Pocophone F1 – How Is This Smartphone Only $300?

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(electronic music) – Hey what's good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt. And this phone right in front of me is called the Xiaomi Pocophone F1. Oh, and if you guys wanna check it out link's down below. And big thanks to Xiaomi for sponsoring this video. Here we go. The Pocophone, it's brand new this year. It's got a unique name. It's actually called the Pocophone F1 and this is the global version. So this is actually gonna be a phone that's more budget-friendly but the good news is for 430 bucks, that's the most expensive one,

You're gonna get the armored edition. So I'm super digging the yellow. Yellow and blue are my favorite colors. So I'm pumped here. Let's check out, see what we get. Oh, wait what? User manual and a case, I like that. As a freebie? Getting a free case, you can't complain. No one's complaining about that. And then this right here is the Pocophone F1 Armored Edition. And you're seeing what I'm seeing right now for the first time there's carbon fiber on the back.

And I don't know about you guys. Seriously, let me know in the comments how you feel about it. But this thing looks mad sexy. Alright, then of course it couldn't be a phone without a power brick and a USB-C cable. Basic, it works, it charges. Oh sweet, so this things run on Oreo 8.1. Dang, I almost kinda like the MIUI. I checked out another Xiaomi phone last year. I love that thing. Xiamoi Mi Mix Two. You guys have probably seen 'em. It feels amazing.

Having a six-inch bezel-less display, the only real bezel on here is at the bottom. (upbeat music) Of course, of course, we gotta just test out the gaming. So there's liquid cool tech in here which is supposed to keep the phone completely cool while you're gaming, using it. It's never gonna get hot. So I'm gonna put that to the test and I wanna start off by playing PUBG. It's the game that I'm good at. I'm still trying to get better at Fortnight but on mobile I actually get kills and I wanna see how hot this thing gets. And to test it,

I got a laser thermometer. So I'mma heat this thing up, get some chicken dinners, and then we're gonna measure it. Hopefully this chicken dinner is pretty cool. So I'm gonna try to make contact where I'm guessing the CPU and GPU are probably in the middle somewhere. Let's just hit that right in the center and you guys can see the phone's temperature right now is 81.4 degrees Fahrenheit. So keep that in mind. Let's try this out. Man. Dude, it just, it looks really good.

Colors, I mean you guys be the judge of it. Let me know in the comments how you feel about this. It looks accurate. It doesn't look overblown, oversaturated. This looks good. All right, we're gonna play classic. I don't want a squad. I wanna be solo. I mean I've checked out a lot of phones and I play PUBG a lot. This is the only one I can actually win at. It looks good, nothing's lagging. I can't tell any distortion, any stuttering. I'm just running to the house. I'm at full sprint.

I can see everything. Things are just loading up now in the distance. No! I said I was good. – I'll have to ask my accountant about that. – Oh, yeah! We got him! He's down. And with that liquid cooling technology in the back here, I know my hands are getting a little sweaty. I'm getting pumped. The phone stays completely cool. My hands just naturally sweat. That's kind of who I am.

(applauding) But the phone isn't getting hot and I'm kind of shocked 'cause usually with PUBG on any phone, it gets hot. It starts to work the graphics card, the CPU. So I'm almost 10 minutes in, the Arduino 630 and the Snapdragon 845. I don't know what they're doing but I'm not having a problem. No lag. I can hear everything. I think I'm coming up on my second enemy. So if I get to kill, you know it's good. And I hope I do 'cause I should have died.

I shouldn't even be around right now. The first guy just sucked. So here we go. After playing around 10 minutes of PUBG getting one kill, let's see how hot this thing is. And I know my hands were touching it and they're sweating. So you know that, I know that. This thing's 30 degrees hotter. You know something's up. But I don't think it will be. It's pretty cool. So 87 degrees. So of course the phone gets a little warm. I can't feel it though.

I don't know if the liquid cool technology is just working perfectly. But no joke. I could not feel the phone getting hot. Maybe I gotta play some more PUBG but after 10 minutes the phone's staying cool. So the phone that I got here goes for 430 bucks. So let me tell you what specs this thing's rocking. Eight gigs of RAM, 256 gigabytes of storage, an Arduino 630 GPU. It has a 4000 milliamp hour battery. So basically this should get you all day but your day might be a little different than mine. I'm a power user and I can tell you I can't burn through 4000 milliamp hours.

And this phone, it really feels kind of comfy. Not too heavy, not too light. It just feels sturdy. So on the back you kind of are seeing what I'm seeing and I like this. And I know you do too. You see these red accent marks just on the lenses here? So on the back is a 12-megapixel dual autofocus lens with an AI dual camera. I wanna test that out. I wanna see what that's really about. It looks good. I like these red accent marks. And I wish more companies did this 'cause it looks so dope.

