Apple iPad Pro (10.5″ vs 12.9″): Unboxing & Review

What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're taking a look at the brand new iPad pro so we have the 10.5 inch and the twelve point nine inc…

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What's up guys Mike here the Detroit Borg and today we're taking a look at the brand new iPad pro so we have the 10.5 inch and the twelve point nine inch two different sizes but very similar specs and we're going to compare them side-by-side now the big news is the 10.5 inch which is an all new iPad replacing the nine point seven inch while the twelve point nine inch for the most part is a spec upgrade in terms of pricing the ten point five inch starts off at a fairly high 649 while the twelve point nine inch starts off at 799 so there is a price increase for the smaller model of course there's three

Different capacity options to pick from 64 is standard but you can go all the way up to 512 gigs of storage and if you add cellular data which is another $129 you can max out the price of the full-size iPad pro to 1229 so that's quite expensive once again these smaller iPad pro is available in four colors which includes rose gold while the larger iPad pro goes without rose gold now there is a different wallpaper for each color but they're not applied by default so you'll actually have to pick them under the wallpaper settings to apply them to your

Home screen so let's start with the 10.5 inch mount all we have to do is lift up the lid and the first thing we'll see is our tablet wrapped in lots of frosty plastic we can go ahead and peel this off and the design here is pretty familiar but before we take a close look let's get to the accessories first up we have a USB lightning cable which is pretty standard of course we have a packet with some paperwork that includes a Quick Start Guide warranty info a set of white Apple stickers and a section tool which is unique to the cellular model also underneath that is the power

Adapter wrapped in plastic and it looks like they sort of redesigned the plastic wrapper so the prongs don't scratch anything so there's some protectors over it that's just a very minor detail but once again it's 12 watts now getting to the very large twelve point nine inch model it's basically the same unboxing just scaled up to size so of course we have our tablet wrapped in plastic and pibbly on and off you can see it's a little noisier and then we can go ahead and set that aside and take a closer look in just a bit the accessories are identical they're

Exactly the same then includes the 12 volt power adapter it would be nice to have a bigger power adapter for the larger battery so side by side the 10.5 inch does having those will be smaller bezel compared to the e 12 point 9 inch which is pretty much carried over from the previous generation now in terms of the screen both of them have the same pixel count to hundra at 64 PPI and to achieve that they do have different screen resolutions for the 10.5 inches bigger than the nine point seven inch it's up to two thousand two hundred and twenty-four by 16 68

While the twelve point nine inches once again at 2732 by 2048 now both of these are extremely bright displays that support the wide color gamut of the DCI p3 standard they're also true tone display so adapts the color of the display for the ambient light so sort of reflects the conditions of the room but new for both of these displays is pro motion technology which means that they can refresh up to 120 Hertz which means that the interface looks extremely fast and silky and it's impossible to illustrate this on the camera because the camera is only running at 30 frames

Per second so basically this is a hundred and twenty frames per second at maximum but it is adaptive so it really depends on what content you're looking at so video won't look 120 frames per second but the interface or the UI will adapt to 120 Hertz so it looks extremely fast and responsive and it definitely makes a big difference it's unlike any other tablet I've ever used the iPad pros are still the only tablets at work with Apple's pencil and in this case Pro motion is part of improving the input latency of the Apple pencil so according to Apple with pro motion the input lag

Is the lowest in the industry both of these displays are once again fully laminated to the glass and the glasses anti-reflective so it's able to reject as much glare as possible but it's not completely perfect although this is still a mechanical home bug we do get touch ID 2 for the first time so it's twice as fast as the previous generation and of course it still works with things like Apple pay and unlocking the iPad toward the top in addition to an ambient light sensor is the same 7 megapixel FaceTime HD camera from the iPhone 7 which is capable of 1080p HD video the

Retina flash for flashing the screen for lighting of your face and then F 2.2 aperture speaking of the iPhone 7 we have a same iSight camera on the back as well 12 megapixels with an F 1.8 aperture 4k video recording and optical image stabilization they even borrowed the iPhone 7 squad led true tone flash although we have the exact same cameras on both of these iPads the one on the 10.5 inch does stick out quite a bit more that's probably because it's a bit thinner and of course the bezels are smaller so they had to make

Room for the camera now the lenses are covered in sapphire glass so they won't scratch too easily and because the iPads are so big they don't rock when you're using a flat surface now because this is the same camera in the iPhone 7 my review from the iPhone 7 basically applies to the iPad pro we have all the same features and technologies we have the same 12 megapixel sensor with an f1 point a temperature so we have a nice shallow depth of field also let's a lot of light into the camera for good low-light sensitivity we also have optical image stabilization for the

First time which is great for 4k video recording we also have focused pixels for improved all the focus performance and much much more in terms of buttons they're keeping it pretty basically have a sleep wake power button for the top and our vine controls on the side now because I have the LTE version you'll see these little stripes along the back very similar to the iPhone this is part of the antenna system also toward the center is a set of dual microphones now carried over from the previous generation is a set of quad speakers we'll find two at the top two at the

