2020 13″ MacBook Pro Review

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This was Lisa from mobile tech review on right here this is a twenty twenty thirteen inch MacBook Pro you're probably aware already of what's change it what's going on here but let's just talk about the most important thing they have moved back to the magic keyboard the one millimeter of travel that uses traditional scissor keys for better feel and better durability so the butterfly keyboard for those who have been holding it up for years and running some older Mac laptop band-aided together until you can get back to a more normal keyboard well yeah that's it right here the other changes Intel 10th generation ice Lake

CPUs for a little bit better power efficiency a little bit better performance the bad news is an apple always does this with a 13-inch MacBook Pro well your base model that's always kind of lacking so it's tempting at first it's $12.99 right well that one still has the eighth gen CPU which is no slouch honestly my new there's no ninth gen for this 28 watt CPU they're using they just skip numbers so and if you want they new 10th gen CPU then that starts with the 1799 model for the pre-configured base models so as ever the $12.99 price tag is really enticing

You think maybe you could afford that but the one you really want is the 1799 model but I'll talk about the $12.99 mah which is in bed though we do have the 1799 mile here which has the Intel attention CPU so we can see how much has changed we're gonna look at it now but let's talk a little bit about what hasn't changed which is most everything else you have the same Retina display and 2560 by 1600 resolution with 16 by 10 aspect ratio that I know a lot of you love and it's got a good color gamut it's one of the selling points versus the MacBook Air it's wider color gamut

Is a lovely display same as the last generation model also we have the same casing I know there were rumors about a 14 inch MacBook Pro replacing the 13-inch just like the 16 inch had replaced a 15 inch but obviously that's not the case rumors of mini LED display as well not yet maybe next year who knows what's going on or if that was just pie in the sky dreaming we don't know about that you've got Wi-Fi five on board with Bluetooth 5 and a 720p FaceTime HD cameras same as last generation so we're in not for the whole butterfly keyboard

Canoodle then people were avoiding or thinking upgrading to get away from probably this wouldn't be the most exciting upgrade but the base mom with the Intel 8th gen CPU that is a core i5 the base clock speed is 1.4 gigahertz so turbo boost goes up to 3.9 gigahertz now our Intel 10th gen model starts with a higher base clock speed of 2.0 gigahertz and it turbo boost is slightly lower at 3.8 ignorance but close enough it also has faster RAM on board something that has changes the fact that shooting up to 32 gigs around now in a

13-inch MacBook probably if you go with the Intel tenth generation if you go with the 8th gen it maxes out at 16 as ever with Apple well that Ram is solder on board so is the SSD don't ever plan on repairing anything yourself here other than maybe replacing the battery speaking of SSDs the base model the 1299 model has a 256 gig SSD so that's kind of sort of ok and reasonably you probably want a 512 which you can do in either the 8th or the 10th channel if you wish and you can go all the way up to 4 terabytes wow that would cost you $1,200 to upgrade to that from the 512

Gig SSD in the Intel attention model but if you need it it's there happily the one terabyte upgrade from 512 is only $200 more so it's not so painful the way it is as it ever was 3.1 pounds which is 1.4 kilograms so not the lightest 13-inch ultrabook slash laptop on the market but that's fine and rather than having Apple compromise features even more to make things thinner in layer 1 just let them do what they're doing right now 15 points 6 millimeters thick so it's a pretty slim laptop well the other difference between and this has happened before the base and the better

Version of the 13-inch MacBook Pro the base model has two Thunderbolt 3 ports and the higher-end $17.99 and up until 10 gen model has four Thunderbolt 3 ports they both have a headphone jack yeah that yeah that's it reports in our 10th gen model performance is better the the single core speed is noticeably better than the previous generation but it's not a great leap again we're enough for the butterfly keyboard I don't think anybody would be upgrading from the last gen Ethan processor model to the 10th gen for performance it's better it's a little faster iris graphics versus the

Older I it's graphics but it's not a huge leap forward on that does have two fans inside to control heat so what I'm gonna talk about because this is really pretty much a known quantity laptop other than well the change to the keyboard which is a good thing and yes I like the new magic keyboard much better alright let's talk about in comparison to some other laptops you might be thinking of starting with Mac's first versus the MacBook Air what's the selling point here more horsepower there and the performance difference is noticeable you

Have a higher wattage CPU you have noticeably better graphics so if you're just doing pages and keynote or Word Excel and streaming video then a MacBook Air is perfectly fine but for those who want to play with iMovie are using Final Cut or are doing ID development work say for iOS apps or whatever where's more speed would be good analyzing data sets then definitely the 13-inch MacBook Pros where it's a look it also has better speakers and that book Aaron speakers are okay the 13-inch MacBook Pro has really nice speakers so those known as the 16 inch but really nice speakers the

