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Hey guys it's your thai girl mary and welcome back to my channel for today's video guys entry level smart phone number actually guys no pension because this month august when i nt11 or budget phones 32 gigabytes of internal storage that one a man has 3 gig of ram with 64 gig of internal storage pricing and availability is okay so again what i have here is the sunrise orange we have here the phone itself rice orange

At ayan okay my paperwork style like the user guide and the warranty card miranda micro usb charging cable actually guys i was kind of hoping the mirror and some free jelly case or hitman long earphones y5p actually in bagano realness where the new camera set up well yes it is kind of refreshing guys now my vibe poverty is and coming from the name itself sunrise orange text vertical lines which is also dual sim guys an

Expandable storage density via microsd card microphone micro usb port and use speaker grille it is also made of polycarbonate plastic which is acceptable punch 13 megapixels main camera 2 megapixels macro camera and 2 megapixels depth sensor as i said earlier guys in redmi 9a i'm aaron lamont single camera setup see

Actually meredith classic no filters and you can also change the level of the beauty filter again it is not in detail for a specific tie guys mention 6.53 inches dot drop display bearing ips lcd panel with 720 by 1600 pixels resolution brightness level measurements struggle watching youtube videos guys or even netflix enjoyable especially indoor next guys in fairness capacity some 5 000 milliamp hour battery capacity with 10 watt fast charging actually guys in

Terms of display and battery capacity a young bag of chipset and young set of cameras you guys know media 9c the next clip will show you guys on a glitter retire and asphalt 9. in terms of heavy multitasking guys i suggest guys if you want a smoother ui experience go get the higher variant actually guys in terms of opening applications like for example your camera app tap was switching between applications

So yes guys make one thing struggle in terms of its ram management but good thing guys and we draw ui 12 based on android out of the box and you can even change the color temperature now for the bloatware or the applications smartphone maritime wps office netflix linkedin games fun blog puzzle and dust settle anyway absolutely you can always delete the name application style for the price guys at a smartphone america number one 2

Gigahertz with 32 gig of internal storage the price is 5 290 pesos but yukanyan sale price is 4990 pesos and then for the higher variant i'm around three gigaflyon with 64 gig of internal storage ankanyong price is 5990 pesos swalashan early bird price guys lagnetto actually guys if you're thinking of actually getting one i suggest go get the higher variance coming in is a sacrificial ground management

Heavy multitasking anyway that is it guys for our redmi 9c unboxing and first impressions again it's your turn mary and see you on my next video bye guys


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