer one of the first things you'll run into here is that this is running Windows 10 S which basically means it's locked down to the Microsoft App Store which means you can't install things like Chrome but fortunately you can upgrade to Windows 10 Pro free of charge and it's really easy and quick to do so but you want to

Make sure you do this before the end of the year because after the year ends it cost $50 to make the upgrade so one of the most unusual design features of this laptop is the Alcantara fabric that's covering the keyboard deck it's kind of a nice thing because this is your hands rest on the computer so instead of encountering cold metal you have this very nice soft warm material of course this is a fabric and not the easiest material to keep clean so it's gonna take some time to see exactly how this weathers one of the other design benefits of this keyboard is that we no

Longer need that gasket around the display which means we have a true edge to edge glass panel which is great especially for a touchscreen which means you don't run into any ridges when you're swiping across on the screen speaking of that display it's covered edge to edge in Corning Gorilla Glass 3 and we have an aspect ratio of 3 by 2 instead of the wider 16 by 9 or 16 by 10 which is more common with laptops this gives you a lot more vertical screen real estate and more screen real estate overall for the size of the laptop personally I'm a big fan of it

But if you watch a lot of the video of course you're gonna have to get used to black bars at the top and bottom we have a resolution of 20 256 by 1504 that's good for 201 pixels per inch so it's a really nice sharp display it is a full touch screen display that does work with the surface pen but you have limited range of motion with the laptop hinge so you can't really lay the display flat which is what you really need to do in order to make use of a surface pen anyway overall this is a very nice looking IPS panelist we have those deep blacks bright vivid colors and overall

It's a nice bright display with even backlighting so you won't find hotspots and very minimal edge leaking the only thing I would like to see improved here is the anti-reflective coating because there is quite a bit of glare on this display if you look at the top edge of the display you'll see a lot going on here so we have a set of dual microphones which works with Cortana's voice recognition in addition to an Ambu light sensor we also have a front-facing 720p camera which is excellent and we have a set of dual microphones for excellent audio pickup as well but we

Also have Windows hello built into this laptop meaning that it actually uses an infrared light and a camera to scan your face to quickly unlock the computer and it works extremely reliably no matter the lighting conditions the distance the angle of the camera seems to work every time when it comes to keyboards this is an area that Microsoft has a lot of expertise and they're really good at it and that's no exception here and we're ly press overall despite these shallowness of the keyboard mechanism the keyboard is very responsive has a nice solid click and Aquis themselves

Are very stable so everything feels very responsive and accurate I think the trackpad is just about the right size so when you lay your hands on the keyboard that doesn't cover it up this is a glass trackpad so has a very smooth surface on it so you can track accurately across it it's also mechanical trackpad so it does have a very audible and solid click although I think it's a little too loud there'd be nice if they dialed this back a bit but if you like just a traditional trackpad you're gonna be pretty happy with this design

Another design trait that's kind of a user for this computer is that you won't find any screws or fasteners along the bottom it looks like just one piece of metal so it's really impressive but there's a problem with that and that's because you can't crack into this computer without destroying the Alcantara surrounding the top of the keyboard that basically has to be peeled off and that is a very difficult process which basically makes this computer unserviceable but at least it looks nice just behind the hinge you'll find lots of insulation to keep this computer cool

And the fans are fairly silent even under load so when it comes to the port's it's pretty basic here we get one USB type a connector which is USB 3 we get a mini display port for connecting an external monitor and we get a headphone jack also right next to that is one of the antenna strips this allows the antennas like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to work through the metal chassis and also if you look closely here the components of the port's themselves are also color matched to the computer which i think is a really cool detail if you look at the right edge you'll find another antenna

Strip in addition to the surface connector again this allows you to recharge the computer but this is also a data point for connecting other accessories like the surface dock which gives you a few more i/o options speaker quality is outstanding on this laptop we have speakers behind the keyboard and they're calling these omni sonic speakers and they're tuned by Dolby audio premium they're one of the better sounding laptop speaker systems I've ever heard so let's go and take a quick sample of it what's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're taking

A look at the surface studio from Microsoft this is their very first all-in-one desktop computer in terms of our benchmark performance pretty solid mid-range performance overall so we take a look at our Geekbench scores it looks like our core i5 is clocked at about 2.7 gigahertz that delivers a single core score just above 3,700 in a multi-core score of around 7400 in terms of graphics if we look at our OpenCL score it's just north of 19,000 which is also pretty solid but if you look at our Cinebench scores the opengl score is just shy of 40 frames per second ice

Actually a bit better than I expected the CPU score is okay at around 3:20 so clearly this is not the configuration you want to get for gaming if you're more interested in gaming take a look at the core i7 which gets you dedicated graphics that should double the opengl score to about sixty frames per second in terms of very life we have a forty five point two watt hour bounty which is fairly small for a screen of this size but I should deliver about 14.5 hours of video watching according to Microsoft but then I experienced I'm getting about seven

Hours of general multi-purpose use so in the end this is a premium computer relative to its specs but they spared no expense they get the details right we have a fantastic keyboard speaker system trackpad display in overall design there really is nothing else quite like it so this makes it a really special Windows laptop and something I really enjoy using this is the perfect weight the perfect size and has more than enough capabilities for day-to-day tasks and then some although I understand why Microsoft chose not to integrate USB C or Thunderbolt 3 it would be nice just a

Future-proof this computer but ultimately I'm really glad that Microsoft finally got into the laptop business because it's something they're clearly really good at alright guys hope you enjoyed this look at the new Microsoft Surface laptop if you guys enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up to let me know and I'll see you again in my next video

Microsoft Surface Laptop: Unboxing & Review

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