Gonna be high quality. You're gonna be able to take your selfies. We're gonna test that out. So in the front of this phone, it's got a pretty big display. It doesn't feel too huge in my hands. It's a manageable size where I feel large and in charge but I don't have a brick I'm carrying around. The 1080p panel. So I'm guessing it's gonna look pretty sharp. I don't even know how to feel about it. I'm way more surprised than I was expecting. Seeing this thing online and in photos leaked. I showed you guys on Twitter, I didn't think it would feel this good.

So on the front is a 6.1 inch display. It's a 1080p display. So I really wanna see how that looks in colors. I'm pumped. On the bottom we got dual speakers, USB-C to charge it. On the side it looks like there's some dedicated button there. I don't know if that's like a voice assistant or just a camera shutter. Check that out. Volume buttons, how clicky are these? Pretty clicky. So as you guys can probably tell already, there is a notch. And to be totally honest,

It's not a notch that I hate. It doesn't look that bad. I mean it's a little large but you have your speaker at the top, cameras, your set. I mean the screen is what's drawing my attention right now. It looks really good. Colors look super crisp. App icons look crisp. Everything just looks good. No pixelation, no distortion. It just looks good. And as you guys probably know, there's a few other options to this. So if you don't wanna get the armored one,

The flagship one that starts at around 400 bucks. Eight gigs of ram still. 256 gigs of storage. So either you like this or you don't. But I think you're gonna. If you're doing more than just gaming or watching videos, and I wanna check that out next. Let's pull up YouTube. Let's fire up the TechSmartt videos to see how good it looks. It looks really good. Colors, I mean you guys be the judge. You let me know in the comments. And vote up there in the i-card if you guys like the F1 or if you don't.

It's a pretty good price for what you get. I am so shocked. I didn't even think videos we're gonna load. I think it'd be a little laggy. It's been perfect, no lag. It looks true to color like you'd find in a laptop or a desktop. Videos look good, audio sounds good. Let's check out this camera. I mean really this phone's a banger. 12 megapixel on the back, five megapixel here, and then 20 on the front? Ooh, so very easy UI here. You know what you wanna get into. Whether there's a square photo, a portrait,

A video, a short video. What's a short video? How long is a short video? Okay, let's try this out. So I'm testing out this, oh wait, what? A short video is like 10 seconds. So what you could do is you can actually upload this to Snapchat or Instagram stories, whatever you wanna do. So the front-facing camera, it looks pretty good. Video looks good on the phone, sharpness is down. So things kind of seem a little bit more smoothed out. I like that. But now I wanna test out the back camera because this could be a game-changer

If the front looks good. But I wanna see the back. And there's image stabilization on the F1. Here's some video. So I will say it almost looks a little edited. Can I even tell? So this is low sharps, high sharpness. Just trying to see the detail. Starting to grow a beard. Never think that would happen, right? And then low sharpness. You can see there's just more smooth edges out on my face. Yeah, it's a little spicy in here. You can tell things are getting hot.

I think I'm gonna keep low sharpness on. It just looks a little more natural. The edges look a little bit more smoothed out. Maybe medium but you can change it. All right. Now let's check out the back cameras. You know the red accents. You can see there's a cam around here. They're accenting it. I wanna see if you can change the settings on the rear camera like you can on the front. I'm guessing you can. Oh, that's kinda cool. So you actually have an included beauty mode on the back, group selfie settings.

You can tweak everything. Sharpness, saturation, contrast. You can really customize this to get the exact shot you want. Hey yo, Josh, we're going to a museum later today. I got my first work of art. So the Pocophone F1, probably the most surprising phone I have honestly checked out in 2018. For 430 bucks, you can get the armored edition, the carbon fiber, the 12 megapixel, the five megapixel camera, 6.1 inch screen, 1080p resolution, specs galore, 630 GPU,

Octacore, 845 Snapdragon. 4000 milliamp hour battery. So you're gonna be set all day and of course it comes with Qualcomm quick charge 3.0. So this thing's gonna charge it fast. It's gonna be fast. It's gonna stay cool with the liquid cool tech. I'm not joking. I tested this out. I would tell you if there was something I didn't like. You guys know that about me. And there's not one thing. I guess the only thing is I wish it came in like a red 'cause red carbon.

Boom! So if you wanna check out the Pocophone F1, link's in the description. That's gonna do it for this video. If you guys like this phone, make sure to drop a like on it and click subscribe just by clicking that circle button right down here. Check out two of the videos right over here to my left or my right. And I'll see you guys next time, peace.


Pocophone F1 – How Is This Smartphone Only $300?





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