TCL 10L and 10 Pro Review – New Budget Smartphones

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This is Lisa from mobile tech review on oh happy days lately we see that every new smartphone doesn't have to be a thousand dollars or more these are the TCL 10 L and 10 Pro so these are affordable phones the 10 L is 250 bucks the pro is $450 these are unlocked GSM 4G LTE phone so if you're on CDMA carrier which means Sprint Verizon right now not so much for you we're looking them now so the 10 L has a six and a half inch display and that's an LCD display non OLED display which for $250 hey that's fair it's full HD plus resolution and you have a snapdragon 665 which is a mid-range cpu which again is

Fair for the price interestingly enough though you get six gigs around which is pretty beefy for a budget phone and 64 gigs of storage but there's a micro SD card slot so yeah that you can expand storage the 10 Pro ups the game with better cameras we'll talk about that a little later in the camera section and you get a slightly higher end snapdragon mid-range cpu the 675 still six gigs around about 128 gigs of based storage again with a micro SD card slot the pro gets you an OLED or AMOLED display Full HD plus resolution again so they call the LCD display on

The more affordable 10 out a dodj display like not a notch I guess because there's a little camera up in the corner the 10 Pro has a kind of teardrop in the center where the front-facing selfie camera lives it's either way I leave it up to you one thing I will say the OLED display is obviously gonna be the prettier one and they have their next vision display terminology no TCL is a company that you probably know from TVs they say they're the second biggest manufacturer of TVs in the world and also they're – company behind blackberry Android funds and Alcatel phones but

Anyway so they're claiming they're using submit a great display chops from coming from TVs in these panels so the only this thing is rather nice-looking and there's a whole bunch of settings on both of these phones that you can use to kind of do SDR HDR and control the vividness and all that sort of thing but the only display is the curved one curved on the sides and boys like no accidental edge protection it's been driving me crazy it reminds me of like the first iteration ever of an edge display it's really annoying so in that way that's one thing I prefer about

The 10 L which has a traditional flat display no Kirby big curvy edges on the Sun that one is not a bad display and it's not nearly as beautiful and vibrant okay there's that but it has a slight slight pink color cast and it seems to me they can play with the color balance and settings on it but the thing about these two phones really is the fact that you get a big display and pretty nice quality displays even though I'm picking on the LCD a little bit it's still a pretty nice despite for relatively little money so that's going to be the strong point of these phones another

Selling point is there is actually a headphone jack oh my god right and your usual USB C port as well when it comes to audio speaking of headphone jacks for Bluetooth audio it has something they call super bluetooth so it can connect to up to four bluetooth headphones or speakers at months is that useful I'd leave that up to you to decide the Bluetooth profile supports actually pretty good to not just app decks but apdex HD AAC and L DAC for you audio file type so those are some higher quality audio codecs for when you're streaming over Bluetooth so again the

TTL 10 L the less expensive phone pulls ahead a little bit because it has a fingerprint scanner on the back I know a lot of you missed that and like that and for me it worked just fine and the 10 Pro you have an in display fingerprint scanner which also worked pretty well for me I've seen some reviewers complaining but I haven't had any problems with it other than the locations kind of too far down towards the bottom of the phone so you really have to support it you know so you don't accidentally drop it but they both have to deflation recognition which is not

Terribly secure time but unless you're really important person and people are carrying around life-size pictures of you that's probably okay when it comes to the design these are actually very nice-looking phones which is not unlike the iPhone se 20/20 Edition and the Samsung Galaxy 851 they're more affordable Android phone that we just looked at your glass backs on here so this stands out a little bit of say from the Moto G family which typically are very affordable and good features but they look kind of plasticky and not very exciting these actually look really nice

So the 10 L gets the pretty blue back and the pro gets a kind of frosted finish gray yeah it's great but the frosted finish is kind of nice despite that they're both slippery phones I feel like for some reason I find the frosted glass back when actually a little bit slippery thank god there's a clear TPU case in the box with each one of these that power button on the side is also very easy to press accidentally often that buttons a little sip stiffer another phone so it doesn't depress quite so easily so I found I was hitting it when I didn't want to hit a

Lot be my only design complaint otherwise these look pretty darn nice they have long strips of cameras on the back a lot of camera lenses here again which we'll talk about it they're fairly well integrated into the design and again beauty is in the eye of the beholder I'll leave that up to you but I think that they've done a pretty good job especially given the price point of these phones there is no wireless charging here and there is no IP water resistance or dust resistance again pretty fair for the price so we're not going to ding them on that again 4G LTE

Here and unlocked GSM if you want 5g they say they're gonna have a 10 5g model later this year but I don't think it's coming to the United States we have an ambient display here and always-on display and we have a quick access button so you can use it to launch Google assistant or whatever you want in fact you can program it for a single press double press and that's pretty nice I like that this is Android 10 that's a good thing that's still the current version of Android with TCL's DUI in some of its good sometimes bad they throw a lot of software at you on

