Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Camera

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Hi i'm sasha segan from pc mag and i wanted to show you some of the key aspects of the galaxy note 20 ultra's camera now this camera is a second chance for samsung it's got a lot of the key aspects of the galaxy s20 ultra camera but it added a laser auto focus and that's critically important because the galaxy s20 ultra camera had focusing problems the good news is i'm not seeing it here and there are some other cool new features that i wanted to show you so here goes the first key aspect i want to talk about

Is focus the first key aspect i want to talk about is focus the galaxy s20 ultra camera had trouble with focus the galaxy note camera does not have trouble with focus even if i focus on something near and then something far it doesn't have the focus delay and the focus pulsing that i saw on the s20 ultra and that is critically important there's also a new pro video mode which lets you do a lot more with audio in your videos

Look at the vu meters on the left hand side of the screen right now showing the different levels on different sides of recording and now i'm going to tap this mic button down here and it lets me change the mic that i'm using for recording i can change it from the rear mic to the front mic omni mic and then up here i could use a usb mic or even a bluetooth mic to record audio that gives you a lot more flexibility for clear audio

Now here on the side i'm changing the level on the audio too that's a really neat feature that helps you get much better audio in your videos finally let's talk about zoom now there's a multi-camera array on the note 20 ultra and of course it goes from 1x to 0.5 x but then it goes 2x 4x and we go to 10 20 and 50. and now 50 does not look that bad i mean it definitely doesn't look as bad as the 100x on the galaxy s20 ultra

Another fix that they made in this case just by not over promising i've got to spend more time with this phone and with its camera before really judging how good it is but that's a quick first look and it's really encouraging um i especially want to take a nice look at low light photography which obviously i can't do right now because it's a very sunny day out um we will have much more galaxy note 20 ultra coverage on pcmag.com and i look forward to you

Seeing it this is sasha segan from pcmag.com


Hands On With the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra’s Camera





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