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Hey guys it's rita girl mary and welcome back to my channel oh hey guys but for today's video i'm damning finally i'm getting a little squad edition box at the doodle box limited edition so yes without further ado let us proceed to our unboxing i love you guys in your plastic suffering interesting budget phone attorney audience talk show thank you jason for being supportive young six thousand milliamp hour battery

Capacity grabbing for a budget phone battery capacity um itself again actually young message from the artist who made the box this month so yes silver yes guys is thickness yes guys i feel like the real me c15 is very sturdy it doesn't really feel that cheap kind

Of polycarbonate plastic and of course for the weight it weighs 209 grams soft alarm for a budget phone all right guys and expandable via micro sd card below headphone jack microphone micro usb port and of course you can use speaker grille so yes guys marriage from 6.5 inches ips lcd panel tapos main then 720 by 1560 pixels resolution also guys smart and didn't mention corning gorilla glass protection display guys it's your typical display

Segment front camera actually guys i really like the quality of its front camera i know it's not the best pedo alumni budget phones or entry level smartphones okay so yes guys we have 13 megapixels assets mean camera f 2.2 aperture renders 8 megapixels wide angle lens f 2.25 aperture we also have 2 megapixels mono lens and another 2 megapixels camera so now nothing guys pagosapa mismo application yeah so we have an

Option guys to use the ultra wideness mode on one times two times and up to four times we can also shoot videos up to 1080p at 30fps i'll be very honest with you guys and in fairness especially in broad daylight 2.3 gigahertz processor paired with 3 gig of ram with 64 gig of internal storage actually guys me is a passion variant you know 4 gb with 64 gigabytes of internal storage the reason why guys made it 3 gigaflying

Limited edition doodle box saturday available instagram social media use and again casual gaming software new three gigantic now for our battery capacity again this one is something worth noting and worth mentioning talaga and get scared in a month it has a massive massive 6 000 milliamp hour battery capacity yes i know so brand lucky for its price and yes i was able to watt fast charging i mean reading it on paper guys from 18 watt quick charge

Yes paired with 6 000 milliamp hour battery capacity and it actually took me almost two hours back on a fully charged it on device nato which is actually not bad guys expect guys from entry level smartphone number one quick charge also just to add guys and what reverse charging so again power bank smartphone especially for emergency purposes a chambray

Competitive then unreal miui so what will you get from it of course google applications we also have a system white dart mode an app drawer the ornaments on your notification toggle mirroring from screen screencast one handed mode one tap lock screen focus mode and the really shared lastly guys before i forget parasahanyang biometrics on fingerprint sensor and a 64 gigabytes of internal storage and young price is 6490 pesos

Definitely guys the price is very attractive for its specifications and honestly guys for me you are really getting what you paid for value for money guys online exclusively now for the online and offline exclusive autonomous variant no four giga with 64 gigabytes of internal storage that retails for 6990 pesos again guys parasite 500 pesos price difference i really suggest you go for the 40 grams it really makes a difference now for the doodle box guys

Again available for the three gigan variant it will be available today august 20 salazar and on august 28 it's a super real me brand day also guys please take note 1000 limited boxes million power correct me if i'm wrong guys for the first time encountered on budget phone this 2020 battery capacity next you good set of cameras yeah although indigo magazine camera setup and of course you can attractive price point for the coins it doesn't always work but again

If he's unlocked actually that's pretty much it so okay you guys what do you guys think of this new realme c15 let me know guys in the comment section below again it's your turn mary and see you on my next video bye


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