Sony X900H vs. Hisense H8G | Double Up?

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Had you asked me four months ago if we would be here comparing these two tvs i'd have said nah doesn't make a whole lot of sense for one thing one is twice the price of the other and that hardly seems fair yet here we are welcome back everyone it's your old pal caleb dennison and i'll be honest with you it has been difficult getting review samples in during this global pandemic however i do have good news sony just sent an x950h which will compare to the x 900 h seen here you've asked for that hisense has also

Sent an h9g which will compare to the h8g you've been asking for that you have not necessarily been asking for these two tvs to be compared to each other but i wanted to do it anyway and the reason why is because these value-oriented budget-minded tvs are looking really good so good in fact that it's getting really tough for me to recommend a tv over a thousand dollars when the ones under a thousand are so stinking good the big question i want to answer today

Is what do you get when you pay more does the sony have 700 more in terms of picture quality let's find out let's start with some basics first and in terms of aesthetics the tvs are pretty similar the pedestal feet are about the same distance apart and they're both very thin and then when you look at the bezels of the tv the high sense actually has trimmer bezels than the sony does the sony's bezels are attractive but one of the trade-offs there is that on the high sense you're going to get more of a

Black matrix border along the sides and the top the remotes also very similar they're an old school one style remote with some hotkeys to get to your favorite streaming services nothing new there as far as the user interface it's android tv and it runs well on both of these tvs getting to your apps and programming is very similar the only real difference here is that when you get into say the settings menu for instance you're going to start noticing some difference there

It's a customized experience for either high sense or sony in terms of resolution they're both 4k in terms of hdr they both do hdr 10 and dolby vision neither one of them do hdr 10 plus and i don't think that's a big deal in terms of inputs you get four hdmis on each but there is a difference there the sony is going to support earc whereas the hisense does not also down the road sony is supposed to update this tv so that it will support variable refresh rate which is going to be a big deal for

Gamers now when it comes to gaming i'm going to go ahead and give it to the sony here based on the promise that sony will enable variable refresh rate in the near future its input lag in game mode is 14.5 milliseconds which is pretty good the high sense is a little bit better at about 12 milliseconds but it's not a significant difference for most people so with vrr on the way i'm giving it to the sony now for the part i think people care

About most picture quality how do these two compare well for one thing i can tell you that the sony's black levels are better it's got a better controlled backlight system it doesn't have as many zones but it does manage to tamp down on the halo effect that you see around bright objects on a black background and just in general the blacks are deeper on the sony now as for brightness this high sense unit at least is significantly brighter than the sony

On paper they're supposed to be the same around 700 to 750 nits as measured through a 10 window this guy right here is up around 900 nits or so which doesn't make a whole lot of sense now i know that some of you in the comments section have speculated that maybe hisen sent me some sort of super juiced up unit i don't think that's possible first of all they didn't really have enough time and second of all i do a factory reset when i get these anyway so that any work done on them

Is pretty much obliterated and i don't think there's anything that they could be doing in the firmware to super juice up this tv so i think that i just got a really great sample i don't know whatever the case the high sense is brighter and that means its perceived contrast is better in a brightly lit room than the sony's is however i noticed that when we darken the room down the sony has all the contrast in the world and that's owed mostly to those

Better black levels as for color the sony wins by a huge margin out of box its color is great you don't need to touch it the same is not the case for the hisense i did some measurements and the blue was just way out of whack and what that resulted in was really aggressive yellows and oranges i could certainly see it i don't know how you're going to feel about that i do think though with the hisense being so much less expensive you could hire a calibrator and get that taken care of quickly as

For motion both tvs look virtually the same once you've turned everything off and they look fine the sony however does have a feather in its cap and that it has varying degrees of black frame insertion capability so on the first of three settings it barely dims the picture at all but significantly increases the motion clarity which i think is a really big deal so he has done this by changing the way it does its black frame insertion in a way that we just don't

Get from the high sense you turn on any kind of uh black frame insertion on this tv and it cuts to half the brightness now we talked a little bit about contrast before but we didn't dig into hdr so much and that's where we start seeing some big differences between these two tvs sony is very selective about where they want to put their peak brightness and when they want to preserve shadow detail and i think it does so better than the high does owing to the better black levels as well you get a

Better hdr experience overall with the sony and that sony processing also extends even further especially when you're watching low bit rate content so if you're streaming stuff online and you're not getting a super high bitrate there's a lot of opportunity for contouring or color banding you see this a lot in blue skies where things transition from darker to brighter and the sony just handles that better than the high sense does and that's because sony has been doing this

A really long time their processing is among the best out there there are other tiny little differences as well like the high sense here struggles with a more pattern when it looks at these tall buildings with super tight grid patterns on them the sony does not it effectively gets rid of that so you get a smoother overall picture out of the sony than you do the high sense so in the end the sony is the superior television it does a number of things better than the high hisense though only marginally so and they're

Little things sometimes those little things do add up to make a big difference but i think for most people the hisense is the smarter buy it's significantly less expensive it does a lot of things very well and if you can get the color under control you're going to be thrilled with this tv the sony however is a better tv for video enthusiasts tv enthusiasts who really care about those fine details it's just interesting to me that to get to those premium details you're gonna have to pay

Such a premium price thanks as always for watching everyone let me know in the comment section which side you fall on sony or hisense and is the hisense h9g the one we should really be looking at we'll definitely do that like subscribe hit that notification bell and as always visit for the latest tech news and reviews

Sony X900H vs. Hisense H8G | Double Up?

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