FINALLY! iMessage – but for ANDROID!!!

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It's happening it's like everything you ever wanted but not what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back to front page tech of course shota gives you all the latest tech news from one geek that is me to another that is you happy Wednesday happy hump day very opinionated show today like literally every story that we talk about there's a little something for all of you so I'm proud to announce that at the end of today's show all of you will be able to leave unhappy

Alright so first up for the day story numero uno never that is when Apple will let you use iMessage on Android it will never happen and I can already hear you but but gern Apple could just let us use iMessage on Android and make us pay for it as a subscription service maybe every month and they would make so much money oh ho children who Colin if you really think that Apple would make more money from that selling iMessage as some sort of subscription service than they already do selling you an iPhone instead that then will make you pay for apps and

Other Apple services and other Apple products you are a crazy person pay attention kids rake this one down iMessage will never be the product because I message is the reason I message is just another reason by the way a massive reason why you buy an iPhone and if you have an iPhone Apple has you the whole customer literally if they gave up iMessage and let you use it on Android it would be catastrophic but that does not mean that Google isn't trying to give you the next best thing I mean Google has been trying to build an

IMessage alternative for a very very long time many a Google chat app has existed many a Google Chat app has been killed chat after killed by Google but they've been talking about it we've been hearing about it for a long time RCS rich deter to monetize service rich communications service that's what I was trying to say anyway it's finally here rolling out in the US but there are a few minor problems and by minor I mean for some of you tiny first others big problems just as it is with literally any other Google product or service fragmentation is like

The core issue and for instance right now carriers like Verizon and AT&T still don't use RCS like for example unlike iMessage that just sort of works wait as long as you have internet access somewhere with your iPhone our CS relies a bit more on your carrier and right now carriers like Verizon and AT&T still can't communicate and connect back and forth using RCS so even though RCS is now available to all users in the u.s. so long as you update your messages app and your carrier services there's still some issues another one being that

There's no end-to-end encryption either so yeah it's rolling out but also yes it has a long way to go and oh man if they could just get this to work like hopefully they don't give up on it like Google does with motion but if it works I'm not saying that if they figured this out and everything was working smoothly that worked out all the kinks I'm not saying that I would leave the iPhone again and go back to Android again for like the third or four time but I'm just if it if they hugged a bit that's what I'm saying basically okay all right so next up and this is a bit of an update

So last week we did an episode where we covered a story about how the Galaxy fold totally flopped and holy were y'all pissed basically this story to sum it all up was that a Samsung Repp on stage during an event said that Samsung had sold 1 million units of the galaxy phone and yeah 1 million things is a lot of things but in terms of the unit's that Samsung usually pushes yeah 1 million is a flop but Frank me man you guys were pissed the Samsung Knights came out just in droves and you all were mad at me for saying this on stage she said there's a

Million people that want to use this product at $2,000 each so yeah he's claiming that at least 1 million units of the galaxy fold have sold ok so number one I don't believe that so I'm pretty sure it's somewhere under 1 million but they just sort of rounded up and that's fine a lot of people do that that's cool so that's what I said last week and look at these complex as soon as I saw these comments coming in I started taking screenshots so here you go Internet enjoy I mean I didn't think I was that harsh in the episode but so many of you were pissed at me for not

Being able to say I was wrong like John why can't you just admit it just say you were wrong Josh say you were wrong about galaxy fold why don't you believe Samsung 1 million units is so many units it's not a flop guys I gotta be honest like sometimes it just feels like you all just ignore my track record like it never matters and it's always you against me why can't you just love me why can't you just love me and accept me please well ok if that's what you want if you want it to be you versus me then I was right I win again it turns out ladies and Samsung nights that no

Samsung absolutely positively rude early totally totally brutally did not sell 1 million units of the galaxy phone the number was made up they have since come out to clarify all of this saying that the executive young son who was on stage at that event and said that the company sold 1 million galaxy folds was mistaken or confused saying that he may have confused the figure with the company's initial sales target for the year further stating that the sales of the galaxy fold have certainly not reached 1 million in fact their goal as they mentioned

Before for literally the entire year is just half of that 500,000 units well Samsung Knights what do you have to say for yourself now you go right up and March your happy ass over there you sit in the corner and you think about what you did and you come back here and you apologize you say you're sorry to Uncle gern don't worry I'll wait all right so last up for the day let's pick on you Apple people well I don't know it might make some of you Apple sheep happy it might make someone be mad it can't really tell we'll find out so yesterday the verge posted an article from them

And Walt Mossberg saying that Tim Cook's Apple had a great decade but no new blockbusters that's the title of the article and to that I say respectfully of course Walt sir with all due respect are you fracking hi so within the last decade and with Tim Cook Apple has only given us the Apple watch the best-selling SmartWatch by far like it's not even close which by the way more recently comes with health features and maybe sort of kind of potentially be saving lives but you know nobody cares about their air pods are now more popular than peak iPod sales and then

Also the best-selling iPhones that have ever happened happened under Tim Cook in the last decade the iPad dismantled literally the entire tablet market rip Android tablets rest and spaghetti never forget a noble thrill if we could go back to the Nexus 7 days old oh and of course let's not forget that whole measly world's first publicly traded company to be worth one trillion dollars thing that would be ridiculous literally two-thirds of all the money that Apple has ever seen has come under Tim Cook now hold up listen okay listen just for a second I am NOT saying that Steve Jobs

Wasn't absolutely totally a legend that we all still worship I'm not denying that Steve Jobs was frakkin incredible but to say that Apple has had no new blockbusters in the last 10 years I mean I don't know what the word blockbuster means to you but and I have no idea why Walt would be so incredibly biased towards the legacy of Steve Jobs or anything I mean it's not like there were friends and Steve Jobs means a lot to Walt I'm sure it's nothing like that I'm just saying if I was good friends with Steve Jobs back in the day I would also write this article I guess at this

Point it would be a great opportunity to bring up a video that we made a few months ago about how Apple is better off without Steve Jobs a lot of people love this video said it was their favorite video of the year too bad I'll never make a video as good as this one if you haven't seen it it's not at all what you think it's not that Tim Cook is always gonna be better than Steve Jobs that it should have been Tim Cook all along no no no it's just about how Tim Cook now at this stage with this market with this landscape is better for Apple okay we covered everything

How y'all doing are we all happy smiling no and that's the show hopefully you liked you learned something if you did hit that like button if you hate my stupid face which I know a lot of you probably do right now go ahead hit the dislike button that's fine too that button works and I'll see you tomorrow subscribing stuff I'll see you tomato

FINALLY! iMessage – but for ANDROID!!!

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