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Some remarkable pictures. Outstanding shades.

This is Lisa from mobile tech review and after something a little bit different in a land where everything is a sequel to a sequel these days in laptops we have a Samsung laptop which doesn't come around all that often and it's a complete redesign this is the Samsung Galaxy Book flex besides this royal blue zinging color which I kind of like and got silver sides the industrial design is very different from what Samsung has done before and we reviewed almost every generation and they went from a kind of sort of MacBook Air clone combined with 2005 months's laptop back look I know looks so subjective to something that is

Really high quality looking and very rigid but that's not the most interesting thing here this is a 360 degree convertible by the way available in 13.3 inch and 15.6 inch sizes but this is the first laptop to have a Q LED display you've seen these on higher and Samsung TVs and such and it's a really nice looking display and you need a little bit more here I know a lot of your artists if you're watching a Samsung laptop review yes we still have the Wacom EMR pen otherwise known as the s-pen Civ Samsung mentions oh it's a Bluetooth hem but that just means that

You can do the air command stuff and all that it would be a Bluetooth remote control stuff but it's Wacom EMR technology with really great pressure sensitivity the whole nine yards tilt support is even there we're gonna look at it now so it's not cheap but versus its competitors is actually not so badly priced the 13.3 inch is 1349 if you want the 15.6 inch which has pretty much the same internals but for gigs more a ram then that one is $13.99 so a lot less expensive than a Dell XPS 13 two and one but HP Spectre x-360 is you know they have really great sales on those and the

Volume of manufacturer means you can find them at a good price of more expensive than that typically you have a full HD q LED display so Full HD on 13.3 inch laptop for me I have no issues with that I don't see a real need for 4k even if your photo editing because it's a pretty tiny screen the 15.6 inch is still full HD there I might have hoped for something more at least 2k resolution I haven't seen that one one's also culated display but I'm sure it's gorgeous looking so what is culet it's a fancy Samsung marketing name for quantum dot technology something we saw

Years and years ago back when Sony still made vaio laptops they started the quantum dot it's evolved a whole lot since then Sony still uses it and they're higher and TVs that compete with OLED screens and the colors are gorgeous on this the color calibration and the naturalness of it and doesn't look cartoony / vibrant or have weird color tints or feel hard on your eyes that's what's better than Olin so that's the nice part right there it looks like your teammate which is to say the color balance looks pleasing looks really vivid first its own lead you're not

Going to get the same level of contrast because this still uses backlighting just like an LED or LCD display would still the contrast levels on this are very good the black levels are good on it so contrast not as good but still looks awesome color gamut you've got that there the potential to getting very bright you also have to because it does have a backlight it's hard for ol Ed's to get really bright because they don't have backlighting on them the display Samsung claims this a 400 nits display we measured at 333 nits on it and it goes

To 600 news for the outdoor mode which is a toggle switch and the Samsung settings if you want to do that which is inordinately bright for a laptop but in case you need it outdoors it's there for you this is a glossy display so there are some reflections and yes of course it's a touch screen as well as supporting the pen and the usual 360 degree hinges so you can use it in tablet mode or in tent mode or whatever so the big selling point for this I would say for the Samsung laptop versus the competition is for those who are artists or who spend a lot of time

Taking notes and you want the most natural paper on pen-like experience in terms of the pen responsiveness it's really hard to beat Wacom EMR and it's a real shame that it's just about no it's not any other laptop anymore just about used to be pretty prevalent more than ten years ago it's the best technology for this versus using say ie Wacom Cintiq or using an iPad pro which have fantastic drawing experiences I would say that this holds its own so if you're looking for a laptop that you can use as a laptop and as an art machine you got it by the way the 15.6 inch a circular

Despite all of samsung's new laptops do it and let's talk about that there's also the Samsung Galaxy flex alpha-alpha usually means better like the brightest star in the galaxy or something like that in this case it means less and it's more affordable it's like eight hundred and fifty dollars starting price that one has a smaller battery it doesn't have pen support a couple of other differences it's silvery grey instead of the vivid royal blue color so that's the deal there confusing name though it is and then there's the galaxy book ion and that one

