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Simply looked at several of your images (: i'm truly glad i reached task darkness you. You're fantastic!

hey yo what's going on guys welcome back to front page tech of course Shelley gives you all his tech news one he sends me to another that is you a special Saturday episode you knew it was coming listen this was gonna be a little bit different for this episode no harsh jokes I'm not playing the character this is just me it's gern this is a video from us to you if you have been following along at home you know it's been a pretty crazy week or so and you know what I've been good okay when it comes to the drama aspect of this whole situation we told you we weren't gonna

Talk about it we weren't gonna bring it up again and we didn't this is however a news show sort of and the questions that we asked that started this whole thing finally got real answers we have a real update to this story if you missed it Lou from unbox therapy posted about a 30 minute video on his main channel talking directly to you the audience and I gotta be honest it felt really good it felt like he cared it felt like it matters to him what you think I mean just having him acknowledge the questions finally and addressed the concerns of the community instead of just avoiding it

And trying to play it off it was really refreshing and really if we're being honest it was him avoiding it avoiding all this stuff in this situation not addressing this that sort of got us here in the first place I know Lou and a lot of people who aren't familiar with this show they just sort of chalk this up to us being a drama channel and us just doing it for the views and I mean yeah sure views are nice but that's not why we did it in fact if you don't believe me we actually did two videos about this but you might have missed the second one because we didn't put Lou or unbox

Therapy anything in the title it was just another news story buried in a normal episode so if you were paying attention you saw it and if not then whatever and for the last 24 hours obviously we've got a lot of people coming to us saying that we were wrong because you saw Lou's new video and he answered the questions and yes though we can all pretty much agree that his video was good he answered all the questions I hope you've realized there's a reason why he's answering those questions the reason he has those answers it's because we asked the right

Ones listen my credibility my integrity the trust that you have here with me on this show every single day is very important to me and that is exactly why I go ahead and put myself on the line when I strongly believe in it's exactly why I did it in this case yes I've seen your comments I've seen your tweets hundreds of people saying that I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions that I got this one wrong even had keemstar telling Lou that his video was a good clap back but I hope you at least realized that it's because I am the way that I am it's because I

Spoke up the way that I did in this instance that were even having this conversation right now I really feel like Lou gave the community as a whole an extra layer of himself yesterday just a little something that brought him a little closer to the viewers that he's speaking to and while we're all super grateful that Lou is giving us this level of transparency now let's just remember the reason we're even getting that transparency I was harsh in that original video maybe too harsh we cover news stuff every day yes but

And if I could break the fourth wall with you for a second here being harsh being loud saying the things that most people won't making you think about things differently making you laugh just putting on a good show is just as if not more important to me than the topics we actually cover and even though I'm super happy just as you are with Lou's new video we pretty much nailed the story the fact that he even made this 30 minute video is proof of that and it pretty much confirmed what we told you but a huge thanks to Lou right now we have a lot more context of course

At any time you can go back to either of these two videos just to hear what I said if you want to hold me accountable that's totally cool but here are the key points that we've brought up in those videos compared to lose new video clarifying all of it number one we said that lewd deleted videos the day before he launched his case yes number two those videos multiple videos that were deleted were pitaka related videos yes number three liu was aware that his case looked a lot like the pitaka cases because he reviewed them before

Hence the suppression of the pitaka related stuff also yes we got those things right but more importantly now we know why he did those things that's the important part and then fourth we said that Lu likely sourced and linked with suppliers through a site like Alibaba to order the cases also yes though I would like to be a lot more fair here and give him a lot more credit than we did in terms of how far he took this the extra steps he was more involved with this than most people he took it a lot further than most a lot of extra steps in terms of his revisions being super

Picky about the samples that he received before ordering bulk stuff and then probably most notably the fact that he's looking into offering further device support for like devices that typically don't have a lot of case options maybe more budget phones more mid-range phones he's looking into offering support for those and you know what I certainly did not give him nearly enough credit for that aspect of things I really threw him under the bus on that one I mean yeah I said that he put work into it and mentioned the revisions and stuff in that second video but this is one

Instance where my approach was just wrong it was wrong in lieu deserved more credit like the reason that this was all such a big deal was not because he did those things it's because he did the things it looked really bad and then him avoiding it and ignoring it and playing it off made it look worse I even told him directly that nobody including me can blame him for deleting the videos hiding pitaka related stuff that is business I still think he did all the wrong things I think he handled this launch probably the worst that he possibly could have

But whatever the reason this blew up way bigger than it had to be was because when he was presented with the questions asked the right questions with all of the evidence of this he tried to write it off and dismiss it without realizing that the people asking the questions the community are the same people he's trying to sell the product to and I really believe that on this show we presented enough evidence to where you the audience deserved answers I think the best coverage of this and the person who really got what I was trying to do here was Linus he said this

On the win show my take on all of this is Lou could have prevented this and could still prevent any fallout from this by just being upfront about it I don't know this just seems like such a cellphone I don't know he at least in his responsibility he's showing you that he did put work into it which is an attempted to spell all the criticism Joss ordered the front page tech video never said he didn't put work into it to me that's not really the issue here the issue here is the removal of the Pataki case videos and like trying to sweep something under the rug all you had to

Do was just leave it up and then when people are like hey this is really similar to the Pataki case you say yeah I like the Pataki case a lot but here's the things that I wanted to change to make later case different from that and better in my mind yeah that was all that was all it had to be and while all this was going on instead of just giving like a real-life down-to-earth answer he just said it wasn't interesting and pretended like it didn't matter or he was busy mocking the size of the front page tech audience listen it took a while it took a little bit but he finally sat down

Like a human and had a two-way conversation with the audience and that is really cool the impact that you guys have is nuts not too bad for us only having 17 viewers huh I don't know if it was because y'all wouldn't stop asking him or because of a subscriber loss or what but let's just be glad that we got to see a different side of Lu yesterday again we aren't out to get him we were never out to get him we never asked you didn't want you to unsubscribe and pick a side we didn't want you to cancel Lu none of that

We don't want to see later case fail either and you know what after his video yesterday he has more support than ever for this product and I think that shows just how important it was to talk to the community like they were part of the conversation too I don't think we exposed Lou I don't think Lou is malicious or trying to scam anyone what I do think we exposed here though is a major missing piece a missing layer a disconnect between the audience and their favorite creators that they watch every day at the very least it was super cool to see the largest tech creator on

The platform be a little humble admit where he up approach this with a different attitude and just give us the truth if you're a fan of this show if you've been watching this show for a while then you know it wasn't about the drama we just wanted to get to the truth and now we have it we wouldn't have asked the questions if we didn't want the answers by the time you're watching this video we have already gone back to our original video and in the description and as a pin comment we've added a link to lose new video as an update because we just think it's fair

That if anyone stumbles on that video first they deserve to be able to be linked directly to lose answers to hear him speak for himself listen at the end of the day who cares about us I think this says way more about you the community the sort of impact you have it's amazing and you should Pat yourselves on the back that goes way further than any of this drama stuff and we got to see Lou answer these questions straight forward in a way that felt super genuine I have a whole new level of respect for them and you should too everyone go buy your later cases see you

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Our response to Unbox Therapy





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