Bottom and again they're in the same position as before now these speakers are designed to be adapted so no matter how you're holding the tablet this will adjust the speaker output for left and right or up and down now just like the previous generation the audio output on these tablets is really impressive so let's go and take a listen also guys this is my V III borgin Apple has finally updated the iMac so they haven't touched this since late 2015 and in this video we're going to take a look at the 21.5 inch 4k model in terms of the lightning connector both of

Them now get the USB 3 spec for faster charging and transfer speeds toward the bottom edge on the right side we have our nano SIM tray but the great thing about the iPad pro is that it does have an embedded SIM so you can just sign up for your service without having to install a SIM from your carrier but if it doesn't support the embedded SIM of course you can install your own another feature unique to the iPad pro is the smart connector which provides both power and data connectivity to accessories like the keyboard and of course there's lots of magnets built

Into the side of the iPad for connecting those accessories now according to Apple one of the reasons they increase the standard size of the iPad 2 10.5 inches is that it gives us room for a bigger keyboard so that includes the on-screen keyboard and the physical connected key where that's available for the iPad pro in fact if you look at them side-by-side it looks like they basically dragged the corner of the old keyboard to expand it out so we get larger Keys a wider foot and and it feels much more conventional to use and definitely a lot more comfortable now if you look at the

Software keyboards between the ten point five inch and twelve point nine inch you can see there's a pretty big difference here obviously much more compact on the smaller iPad compared to the full number row on the twelve point nine inch in addition to all of the characters and functions along with sides but basically it looks like they sort of cropped those off on the ten point five inch so at least the letters are roughly the size of a conventional keyboard so this does make typing on the 10.5 inch screen feel a lot more natural so when it comes to specs they make it pretty easy to choose

Between them because they're identical we have the a10 x-fusion processor which is a variation of the iPhone 7 CPU this is the most powerful iOS processor you can buy we also get four gigs of RAM in each of them so our Geekbench scores are identical or relatively identical now if you compare this to the previous generation obviously there's a pretty significant gain here but the previous generation also had different specs so they weren't quite lined up but now everything is equal because we have two different screen sizes we do get two different battery sizes to achieve the

Same battery life for both so about 10 hours of general purpose use for web browsing and watching videos in terms of e 10.5 inch we have a 30-point for one hour battery and a 41 watt hour battery in the 12 point 9 inch so of course that does mean the twelve point nine inch is noticeably heavier at about one point forty nine pounds versus a little over one pound for the ten point five inch comparing the 10.5 to the previous 9.7 inch mAh obviously the big difference here is that the new one is bigger overall but the bezels are smaller so it's not quite as big as it could have

Gotten now the bezels seem to be just about the right size so if you look at the home button there is just enough room for it and nothing else the chassis has been redesigned but really it's just been scaled up to the new model but of course there's a lot of differences here so for example the antenna has been redesigned it's not as tall as it used to be and it's more rounded the camera module is different it's quite a bit bigger than the old model but it still sticks out about the same the microphones have moved from around the camera to the center top and the

Speakers have been sort of tweaked for the new size now when it comes to the twelve point nine inch all of these changes are a bit bigger so for example we have a new Petrie display for the first time on this size so it's a much brighter display much more vibrance and of course we have all the other benefits of the latest technology like promo Oshin and more so it's a much better-looking display than before in terms of each a/c even though it's the same dimensions it has been completely redesigned so for example the antenna strip on the back has been reduced

Significantly they've sort of rearranged the speakers for the new design of course the camera is a big difference here we have a much better camera than the 8 megapixel camera that came before and it does stick out quite a bit as opposed to the flush design we also get an LED flash which we didn't have before and the microphones have once again been relocated so that means the existing keyboard and smart cover will work with the twelve point nine inch iPad pro but the silicone case no longer does so when it comes to choosing between these two tablets it really comes down to two

Factors price and size obviously there's a pretty big price gap between these but the size difference is also significant I think the twelve point nine inch is quite a bit bulkier and heavier so I think it's better suited toward a laptop experience it's not as comfortable to use as a tablet well the 10.5 inches is very nice and compact so it makes it great for tablet usage but maybe not the best for a keyboard experience now the iPad pro definitely does a very good job distinguishing itself from its MacBook cousins of course there's a lot of

Features here which MacBooks don't have such as a full touchscreen the pro motion feature which makes a huge impact we have touch ID built in standard and at 600 nits this is brighter than any of the Mac displays which makes it better for outdoor visibility of course we also have a stylus if that's important to you it's not to me but it also has LTE which is something no MacBook has right now and it's a very powerful machine with the a10 CPU certainly more powerful than I need for day-to-day tasks of course there is a big difference when it comes to the operating system for the most

Part it's carried over here but there is a major change coming with iOS 11 later this year some guys want to check that out I'll leave that linked in the description below so in the end I really like these tablets especially because it gives you a technology you can't get anywhere else and that is that high refresh rate that makes a big difference it's sort of like the difference between a Retina display and a non Retina display once you use it you really can't go back to anything else alrighty guys hope you enjoyed this look at the iPad pros if you did please

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Apple iPad Pro (10.5″ vs 12.9″): Unboxing & Review

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