Likely No 120HZ on iPhone 12

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Apple you had such a simple job i laid out the plans for you earlier this year i made a video explaining what to prioritize with the next generation iphones it was fairly simple there were three main things you didn't even have to do all three of them you just had to do one of them and you couldn't do any of them for those who don't remember the three were 120 hertz pro motion display or usbc or do something with a notch make the notch smaller shrink it down a little bit or something like that now with the latest leaks of the iphone

12 it feels like uh apple didn't do any of those things that's right 120 hertz it's not happening on the iphone 12. let's begin i really really really really really really want to be wrong on this one guys i cannot emphasize that enough it would bring so much joy to my heart if you guys sent this video to me a few months down the road and be like look look how wrong drew was he thought the iphone 12s weren't gonna have 120 hertz

And then they ended up having them and he was just so wrong this video aged like milk that would be wonderful i want that to happen but based on what we're hearing from supply chains and reports right now about the iphone 12 it's not gonna happen and yes i'm referring to the pros by the way not the regular iphone 12s that wasn't really up for discussion we're talking about the 1000 or 1200 iphones this year that we all were really really hoping was gonna get a promotion display

But it sounds like it could be potentially out of apple's hands entirely samsung obviously manufactures most of the oled displays for the world and of course apple orders the largest number of smartphones in bulk and samsung because they kind of compete directly with apple they get to decide who gets their hands on the oled displays and who gets access to what type of oled displays and from what we heard from leakers people kept going back and forth on 120 hertz either it is

Gonna have it it's not gonna have it has the hardware for it but they might not do it because it's not up to their standards or it's not going well through testing and that kind of stuff all of that could pretty much be made up there's no way for us to go back and disprove those reports which is why i kind of hate them because if 120 hertz happens then the leakers say see i told you and if it doesn't happen will they say well i told you it might not happen so i was right anyway i get annoyed by all that but ross young

Has a very reputable track record and he got the display specs of so many phones over the past year exactly right because again he has contacts within actual display manufacturing supply chains and he said multiple times now that it is not happening with the iphone 12 series there may have been some display panel somewhere that was capable of 120 hertz but sadly there's a lot more than just the display being 120hz compatible that needs to happen in order for the phone to actually support it and he's saying that the display

Ic drivers are not present on the iphone 12 pro and 12 pro max which means that it's not some type of software thing it's not something they can just switch on if they want to one day or some of you out there hoping well i'll jailbreak my 12 pro and force 120 hertz to go on that's not the case it's kind of like the same arguments we heard before of people saying the iphone 11 has the hardware for bilateral wireless charging they just decided to scrap it via software at the last minute whereas tear downs revealed down the road that they were actually missing

Some of the physical hardware necessary for bilateral wireless charging to be a thing which is why you never saw someone brute force turn it on through a tear down or jail break their iphone and turn it on and that kind of thing sounds like the hardware is physically not going to be there because you need these driver ics in order to have a 120hz display and to my point about maybe samsung having some responsibility here or maybe just not having the capability is that apple likely wanted this ltpo

Display panel just like they have with the apple watch series 5 because they want a variable refresh rate with a 120 hertz right because obviously running displays at this buttery smoothness causes a lot more battery drain and if you can make a variable refresh rate and the display go all the way down to one hertz all the way up to 120 and go anywhere in between so that if you're watching a 24 fps video the refresh rate drops down to 24. that type of display technology does

Exist but it's likely that samsung is unable to produce those type of displays at the same quality or at the same caliber at the scale that apple wants them to because they're doing these type of displays on things like the galaxy note 20 right now they actually have those ltpo display panels that can change in that way they preserve battery life at the same time allowing for a really rich buttery smooth display but the galaxy note series

Sells very very low in quantity relative to the iphones we're talking single digit millions here sometimes not even that in the first few months of being out so manufacturing a bunch of oled displays for that phone is not as complicated as apple saying you know we want tens of millions of a certain display panel that we're going to use for the 12 pro 12 pro max since samsung is selling phones directly and manufacturing displays for themselves and others they kind of get