This and you can fix this at least because you can change your preferences for this but the default is to organize your app drawer in different categories that make sense to the folks at TCL but not so much maybe to me or to you but you can go with normal alphabetical look and other kind of Grizz I just hate seeing software there for the sake of software and it feels a little bit like that the rest of it the settings and all that modification is pretty light pretty fine most of it really is geared towards that display they have a lock feature to lock folders if you want to do that and

Something to keep the phone optimized and running good which a lot of manufacturers do again if you get that 10 Pro you get something you don't see anymore which is an IR blaster otherwise known as your wireless TV remote control your TV control your stereo kind of makes sense since TCL is in that business that they would have that feature so if you miss that which we haven't seen forever well it's actually here and you can control a variety of AV gear and even air conditioners the regular 10 L does not get that feature so as you might guess

The 10 probably supposed to have the better cameras here we've got super night mode but it's pretty useless you can see a picture I took just using regular mode versus super night mode one is not better than the other and neither are very good and that wasn't even in a very dark room it was just in a pretty dim room so for the price you know we don't expect too much with night mode but if you're thinking about something I got a pixel 3a or 3/8 X L maybe that will certainly take a lot better pictures than either one of these the pro has the higher resolution camera you

Can see the specs on screen right now is 64 megapixel main shooter versus 48 so we're all megapixel rage you know a lot of camera phones have high megapixel ratings I will say about the 10 L that it shows more barrel distortion whether it's the main which is your typical base wide-angle or the ultra wide-angle it's better controlled with the 10 Pro and that's even with software control to control distortion that's available for both of these and the pictures on the 10 L of the photos sometimes you're good it's kind of up and down mostly in good light they're good but if there's any

High contrast scene if you got sun-dappled on the sidewalk you're gonna get overexposed spots and all that sort of thing and video on both of these tends to be a little dark sometimes but particularly the 10 L it's dark it's color noisy it's not really good-looking at all but on the 10 pro and good lighting outdoor is it can take some pretty decent video and the electronic stabilization because no optical hardware stabilization in this price range it does a fairly good job it doesn't look dirty lurchy jumpy jumpy at all so

Better that and you have usual fast motion stop motion slow motion kind of features you can get slower slow motion if you go with the 10 Pro the interesting thing with both of these is that you don't get a telephoto lens which I feel sad about I love that for doing portraits of people for doing pets animals wild animals squirrels even whatever got you know right now that you can take a fixture and it doesn't have that instead we have macro cameras which seems to be a thing and then one plus was doing that too and I don't know how

Often many of us really want to take macros do you love bugs that much I don't and it's also hard to focus because these are typically fixed focus linden so you have to find the right very shallow point when you've got the focus right 10 Pro does do a better job with macro shots it does have a portrait mode and it's fairly good actually and does blur the background um fairly well it's not noisy not weird overdone and the edge detection is reasonably good on him so when it comes to the cameras I would say if the cameras really important to you the 10 Pro would be the

Better choice but then alternatively again the pixel 3 axl if you're looking for a bigger phone with a really great camera there it is battery life is pretty good here as you might guess you got a mid-range CPU a full HD plus resolution that's some psycho high resolution going on you regularly regular 60 Hertz refresh the spy so the 10 L has 4000 milliamps and the 10 Pro has 4500 milliamps that's a lot we're right up there with the samsung galaxy s 20 plus family and family of phones in the s20 ultra even with a lot less demanding stuff going on here so battery

Life is really very good on these phones I mean you can do five and a half six hours and screen on time with these phones depending on what you're doing with your display settings and obviously if you're playing fortnight not so much but if you're browsing the web then yes it supports Qualcomm quick charge 3.0 you get that in the box along with the USBC cable and again that TPU case so that's the TCL 10 l and the 10 pro and these will be available on Amazon on may 19th again 250 bucks 450 bucks also coming to Best Buy and Walmart at a later date and they'll be on Canadian

Carriers later this year as well TCL does have those Canadian connections after all so as their first go at self branded phones rather than using the BlackBerry name or the Alcatel name it's a good start I'll say and the displays on this and the size of the display is pretty big phones are the selling points the performance is decent even for the 10 out which has the lower end CPU I didn't really see much lag on it at all and I was able to play games on it without having terrible problems if you're a serious gamer while there are gaming phones and higher in phones the

Challenge also for them is that people do shop last year's phones like you can look at an older generation oneplus and get a great phone or a samsung galaxy s 9 and you're probably not gonna find an S 10 for anything as cheap as $250 of course so I'd say the 10 L particularly is really pushing a little bit above its way I'm Lisa from mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and thumbs up if you like this vid

TCL 10L and 10 Pro Review – New Budget Smartphones

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