Samsung’s most IMPRESSIVE Flop

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What sort of digicam is this? That is definitely a great top quality.

If the Samsung Galaxy fold is the future the future is looking pretty bleak what daily tech news in a way that doesn't suck of course you do that subscribe button and turn on notifications so you don't miss the next episode yo what's going on guys welcome back to a page stack of course show that gives you all the latest tech news from a geek that is me to another that is you happy Friday hey just a quick heads-up if last week during our little sale during our hump day sale you bought a t-shirt a hoodie a long-sleeve tee those are printing and shipping as I speak so you'll be getting them either over the weekend or next

Week some of you might even have them already so for the thousands of you that bought that stuff thank you and make sure to tweet pictures of it to us when you get it ok news alright so first up for today's story numero uno let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy fold if you're new to the show you may not know my opinion if you're not new to the show you definitely know my opinion on the galaxy fold I believe that this sort of technology is amazing right it's crazy that we can do this and flooring tech in some way shape or form is the future but not in this form factor not in the

Phones that we carry every day the concept itself is flawed not only was the execution flawed on this thing but the concept of this is flawed it's just not practical for the mass market we don't need to make portable things more portable that's not how it works in fact in most cases this creates an extra step in more burden for the average consumer but you know luckily for everybody Samsung fixed all that stuff they made it way better and even now people are still talking about the Galaxy fold see this tweet is just from five days ago and he loves his Galaxy 4 oh never mind

That chance purchased – anyway according to Samsung they have sold a million 1 million galaxy folds that's what they are saying at least I don't really got any proof but that's what they're saying during the disrupt event going on in Berlin Samsung Electronics president young young son young song young son the young is his name Yongsan or is he just a song that is Yong Yong song on stage she said there's a million people that want to use this product at two thousand dollars each so yeah he's claiming that at least 1 million units of the Galaxy fold have

Sold okay so number one I don't believe that so I'm pretty sure it's somewhere under 1 million but they just sort of rounded up and that's fine a lot of people do that that's cool still either way that's that's a lot it's like it's still a flop but it's an impressive flaw a mainstream company like Samsung selling 1 million units of something is not that good compared to the tens of millions of other units they sell up other models it sort of proves my point that the mainstream market doesn't want this doesn't have a need for it and it's just for a million nerds that thought it

Was cool cuz you know what it is cool and a million of us nerds was like we were like yeah that's cool that's two thousand dollars cool and even so when companies say they sold this many that's still a bit of a sleight of hand because sold doesn't mean shipped if you remember they did pre-orders for a while and then they cancelled DOS because well you know but then I started selling them again so like 1 million sold doesn't technically mean that a million people haven't bubble we'll just give them the benefit of let's say a solid 1 million units

Actually shipped 1 million people have a Galaxy fold or maybe they had to have a couple of them because the first one either way it's an impressive flop still a flop like a lot of flop but an impressive flop sure is why do you only talk about phones why don't you ever talk about games and gaming stuff first gamers well hey they're gamers how about some gaming stuff during the game Awards last night Microsoft sort of surprised us towards the beginning of the event they showed the next Xbox the Xbox Series Xbox oh no way Xbox series X or Xbox series

10 god damn you Apple and you you messed up the x4 everybody so this is it the Xbox series Xbox and it is in fact quite the box but I know what you're asking what's in the box what's in the box okay so according to Spencer and Buddy shared on stage this Xbox series Xbox will have visuals in 4k 60fps 60 frames per second possibility of up to a hundred and twenty frames per second Desa lot also has support for variable refresh rate and 8k capabilities it has a custom-designed processor in the box with the latest gen 2 and

Next-generation rDNA architecture that's thanks to the folks over at AMD will also give you hardware accelerated rate tracing and according to them a new level of performance never seen in a console well I mean I would reckon hope so that's the point of new stuff basically you can expect four times the power of the Xbox one X they also gave you a look at the new Xbox wireless controller ok alright it's cool and for those of you wondering this tall box yes you can lay it the other way it can lay the other way so now you don't have to look at it so tall you know what we did

It that feels pretty damn good we finally talked about gaming stuff on this show and it felt good all that stuff I said I have no idea what it means but I said it and it feels good as far as I'm sure I don't know I know sure about this I'm playing the video games I just said that check the one bow and hope for the best ok I'm moving on ah good all air pods am i right they're super popular but how popular well according to a brand new reports and analyst report from yesterday air pods are so popular that they're about to surpass the peak sales

