Apple Sheep Unboxes Pixel 4a

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Adored the photos, i actually like the one of %image_title%, perfect.

Team pixel in pixelboy is back today ladies and gentlemen it started with the chunk bezel and then it moved into the chunk notch and finally today we get to move into the chunk camera module it's big for the sake of they just decided to make it big and i'm gonna be unboxing the cheapest phone i've reviewed on this channel i think ever i can't recall a time i've actually unboxed a phone this affordable but all memes and sarcasm aside i'm actually very curious about this phone okay i've never

Reviewed or seen google get this dang cheap and at the same time offer so much hardware in one singular package you know still rocking the headphone jack in 2020 oh look at that i hope you like this color which is basic you know matte black because that's pretty much the only color it comes in and man that camera module looks much bigger in person than it did in all of the pictures turning around to the front we see this massive display with the camera bump

Up there not bump camera pull there's there's a difference there sorry i just i can't get this thing off my mind we're gonna peel a little bit of plastic off the front here and whoa okay you know what i'm so used to big phones this one feels a little bit more manageable and comfortable and the feel of it is is good okay i can tell right off the bat this is plastic on the back that's what you should expect from a phone of this price point but still feels pretty solid i'm not

Really feeling much cracks or anything or popping when i'm pushing around with it we'll see if some 100 degree weather changes that but buttons feel super loud actually very clicky buttons and we've got the white power button on the side wouldn't be google without their specifically colored power buttons but i'm kind of happy that there's only one color option you know because that makes manufacturing cheaper and that's probably how they're able to lower the price so much got the fingerprint reader on the back

This is a very clean look by the way instead of having that dual frosted back that they've had for so many years they just went simple they just went easy with it and that's pretty good to say though i must add i could be imagining something because i saw this on a few of the pixel 3 a models out there but these speaker and microphone things don't look aligned it almost looks a little asymmetrical or misaligned or something like that but who cares it's 350 let's get the rest of this crap off my

Lap and power this bad boy up because i want to see what this display looks like it's impressive that they can get an oled display that's this edge to edge comparative to you know previous pixel phones which never really had a screen to body ratio that looks this good and that looks really nice actually i mean there's just a tiny bit of a chin at the bottom but really very much hard to notice and the fact that this is what a 350 phone can look like in today's world and be available to the us market

That's honestly quite impressive we still got the headphone jack man they're still rocking it if google was looking for a way to kill the flagship sales of their phones this is how you do it you bring all of the features people want to the cheap phone and kind of bring a bunch of gimmicky features to the expensive phone so oh wow look at all the pretty colors on the front too okay we're setting it up i did misspeak during my video about the pixel 4a i apologize it does have stereo speakers which is

Good i'm glad to see that and i think i can already feel some pretty satisfying uh tactic feedback just pressing on the display and interacting with the keyboard that sounds that feels really good actually it doesn't feel cheap it doesn't feel like they compromised on the feedback when it comes to the haptics oh and since psoriasis is gone i can actually set up the fingerprint reader i can try this for once first time setting up and probably successfully using a fingerprint reader with a pixel device

And there you have it we're right on the home screen with gesture control of course we can swipe up to access all these apps things feel very very fluid and these little corners you can swipe up with to activate the google assistant which is kind of nice so this looks really really nice this looks clean and of course before we do anything we gotta try some picture taking here okay that's the most important thing so making it forward facing ooh that's what

I look like you guys have been looking at this the whole time i apologize i am going to switch it to portrait because oh so portrait punches in just a little bit hope it can handle all of this crazy hair today so i'm gonna just try one here oh god that looks awful not the photo just me in particular and portrait mode's doing a pretty good job masking out all that complicated hair that's cool to see that is a fairly impressive looking photo from a phone this affordable i could see a ton of people wanting to

Buy this one just out of the fact that this thing costs under 400 even with sales tax the iphone se can't even really say that sure the snapdragon chip isn't necessarily as fast and you might not get as many software updates as the iphone se but that screen does not scream budget this screen looks really really premium and high-end especially given how small the bezels are for what you're paying for this phone so i honestly am quite impressed by this

And oh yeah you get 128 gigs by default i think that's the only storage option so if you want more than that i guess you're gonna have to live with cloud features and that kind of thing but i'm excited to test this out i want to see how the battery does i'm glad it has nfc because certain 1400 phones don't have that these days but you know this plastic on the back does feel a little bit cheap but honestly it doesn't collect that many fingerprints compared to most glossy

Backed phones that have glass and everything like that i'm wiping my fingers on the back and it collects a little bit of oil and stuff but for the most part you can kind of wipe it all off and that is a very clean look to it i kind of dig this design and i wish you know more phones could be this minimal this clean so i'm not in love with this button placement i've used other androids before that kind of put the volume and the power next to each other like that but

It's not the end of the world headphone jack still on the top which i've brought up with pretty much every single pixel i've reviewed that still has the headphone jack to me it's more inconvenient because when you put in headphones there you now have to put in the phone kind of backwards in your pocket instead of you know putting it downward like this which the fingerprint reader allows for they still won't follow my advice on that one but i'm happy to see google is actually taking my advice on

Just kind of leaning more into the affordable market focusing on the budget stuff and for those reasons i think this is their best one yet i think this one's pretty awesome and hilariously i think it's also the only phone they're making right now because the pixel 4 has been discontinued they're not making the pixel 3a and they have yet to announce the 4a xl or the pixel 5 5g all these stupid names they gotta come up with and i'm gonna have to remember for my videos but those should be coming

Later this month or october but until then this is the only phone you can buy to get into team pixel unless you go through third parties and that kind of thing but yeah seems pretty awesome i know i'm not the first person to get my hands on one of these things because all the other youtubers who are a part of the real team pixel got them early i've been kicked out i'm now a team pixel fellow so i had to order this just like everybody and pay my own money but oh well wasn't much money in the first place and

Let me know what you guys think of google's cheapest pixel yet by hitting me up over on twitter join my discord let's chat more about it there this is your pixel shape here and i'll see you guys in the next one bye

Apple Sheep Unboxes Pixel 4a

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