First dibs on these types of features and i'm not saying it's completely samsung's fault i hope that's not the message you guys get from this it's just that it's very very plausible that it might be outside of apple's jurisdiction and they may have wanted 120 hertz on this year's iphones but simply because of the supply chains and samsung wanting first dibs on these panels and not being able to produce enough panels for apple's demand it just wasn't possible which sucks because in my opinion this is a massive

Missing feature for a flagship smartphone that's going to be in the 1 000 plus department and you know these phones especially the 12 pro are launching in november so that means the majority of the 12 pros life is going to be in 2021 this is going up against the galaxy s21 and it's going up against the oneplus 8t pro all of which already have 120 hertz displays today on oled panels on big screens and the fact that the iphone is still going to be stuck in 60 hertz

Lane for a whole nother year likely makes the 12 pro an incredibly hard to justify deal and i know there's a bunch of you out there saying i don't notice the difference i don't think it's that big of a deal i don't know why you're complaining about it why are you watching the video on the subject then huh okay look we took the polls we collected the data it is reasonable to believe we have a large portion of people that were only interested in the iphone 12 pro if it had 120 hertz and the fact that it

Doesn't means that they're either going to skip the iphone this year or they're just gonna settle with the regular 12 and 12 max which i hope you guys are happy with i don't think the iphone 12 is going to be a giant flop this year i just think the 12 pro and 12 pro max are going to have very very little reasons to upgrade and very few people are going to end up going with those iphones just because all they got going for them is stainless steel frosted glass telephoto lens lidar all very very small details i don't

Think most people are going to care about and the fact that there's not so many screen size variety between the cheap iphone and the expensive iphone this year 12 and 12 max they will sell great no doubt there but a lot of the time when i complain about a company not having a standard feature or being behind in a certain topic or a certain field a lot of people say well drew why didn't you complain when apple was behind or why didn't you say something when apple wasn't here the truth is i usually do

You're usually just not listening or paying attention and today's video is my proof that yes sometimes i do think apple is behind in certain categories and this is one of them i think seeing the industry move on with 120 hertz and expecting that to be standard now for one thousand dollar phones i'm gonna bring that up and i think that's a huge drawback and especially a sad one given apple has been doing 120 hertz on the ipad for three years now after three years of it existing with your ipad line you still can't figure

Out how to put it on your iphone the display technology exists your competitors are doing it how come you couldn't make it happen might be out of their hands i know but still i'm mad at the end result i'm mad at the product that should have had it this year but for some reason it's not going to now and also yes i have on the record said that i think the iphone 7 was late to wireless charging the iphone didn't get nfc as soon as it should have there's all kinds of things apple is

Late to that i'm not always happy about this is absolutely one of them and again i know a lot of you don't care but from what i've seen in the comments section and what most people are asking about when it comes to twitter or youtube this is by far one of the top requested top points of discussion when it comes to the next iphone i see it at the top of every thread will it have 120 hertz will it have 120 hertz people want to know about this i'm here to tell you today it's not going to happen if it does i'll be pleasantly surprised but i also want

To set your guys's expectations going into the next few months when we finally see these new iphones i still think there's going to be a lot of great things about them a lot of things people should be excited for i'm definitely still picking one up but i'm disappointed nonetheless honestly i would have been happy if apple checked any one of those three boxes that we talked about earlier this year and it is kind of sad that they weren't able to achieve any of them but i'm still excited for updated design language a14

Chip and having oled standard across the lineup you know most people buying new iphones are still buying the ones with an lcd display so the fact that oled is now going to be standard is going to be kind of new to people and seeing how the cameras perform hopefully they utilize lidar in a creative way there's stuff i'm still excited for it's not like apple is doomed this year you know they got to a two trillion dollar market cap without 120 hertz on the iphone so obviously they're gonna be fine it's just i hate

Knowing that all of the android competition is going to be ahead of them in this particular field and i don't want to wait till next year for 120 hertz i want it now i was mentally ready for it now but that's enough ranting i think for today so let me know what you guys think of no 120hz by hitting me up over on twitter join my discord and if you don't care i don't care okay keep that in mind this is your app sleep here i'll see you in the next one you

Likely No 120HZ on iPhone 12

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