Apple iPad Pro 10.5″: New Accessories

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I'm keen on the shades.

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg back again with another quick look at some Apple accessories this time we're going to take a look at some of the new accessories for the iPad pro 10.5 inch so the keyboard cover is essentially a scaled up version of the one that was available from the nine point seven inch of course there's also a keyboard cover available for the bigger twelve point nine inch but that was not redesigned with a new model once again this is sort of like a silicon smart cover with a keyboard that folds out we have a microfiber liner that protects the glass that it's covering

But fold down into a keyboard position so again this uses these smart connectors so there's no Bluetooth connection you're connecting directly to the iPad so you don't have to recharge it or anything really the only difference between this and the last generation is that it's bigger so it feels much more like a traditional keyboard the keys are the right size and for me it's much more comfortable to type on than the one we had for the nine point seven inch one of the new accessories for the iPad pro is the leather sleeve it's available in two

Sizes 12.9 inch and ten point five inch retails for 129 or 149 and is available in four distinct colors it's also the only Apple case that integrates an Apple pencil holder in one solution so it keeps everything nice and neat the holder itself is lined in microfiber to protect the Apple pencil and it snaps around the cap so the cap doesn't fall out so this is a genuine leather product it is stitched around the edges for extra durability so it shouldn't stretch apart if you look at the inside it is wrapped in a microfiber material which is good for protecting the iPad and

Making it fairly easy to slide in and out it is designed specifically for the iPad pro but there seems to be plenty of room here for other accessories like the smarts cover and even the keyboard although it's kind of snug here so you may damage the case if you intend to use it this way so I wouldn't recommend it I think you can get away with the smart cover the only thing I would recommend is make sure you have a good grip on the iPad before you take it I'll be sleeve just because there's some friction there and when it releases you might drop it now firstly I'm not a big fan of sleeves

Just because it's not providing the protection I need and since I don't really use the Apple pencil I don't need this extra bulk that comes with it another new accessory is the $29 Apple pencil case in matching leather finishes so this is another leather product which is also lined in the microfiber material that protects the Apple pencil I think the primary reason this accessory exists is that it's pretty easy to lose the cap of the Apple pencil so this actually helps to keep it in place while it's in transit and also prevents the Apple pencil from rolling off the table and

Disappearing entirely $29 is expensive but in the realm of Apple's leather accessories it's actually not too bad of course we also get a new Smart Cover which is resized for the 10.5 inch this is a pretty familiar accessory uses the magnets along the side to attach the iPad wakes it up when you lift it open and folds back to prop it up in either a keyboard position or in landscape position the big difference this time is that it's now available in leather in addition to silicone already guys hope you enjoyed this quick look at Apple's iPad pro accessories if you did please

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Apple iPad Pro 10.5″: New Accessories

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