iPhone 12 Pro – FIRST HANDS ON LOOK!

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What kind of camera did you use? That is a decent top quality.

Ladies and nerds I'm about to give you your very first look at the iPhone 12 sorta is that lying am i lying I mean what what is lying these days anyway what daily tech news in a way that doesn't course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode what's going on back from page tag the show that gives you all its tech news one gig that is me to another that is you happy Friday did you know it is national follower gern on Twitter day today and I'm that I'm adjourned so follow me link is down in the description below I'm so close to fifty thousand followers on

Twitter I think I'm like I think I'm like a thousand off and at least like 17 of you watched this show so I figured we could get pretty close if you follow me it's like you know those ASPCA commercials where it's like you can give a quarter and save your dog I want that but like you don't even need to give me a quarter it's free just follow me and you can save adjourned please follow adjourned today you can save adjourned alright so first up for the day story numero uno we got a leak and I like a video leaked of something not really I

Don't know what to call it let me show you so there was a video on Facebook posted by 3m k screen protectors and they're claiming that what we're looking at here is an iPhone se 2 and man I gotta tell you that is not it that's not that's not one of those that's not an iPhone se – what you are looking at here is an iPhone 11 pro that's it they just put different custom metal sides on it but listen even though it's not an iPhone se – we should still pay attention for why you ask well you remember this we've been talking about this for a while they've been rumors

Circulating about this Ming Chi quo the basically the best Apple analyst we have the world has to offer out of all the Apple leakers he probably has the best track record well according to him the design of the next iPhone the iPhone 12 or whatever we're getting in 2020 iPhone 12 Pro whatever is going to have squared off metal side similar to the iPhone for this you remember this so even though this is a totally fake leak it does give us the best idea the best look a real-life representation outside of like a digital render that we've seen so far

Online this gives us a pretty damn good look at what to expect for next year according to Ming Chi quote we're still getting the two and a half D glass that we've been getting the last couple years and these squared off metal sides so definitely totally not an iPhone se too but still I mean why if they were gonna lie and fake leak something why couldn't they just say this was an iPhone 12 it would have been more believable here 3mk screen protectors let's fix this for you we'll just type right here iPhone 12 totally real leak please look here cuz it is real guys girls I'm telling you

When that phone comes out and if it looks like that I'm going to buy it so fast okay for today's second story I would like to give you a little segment I like to call um why would you ever do that with a side of please kill me Android frak off go away your time has come and gone why because Facebook move over Google because Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook they're developing their own operating system it's currently being worked on currently in development it's a real thing and the person leading the project the co-author of Windows NT ah yes good

All windows mmm basically Facebook doesn't want to rely on Android as much anymore so I guess their solution is we'll just build our own which if you look back at history that's all Facebook knows how to do Facebook wants to buy snapchat snapchat says no face says okay Frankie we'll make our own Instagram stories Facebook just has so much money that they can do whatever they want it doesn't mean it's gonna work but they can do whatever they want effectively the motive here is right now Facebook's oculus stuff and portal devices they run on a heavily modified

Version of Android and Facebook doesn't want to have to rely on Android anymore so they're gonna develop their own version of this stuff their goal is to entirely remove Google's control over Facebook hardware it really just boils down to Facebook not trusting Google which is ironic the scary part for me and the part that I'm more concerned about is this could start with Facebook Hardware like their VR stuff and that's fine whatever but like I just don't want to end up with another Facebook phone situation remember that yet it that did not go so well not at all and last up

Privacy isn't real not a real thing I could track your location right now I could pinpoint your exact location you're on the shredder you're on the toilet I see you I mean this should come as no surprise to literally any of you but for those of you interested yesterday the New York Times posted an article a pretty substantial article about how they obtained a file that had precise location data of over 12 million smartphones the good news if there is any with this it's anonymous data so there's that but the bad news is that the anonymous data could become not that

Way they demonstrated just how Frank King easy it is to grab specific data points and then associate it with the individual users you they said in one case we observed a change in the regular movements of a Microsoft engineer he made a visit one Tuesday afternoon to the main Seattle campus of a Microsoft competitor Amazon the following month he started a new job at Amazon it took minutes to identify him and he's now a manager for Amazon Prime air moral of the story is even though you think you've turned location services off and you're telling

Apps don't do it don't take my location don't track me a lot of your favorite third-party apps are still doing just that like they don't give a what you say in the article in New York Times shared even more information about how they were easily able to identify and track military officials law enforcement officers lawyers tech employees and other people like Frank that if the New York Times is able to do it any of you can track anybody at any time like just look at these data maps of just anonymous foam just floating around and

Yeah it's anonymous what the data you're looking at right now it's supposed to be anonymous but just knowing how easy it is to pinpoint those people is frakked-up and you should be surprised about this a whole zero percent we know this is happening you know privacy isn't real but to see it on a map like that oh right like look at this I'm gonna link the article down in the description below hopefully I mean you never know with me I might remember I might not if I didn't remember whoa what's your lucky

Day there's a ton of information in it so make sure to go read it for yourself if you care but like again there's no surprises thankfully iOS has a heavy focus on privacy though it's not perfect thankfully Google is also trying to put a heavier focus on privacy just like less so but basically in the end moral of the story it doesn't matter what you say the settings you toggle it doesn't really it's just you really have to determine for yourself personal preference and your you have to use your brain whole and think okay the app that I'm using

Am I getting enough out of it for what I'm giving it you're gonna be giving your data nothing is free all those apps you think you're using for free they come at a price so it's up to you to decide as a functioning human adult is this worth it is the app that I'm using what it's giving me the value that me everyday is it worth what I'm giving it in this case where I am at any point in the day all the time and that's the show hopefully you liked you learn something if you did hit the lack of button and the 8-2 but face it the

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iPhone 12 Pro – FIRST HANDS ON LOOK!





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