Of the iPod like the iPod in peak popularity air pods about to pass that that is frakking bonkers I've heard that report like last week or the week before I don't I can't keep track all the days are blending together at this point the report that Apple is gonna start shipping air pods like the actual real air pods in the boxes next year for iPhones and you want to say next year I mean like 2020 they're gonna ship air pods in the boxes with the iPhones for free I'd I just don't see that happening these are so they sell so well Apple makes so much money off of their pods

And people are willing to buy them over and over again so I just that'd be like the iPhone being as successful as it is and then just giving iPhones away just ship it in the box that's it that's all you buy a Mac you also get iPhone congratulations hair pods are just so ridiculously stupidly successful it's just hard to see that they would ship them and I would love to see it don't get me wrong I would love to see that right but I just don't I don't feel like it's gonna happen Andy Rubin is a boy Andy Rubin is a boy now we have more proof of his Ness if you

Don't recall Andy Rubin a bunch of sexual harassment sexual misconduct stuff he abuses women and got away with it in fact the man got away with it so well that Google paid him to go away they kicked him out of the company because he was sexually abusing to Pete the women in the company so they kicked him out but they also paid him millions and millions and millions and millions of dollars and then couple months ago he tweets about a new phone the new essentials long dildo phone thing and then everyone started talking about it as if they totally

Forgot that he's a predator but yo boy did not forget I did not forget and because I didn't forget Andy Rubin blocked me the creator of Android blocked me on Twitter so we made an episode about it and in that episode we had everybody tweets Andy Rubin is point and so many of you tweeted in fact the toilet squad is so strong that to this day if you go type in if you go to put it in on Twitter it still comes up thousands of you tweeted it Andy Rubin is the boy again that was a couple months ago when boy blocked me on Twitter but now everybody's a part of

That Club because yesterday he just he randomly just blocked everybody like no joke this asshat mega doof went on a blocking spree like he set his Twitter account to private and then everyone that was following him he blocked everybody like all the tech journalists anybody important in tech blocked so they were tweeting about it yesterday as well as just everybody everybody that was following Andy Rubin he blocked in fact he went out of his way to block some people that weren't they they weren't even following him and they never even talked to him before

Like Rene Richie uh one of my favorite tech journalists he just went over blocked Rene Richie was talking to I was talking to Renee last night and he blocked Renee Richie and Renee didn't follow him so I guess welcome welcome to the club everybody else you were also now blocked by mega doof on Twitter Woolite yeah what a little Andy Rubin just to think that he spent time on this either he personally did it or he hired somebody do it with his ninety million dollars that he got after sexually abusing women at Google in the cake not given bunch minds well he had

Money to do that so whether he hired somebody or did it himself like just to think that you blot you blocked everybody on Twitter and made your account for why even do that why not why not just delete your account that would have been easier so not only are you a little baby bag but also you are a frakking you could have just deleted your account but instead you blocked everybody without their consent how ironic alrighty so last up for the day just a little bit of a bonus for you we don't always do this but sometimes sometimes for a very special someone we

Love to spread that hot toilets claude love it's a special kind of love i wanna start by saying no this is not an ad jomo did not ask me to do this but I have to I have to tell you I hope that you've seen this already but if you haven't listened to me Jonathan Morrison put out a video our or Jomo put out a video a review of the new Mac Pro the cheesegrater Mac Pro and while everyone is laughing about the price talking about specs comparing it to PCs and all that other he totally flipped the script the man barely said a word like literally he is

Not in the video and yet that video this video that he released is my favorite video of the year I'm not joking it is by far the best review I have ever seen and it's not about the spec sheet it tells an actual story through experience through real-world use through real world music producers just making good in real time and it is incredible I always talk about how most tech creators on YouTube are tech journalists online always fail to see or realize the bigger picture Joel Oh Jonathan Morrison fracking gets it he is a national treasure and should be

Protected at all costs go watch it go watch it right now and leave a comment saying love you Joe Moe from gern for real I'm not kidding see how I'm not on the screen anymore that's because you should click here click on John's video go there go watch it right now see you tomorrow or tomorrow Saturday I don't know see you sometime but go watch this video thanks bye

Samsung’s most IMPRESSIVE Flop

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