Is a traditional laptop it does in 360 it doesn't do the pen and that one's even lighter than this this is pretty light it's 2.5 pounds and that's about one point one six kilograms so the ion is even lighter it's a 13.3 inch laptop too and that one is one kilogram or two point one four pounds that one has magnesium alloy on it which is something that Samsung has played with before they're always going after the gram to compete with it for being light and I'm glad they kind of separated it out because there are people who don't really like the flecks of magnesium

Alloy it doesn't feel as rigid and premium this one has rigidness and premium unison specs I mean listing is tanky yet it's light it's a good thing then the design obviously it's a matter of personal taste I like the straight sides on this it looks very modern and very clean and they've got the contrast in color but I'll leave that up to you to decide inside it's your typical ultra bug with until 10th generation quad-core CPUs this is available with an i7 i7 or i7 that's the way the Flex rolls it's the higher-end model for the Flex alpha it's a core i5 the cheaper model got

That so that's good stuff and in benchmarks the same as other competing ultra books and in fact just about the same as the 2020 thirteen inch MacBook Pro which is a little surprising this MacBook Pro is a higher wattage CPU anyway we have Intel iris plus graphics because this is an ice-like cpu so you got that more only integrated graphics than going on for RAM this is the only disappointment 8 gigs around ddr4 37 33 megahertz fast Ram but and it's soldered on so you can't upgrade it so for a lot of people that would be fine and if you're doing 2d work in Photoshop even

Some Lightroom with you know I'm a crazy high megapixel camera and don't do it professionally with 200 images and a Batra something like that but if you have your usual 25 to 35 megapixel camera and you're editing 10 20 30 50 photos at once it's okay but if you want to do any 3d work if you want to do that heavy-duty super heavy-duty Lightroom work then eight gigs is a little chintzy I would have liked to see 16 gigs around for what's supposed to be Samsung's top-of-the-line laptop the SSD is a middling performance is actually an intel SSD not a Samsung

One samsung often doesn't use their own parts in their own laptops by the way the display has made my bow Highness not buy Samsung as well but anyway it's a middle-of-the-road SSD it is an m2 SSD you could upgrade it if you want and everyday use you're not gonna feel the difference between this and Samsung's fastest SSDs that you might find in not a laptop so that's okay and it's 512 gigs so that's an ample capacity and again upgradable yes until Wi-Fi 6 with Bluetooth 5 so absolutely no complaints there like a lot of laptops today this has USB C and 2 tons are both three

Ports but no USB a port if you're leaning USBA there is the HP Spectre x-360 there's also a headphone jack and a micro SD card slot I kind of annoyingly it probably to make it look pretty it requires one of those little pokey tools just like you'd get with the Samsung phone you get with this – to poke out the carrier for the micro SD card this has stereo speakers that are side firing AKG branded they're pretty good they hold their own against the 13-inch MacBook Air and that's usually held up as the paragon of good audio quality I like them well enough

Certainly the trackpad is a Microsoft precision trackpad and the keyboard is Samsung as usual and magic I don't know how they do this and it's at low child keyboard so it feels like it's about one millimeter like magic keyboard MacBook Pro but it feels very easy to type uncomfortably and accurately and it's backlit white because the keys are dark you have plenty of contrast and there's FN keys on the top row so you can adjust the brightness level keyboard if you want by the way that trackpad it's not just a Microsoft precision trackpad it's a qi wireless charger 5 watt so there's

The slowest version of wireless charging which is just kind of weird I don't know I would have had like more RAM and no Qi trackpad charging but if you're not using your laptop I suppose or if you're using a mouse externally instead of the track man you can charge your phone that way or your wireless charging earbuds you know that sort of thing hey it is what it is the fingerprint scanner on this is embedded in the keyboard which isn't so unusual vintage forward shifted it's not back where the power button is because in fact being in convertible the power

Buttons on the side of the machine here I actually like that because you don't have to reach so far over across the keyboard just the teen's the fingerprint scanner in terms of cooling surprisingly there's two fans inside this thing which for an ultrabook you don't usually see it is very thin and it is mantle so it does need help and cooling if you push it really really hard like we do when we did benchmarks or if you're doing some Adobe Premiere Pro which isn't probably the primary use case for on a 13-inch Ultrabook maybe for the 15-inch it'll get toasting you'll feel some heat on

