Watch Live! Ford Unveils The All New 2021 Bronco

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and to look for it you need something that's just as wild as the wild you need something that can look adventure in the eye and give it a firm handshake something built with the toughness of an f-series and the spirit of a mustang something that's not happy until it takes you through whatever creek or snow or mud or mountain trail or doom logging road or landmark with death in its name you need a bronco

Built as wild as what you're looking for on august 11 1965 ford motor company introduced the world to the ford bronco america's first suv bronco blazing a new trail of excitement a vehicle that reshaped the 4×4 landscape forever and today it's going to do it again and this time it's not just one horse it's a whole family

Introducing the all-new bronco two-door built to take on the toughest terrain you can find and the new bronco four-door built to give you the most open-air experience and the bronco sport built to truly reconnect with the great outdoors introducing the bronco family built with adventure in mind built to take americans back into the wild built to be bigger than just the vehicles themselves

Built with the toughness of an f-series spirit of a mustang built to be the future of off-roading a family of vehicles that are all built wild and by built wild we mean being able to get where you need to go have the kinds of adventures you want while you're there and get back again because it went through built wild extreme durability testing we took the built ford tough testing platform and then pushed it into the toughest terrains across the united

States and to get through that rigorous testing you need to be able to handle it you need to have capability durability and the most innovative designs so we gave it just that we gave every bronco vehicle 4×4 standard across the whole family no other american brand can say that and the two-door and four-door have an available best-in-class maximum ground clearance for when you're taking on the wild

Bronco rewrites the record books with an available best-in-class maximum breakover angle departure angle and crawl ratio and available 35-inch tires on every series right out of the factory no other vehicle in his class can say that and the bronco sport also has an available ground clearance that is better than key competitors allowing for better approach angles and water waiting

We think your tires should work smarter and harder so we use the most innovative tech to offer the bronco two-door and four-door available front and rear locking differentials so they can lock the dana axles sending traction to four wheels instead of two and we gave the bronco sport an available twin clutch rear drive unit with a rear differential lock feature allowing for greater off-road performance and for when the wild really gets rough we gave the bronco two-door and

Four-door an available hydraulic stabilizer bar disconnect system so as you encounter the tough types of terrains that make the wild fun you can flex and crawl over any and all obstacles and on bronco you can activate this even while under load and it will use smart technology to automatically reconnect after you've conquered whatever obstacle you were taking on and all broncos come standard with terrain management systems with up to seven available goat modes

So whether you're going through snow or rocks or dirt sand or mud or water the bronco has you covered at the click of a dial and that's just the beginning because it's more than just capable it's capable with lots of power because bronco two-door and four-door have an available ecoboost engine projected to produce over 300 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque and with first-to-market available 10-speed automatic transmission or 7-speed manual you can keep all that

Horsepower and torque in its power band and the broncos ford is targeting unparalleled power with 245 horsepower and 275 pound-feet of torque plus bronco has best-in-class available suspension travel because the bronco family has a hoss system the two and four door go a step further offering an optional haas system with bilstein position sensitive dampers similar to the trophy trucks that race at baja and the ultra four trucks that race at king of the hammers

This new haas suspension system is key to the high performance off-road prowess of the bronco using modern independent front suspension to keep you riding smooth at higher speeds than you could with a solid front axle you can enjoy the great outdoors to its fullest with doors and a roof that you can take off and store four doors in the vehicle on the bronco four-door with max open-air experience because

There's no beam in the middle to block your view and with body mounted mirrors you can enjoy the doors off experience without losing sight of what's behind you and you can enjoy the feeling of open air whenever and wherever you want because they can be put back on just as quickly and easily capability and speed are important but so is staying connected so the bronco family is built with technology and convenient interior displays

Including an available 12-inch screen on bronco two-door and four-door and an 8-inch screen on bronco sport built with a heritage of more than 55 years of off-roading combined with modern technological advancements like available trail maps that can be downloaded right to the fordpass performance app with off-road navigation and seamlessly integrated with your bronco trail maps that allow you to not just

Find a new trail but document all the details of that new trail and once you've completed it you can share it with whoever you want the future of off-roading means more visibility it means seeing everything you need to see and everything your tires are up against at all times with the class-exclusive available 360-degree camera with off-road spotter views on bronco two-door and four-door

The bronco sport is ready for whatever adventure you decide to take on because it was built for that built with a cargo management system that allows for not just a lot of cargo space but the smartest use of cargo space with class-exclusive hidden storage under the second row and class exclusive available molly straps on the back of the seats just for a little extra gear and an available slide-out table to prep all that gear before heading on your next big

Adventure plus more than 200 factory-backed aftermarket accessories on bronco and over 100 on ronco sport and those numbers are only going up not to mention available accessories that are orderable from the factory like rock rails on two-door and four-door an interior bike rack on bronco sport and roof racks on all broncos the bronco family is built for all the things that make the wild worth getting back to with the built wild capability to take

On any type of terrain the speed to take you over more of it and the tools to take on adventures while you're there you need a bronco the all-new bronco family built as wild as what you're looking for you

Watch Live! Ford Unveils The All New 2021 Bronco

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