Samsung Note 20 Ultra Review with Pros & Cons Indian Unit

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Hi guys this is ranjit and in this video we'll do the full review for the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra and uh let me quickly divide it between the pros and cons and i won't get into every physical aspect of this device watch my unboxing video for that but here is a quick refresh for the specs as you can see it's having a massive 6.9 inch screen and in india we get it with the exynos 990 soc and it comes with 256gb of storage and 12 gigabytes of ram other specs are on the screen for your reference

Uh so let's have a look at this and i'll divide it between the pros and cons what do i like and what are the things that i did not like with this specific variant that is sold in india uh and the first thing again has its note device and this is the biggest screen that samsung has now put it's a 6.9 inch screen so definitely guys this is a 200 device because simply you cannot reach all parts of the screen with a single hand but the screen what they have put it's a dynamic amoled what they have put

Is certainly one of the best screens out there and actually i'm keeping it very low brightness but it can go very very bright even outdoors uh uh sun it can go very bright at about 1500 nits so it's one of the best what do you say screens that you can get on a smartphone period and also it has this curved edges i'm not a big fan of it but yeah we have that and uh the new thing is that now this actually supports 120 hertz refresher rate uh which was not there earlier for example if you

Go to display and it's on adaptive and it's 120 hertz and standard you can go to 60 hertz uh it's having a quad hd screen but i would say if you keep it on chord hd that simply that 120 hertz simply does not work and samsung actually claims that this 120 hertz is not 120 all the time but it changes the refresh rate and that should improve the battery life but i'll talk about the battery life specifically on the indian variant in the later part of the video

So the screen quality is the thing that you will notice on this device and now coming to the looks also i feel at least in this mystic brown they call it this looks very very cool and yes as you can see the camera is the highlight of this one and it juts out and the camera is good we'll i'll show you some of the samples later on but in terms of looks i would say uh certainly i would say it looks very cool and the build quality is excellent i would say it really feels

Actually premium uh and i i don't know about you but i like this color and i also like the fact that though it's having that new gorilla glass gorilla glass 7 as you can see it does not have any fingerprints over here so i like the fact generally what i've noticed with many phones with the glass back you get a lot of fingerprints but on this one as you can see we hardly see that so they have done a good job here now coming to one more thing is that samsung has been putting this ultrasonic

Fingerprint scanner from about last year and i always complained about it but on this one as you can see you have to always on screen the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner has definitely improved i would say even if i compare it with the s20 plus or the s20 ultra this is far more responsive and i would say this is how the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner should have been in earlier device also here it's been perfect and never had a problem so i feel finally

They have nailed the ultrasonic fingerprint scanner on the ultra uh now moving to another thing uh that is the stereo speakers are good we have one speaker over here and the earpiece also acts as a speaker let me try to give you a demo let me just try to play one of my own videos i'm just going to play this hope it plays oops my wi-fi connection is having some issues hi guys this is ranjit and in this video

We'll be doing the review for this mean notebook horizon and guys if you recall i had unboxed this and posted so i like the actually the stereo speaker on this one it's actually loud and i never had to mostly keep it on 100 uh loudness mostly i was keeping around 70 to 80 and i also like the fact that uh the stereo separation is there and also we do have a little bit of bass in the speaker so i feel uh the stereo speaker implementation has been done well on this smartphone now

Coming to another small uh thing is regarding the haptic feedback and here i would say samsung has nailed the haptic feedback on this one for example when you're taking the photo when you hit the shutter it feels like you're physically uh hitting the shutter that welder what do you say uh haptic feedback has been calibrated also in some of the toggles when you toggle it on and off you feel that you're doing it with a physical button that way i would say the

Haptic feedback calibration has been done very well and we have settings to actually increase it to medium strong or whatever i'm not using it on strong but i have to say this is one thing that i noticed this is a small thing but it does make quite a bit of difference and they have really improved the haptic feedback on the smartphone now coming to another thing is that the bottle that is being sold in india comes with that 12 gigabytes of ram and i would say it

Handles everything without any issues as you can see i'm running multiple apps and i never had an issue of ram management on this smartphone so i would say that is actually a good thing so ram management has been done very well on the smartphone you don't have to worry about that i'll talk about the processor in the later part of the video and now coming to another thing i tested this one here in hyderabad with atl as well as jio and i did not have any problem in fact

Even with wi-fi calling uh this smartphone worked very well both on intel as well as jio and in terms of network reception i would say network reception was exceptionally well done on this one even in some of the areas i was traveling where we had low network reception uh i did not have any issues in terms of call quality over the cellular network so i feel uh that is something that they have nailed very well on this i tested here in hyderabad with the atel as well as jio

And coming to the earpiece also the earpiece is very loud and clear so again no problems if you are a business user take do a lot of calls take a lot of calls you'll be happy with it even i took some calls with the speaker phone and the quality was very good again no physical led notification light but you do have this always on you can enable it you get a battery hit of about five percent if you enable it but i'm using it like this one uh now moving to

Another thing as it's a note device you do have the s pen and now the s pen has been moved generally it used to be on the right right now it's on the left over here and guys i'm not a big user of s pen because i keep changing the phones a lot but i feel the latency has speed reduce and samsung says that now it's 9 ms so actually feels like you're writing on a paper with this one also makes this sound while you're writing so i i feel if you are a person who

Uses this pen a lot you'll be happy with this one they have also added some gestures and stuff with the s pen so that is something that i have noticed one thing i'm not liking is that i am getting some notifications here this is a ad that sort of an ad i got in the notification this is still being pushed by samsung so i don't like that on a premium what do you say smartphone why are you doing this this is not a cheap smartphone cost about

