Apple iPad Pro (10.5″ vs 12.9″): Unboxing & Review

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The 10.5 inch and the twelve point nine inch iPad pro are two different sizes but very similar specs. Both come in four colors, including rose gold while the larger iPad pro does not. Both of these are extremely bright displays that support the wide color gamut of the DCI p3 standard. New for both of these displays is pro motion technology, which means that they can refresh up to ten times per second.  Both of these displays are once again fully laminated to the glass, and the glass is anti-reflective to reject as much glare as possible.

The iPad pros are still the only tablets at work with Apple’s pencil and, in this case, Pro motion is part of improving the input latency of the Apple pencil. They’re keeping it pretty basic have a sleep wake power button on the top and our vine controls on the side now because I have the LTE version you’ll see these little stripes along the back. Apple has finally updated the iMac, which hasn’t been touched since late 2015, and in this video we’ll look at the 21.5 inch 4k model in terms of the lightning connector. The iPad pro has an embedded SIM, so you can just sign up for your service without having to install a SIM from your carrier. The a10 x-fusion processor is a variation of the iPhone 7 CPU, and four gigs of RAM in each of them.

The battery life is the same for both, so about 10 hours of general purpose use for web browsing and watching videos in the 10.5 inch, and a 41 watt hour battery in the 12 point 9 inch. The 12 point nine inch is noticeably heavier at about one point forty nine pounds versus a little over one pound for the ten point five inch competitor. The 10.5-inch iPad Pro has a full-size Petrie display for the first time in this size. It has a much better camera than the previous 8 megapixel camera, and it does stick out quite a bit. It also has LTE, which no MacBook has right now, but there is a major change coming with iOS 11 later this year.

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Apple iPad Pro (10.5″ vs 12.9″): Unboxing & Review

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