The bottom and the top the fans you'll almost never hear that much they are not loud and it doesn't get burnin hot but you know it's working hard again then design there occasionally we see some thermal throttling on the CPU cores if you are pushing it SuperDuper hard I think for most people's use with an ultra book it will be fine though one thing I've always liked with Samsung laptops is their control panel shall we say their control center and they have an update or app which is oddly the only way that you get updates you can't go their website and do it manually but

That works so okay but maybe give you control over all sorts of things do you want to charge the battery only up to like 85% to preserve its life over the years you can do that sort of thing there's a quiet mode it will also cut back on performance and it doesn't seem so necessary because it's not noisy but for the display there's lots of settings there's several different color calibrations and that's why I didn't bother with the usual color accuracy graph because when you got like five choices it really depends on what you choose the default is qutilat auto mode

And it kind of vibrance things up and makes the display look its best in a variety of situations it doesn't look garish or unnatural so I actually use it at that there's professional mode which is pretty much your Adobe RGB mode for folks who are doing professional photo editing for example content creation and a variety of others including you know your base srgb that's anything there's also a PWM switching pulse width modulation so that's the back light that cycles and some people are sensitive to it by default the

Control for that is turnout which means that you won't see PWM because basically it's only refreshing it's such a high rate they do human I won't pick it up so that's nice to have it won't get quite as dark when you're setting the brightness down when that's active but it gets plenty dim enough anyway so sweet there's also an HDR feature there it's better than the Windows built in HDR feature it actually makes things look a little well more contrasting which is what HDR is supposed to do and bring out the grays in the scene so they don't crush the black and all that sort

Of thing without looking weird and garish so I like that addition as well they also have networking controls and a variety of other things it's it's good so how about battery life something got to give here right well this is really another great point about this laptop as part of intel's project Athena which means super long battery life good performance yadda yadda but you know you take that with a grain of salt but because this has nearly a 70 watt hour battery inside sixty nine point seven one hour which is unheard of big for an ultrabook

Battery life is dependence on this and also there's another selling point of queue light it's a lot more power efficient than OLED oh let's very power efficient if you're only displaying really dark things which most of us don't do with laptops but when they are brighter they use more power than LCD or an LED display so power efficient display only full HD resolution that means a battery life on this has been crazy it's been like 14 hours in mixed use at 115 it's of brightness and streaming video streaming video you can just really go that 14 hours it's crazy

Stuff it's quite good and it comes with a 65 watt charger and a cute little consumer looking white brick like sort of thing to take the bottom cover off you have to pry off the four rubber feet halfway there's no adhesive involved though so just use a teeny tiny jewelry screwdriver and carefully pry them up you can get them off and then there's Philips head screws under each one it's really pretty simple there's a lot of plastic holding this on on the edges which is actually not that hard to get off it's a little harder to get it back on again and this is really a large

Battery for an ultrabook honestly this is nearly 70 watt hours as you can see right here it is sixty nine point seven watt hours nice that some pretty big magnets here to help it work nicely in convertible mode to fans you don't see that on ultrabook with integrated graphics very often it does help it stay cool but it's a very thin laptop and the CPU temperatures can get up there if you're pushing it hard this is the m2 SSD is socketed this particular one is an intel SSD surprising Samsung does not use their own brand SSD here and that's

About it Ram is soldered on and so is the Intel Wi-Fi card right there so that's the Samsung Galaxy Book flex again we have the 13.3 inch which you can get a 15.6 inch and it's a really a nice laptop for the price is so good looking it's so sturdily built no flex none of that kind of thing the Wacom AMR pen for you serious note takers an artist that really sets it apart from all the competitors they're currently on the market other than the Cintiq Pro which is a purpose-built artists tablet you have a

Phenomenal battery life you got that cute lid this bike they have done a really good job the only thing I can really complain about again is 8 gigs of ram is your only option which is kind of weird I'm a super mobile tech review be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more cool tech videos and hit that notification bell see and hold on to

Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Review

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