One and a half la one lakh five thousand so again coming back to the point the s pen is there and you have all the functionality that you would expect with the s pen so you don't have to worry about that and it works very well i would say the s pen functionality is there and you also have some new gestures also you can do like this it just goes back and like this so they have added some new gesture so if you always like this pen this is i would say improved version of

This pen frankly speaking i did not use the s pen a lot but you do have the s pen functionality now coming to one thing that really blew my mind on this one is this and i think so samsung intentionally did this as you can see the camera juts out and i would say this is the best implementation of a camera smartphone by samsung yes it has the specs the main camera is 108 megapixel then we have a 12 megapixel that's ultra wide and again now one more 12 megapixel

That's actually a periscope zoom it has a 5x zoom and can go digital zoom up to 50x and as you can see here are some of the samples that i took with this smartphone and as you can see they actually came out really good and even if you shoot in the regular auto mode out of 10 photographs it will come out really really good the camera is so good so you don't have to worry if your no voice also just put it on auto mode and take the pictures you get it the zoom also works very well i would

Say much better than the s20 ultra and uh yes the up to 5x it's actually optical so then 1020 is digital and can go up to 50 i would say don't go up to 50x here as you can see this was 50x it smears up but up to about 20 x zoom you can get some detail and i would say 10x is very very usable so yes you do have that zoom apart from that if you don't even use the zoom i feel the regular camera is good and even the ultra wide performance was actually really good and

The camera is one of the from cards of this smartphone i would say one of the best that i've seen on a samsung smartphone in fact i would say the camera has been calibrated uh much better than even the s20 ultra going to the front facing camera i was surprised that it's a punch hole uh it's a just 10 megapixel camera so i did not have very high expectations but as you can see uh the front facing camera performance was also very good

The portrait mode also works yes there is sometimes that blurring is not perfect but overall i would say the camera performance even with the front-facing camera was actually really good so i would say uh if you are sort of a business user and you use a lot of camera then i feel the camera is the big improvement and i would say they have intentionally put out this camera out like this it's that's the highlight of this and samsung watched

That this is a camera centric smartphone so guys these were the things that i liked about this device so now let's move to the list of cons that i have and this is specific to the variant that is sold in india in india we are getting the exynos 990 soc guys and this is the same one that we got even with the s20 s20 plus series 20 ultra so that's not a change sadly we are not getting the snapdragon 865 plus that we are getting in other countries like united states and some of the other

Countries so i feel uh samsung should have even given us the snapdragon 865 plus here whereas the pricing of the smartphone is not a low in india it's about one lakh five thousand though we are paying the premium we are not getting the superior processor uh i would say uh the snapdragon 865 plus would be almost about 20 percent better in performance compared to the exynos 990 soc and that brings me to the battery life of this smartphone

Frankly spending uh speaking guys uh this one has a 4500 milliamp hour battery and i would say i was not impressed with the battery life of this smartphone let me actually show you this actual start so that you have a better idea if we go towards device care and battery let me show you the battery stats and as you can see let's just go over yesterday and as you can see i had a screen on time of just about four or eleven minute and i was down to this was roughly about twelve or

Thirteen 13 and that's the story that i'm having uh this was the heaviest day that i could get the best battery life that is about five hours of sot and it was down to about seven percent at night and i had to charge it a little bit so in terms of what you say the battery the battery life is just average on this one considering know what is a business centric smartphone uh i would say you should expect a battery life of about

Four to a max of about five hours of sot if you are having this exynos variant of the processor and that is slightly disappointing uh because i was watching some western uh youtubers review and those guys were getting almost six hours of sot and i feel that is because of the snapdragon processor that is being used i feel uh due to this exynos what do you say soc and that 4500 milliamp hour battery the battery life if you're a heavy business user you

Might have to top it up in the evening at around seven or eight o'clock that's my frank opinion so regarding the battery life i'm not that happy if only we had the snapdragon variant that would have got us almost about 20 battery life then it would have been okay but currently i would say if you're a heavy user you will struggle at the evenings so make sure you top it up around the evening time frame now coming to another thing is that uh i have noticed that this smartphone

Does tend to get a little bit warm even with sort of extended regular uses like i was browsing on twitter uh replying to people and doing my regular stuff over here and watching one or two youtube videos the back does tend to get a little bit warm and i think so again this is because of the exynos 990 soc it's not like it's getting hot but definitely it was getting a little bit warm to touch even with casual music and that brings me to the point that uh don't get this smartphone for

Gaming i did play call of duty on this one and it played fine but the problem was that after just about 10 minutes of gaming the smartphone heated up so much it became very very hot and the battery was also draining and again i i feel that's because of the exynos 990 soc so yes you can game on this but i will not recommend this smartphone if you're sort of a gamer uh now coming to uh another thing is uh it's priced at about one lakh five thousand so it's crossing that one lakh price barrier

And i was checking flipkart and there it's just said that you get an instant 8 000 cashback if you're using a hdfc card so i don't get the pricing why can't you directly price it uh what in one lakh five thousand minus that eight yeah 8k to about 97 or 98 why have these silly offers like this so i don't get it so i don't know at this pricing how many people will go with it it's not a bad phone the display is gorgeous the s pen works the stereo

Speakers are good haptic feedback is excellent but i feel they should have given us the snapdragon 865 plus variant considering the price point that we have and again if you're sort of a heavy user i feel the battery life is just mediocre on this one expect realistically about four to a max of about five hours of sot anyways guys that was my review of the samsung galaxy note 20 ultra what do you guys think about this smartphone and guys if you're still not

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Samsung Note 20 Ultra Review with Pros & Cons Indian Unit

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