Display is also better it's wider color gamut it's a more expensive product it should have a better display and it is noticeable nice saturated looking color is more vivid it's also still very color accurate apple claims 500 nits a brightness so it is brighter than the MacBook Air – we didn't get quite that you can see the metrics on-screen but still it's a very bright display obviously you get four Thunderbolt 3 ports so that's a lot of connectivity going on there but since the MacBook Air as well in terms of heat actually this the 13-inch MacBook Pro does a little

Bit better than the air I know some people had problems with their airs running hot or there were YouTube videos about that not for months I didn't see that happening but if you really do push it hard obviously the two fan option is gonna work out a lot better the 13-inch MacBook Pro is designed to work harder speaking of heat compared to the 16 inch MacBook Pro which is certainly a toastier machine particularly if you hook up external monitors and start doing things like video editing or gaming and all that sort of thing obviously this is the one that's going

To have a cooler casing to the touch though the core temperatures can get up there but only if you're doing something like say we did our cinnamon r20 benchmark which you can see Apple does not Rowlett all those core temperatures will go up to a hundred degrees centigrade which is the allowable maximum I'd then quickly drop back down to like 45 degrees so that the cooling is efficient and well handled but it's interesting to see in Cinebench that number one the temperatures to the touch weren't that bad compared to a 16 inch

MacBook prompt and also it's running through several concurrent just keep running the test I went over again and see how much heat makes the performance drop not really really you could see a 30 point drop going down or a 30 point boost the next test so it's holding its performance levels pretty well too obviously versus the 16 inch MacBook Pro that you're getting a smaller screen here you're getting smaller speakers so the audio isn't quite as obviously for portability that 13 inch is going to win or in the 16 inch though the 16 inch MacBook Pro is extremely thin an

Extremely light honestly for a laptop in a class but if you're gonna do things like blender renders if you're really hardcore programming and you're doing very large programs you know not some teeny iOS app but maybe something like a very complex one for example if you're gonna be playing games and I don't mean casual games but you know more like triple-a titles that sort of thing the 16 inch MacBook Pro is still gonna be the one that you want now versus Windows Ultravox this is what happens every year and you know it's not the best deal in the house you're buying this because you

Like the build quality you like the look you like Mac OS and everything it has to offer maybe you have an iPhone or an iPad and you're like the synergy of all the devices and Apple watch it you can use to actually unlock your 13-inch MacBook Pro and the touch bar I don't know if that's really a selling point for a lot of people might yeah it's still there for better or worse so those are the selling points for the Mac and typically they're pretty reliable and their last few years and the resale value is great but obviously and Windows Land you have

So many things to choose from so the previous review we did was the Samsung Galaxy Book flex 13.3 inch and that was a very popular video because it's a new product and it's also very good its 1349 so generally speaking a lot less expensive you get Intel 10th gen CPUs that benchmark about the same you get a pen and actually usable pen for note-taking you get a convertible design you get a beautiful design so the windows is always gonna have alternatives that are captivating and they're getting better and better looking so you don't feel like well the

Mac is still the prettiest or the best mate it's a tough thing but if you like mac OS you like mac OS and obviously yes you can run Windows on the Mac which makes it versatile too you can either do it via virtual machines and I would suggest getting a 16 gig or better machine if you're gonna run VMs a hold on or you can run boot camp and just boot straight into Windows or Mac OS up to you which you do and then you've got well the world of Windows programs open to you as ever a battery life was pretty good on Macs Apple still claims 10 hours of battery life using it on Wi-Fi for a

Light Productivity tasks and that is accurate in fact sometimes you can get more one nice thing about Apple is they don't over claim you don't see them saying 22 hours of battery life which would be impossible to attain in the real world 10 hours is totally legit with this weather you get the base model with a 50 8.2 watt hour battery are the new 1799 model with a 58 watt hour battery obviously they're using slightly different batteries they're just about in the same capacity you should expect to get a pretty good battery life with this it comes with a 61 want USB C

Charger apples typical kind of white shiny square design pretty portable there's that so that's the 2020 edition of the 13-inch MacBook Pro finally the butterfly keyboard is dead and eradicated from all of Apple's laptop models long live the magic keyboard with one millimeter travel it might not feel like a pink pad keyboard but it sure is more usable than a butterfly and a lot more durable for the rest of it you getting the same old 13 inch MacBook Pro that you know and perhaps even love or coming introduced it's a remote Agra view be sure to subscribe to our YouTube

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