Mi Notebook Horizon Laptop Review with Pros & Cons after 2 Months

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Hi guys this is ranjeet and in this video we'll be doing the review for this mean notebook horizon and guys if you recall i had unboxed this and posted an initial video almost about two months ago but i wanted to take my time before i posted this review of this one so i have been using this one on and off in fact i also gave it to my daughter she used it quite a bit for online classes so uh let me talk about what do i feel about this one and i'll divide it between pros and cons and in fact i won't waste your time i won't recommend you

This specific model but i would recommend you the me notebook that is the core i5 variant but let's find out why and what i liked about this laptop is the build quality it's a bit of what you say aluminum and alloy hence feeds very very solid to hold it does not have any creaking noise or anything this is one of the rare laptops in this price range that does not feel any flimsy also so that way i would say it's very good

And we don't have even any branding over here back we have some stickers and all those things uh but let me actually show you the ports and on this end we have one usb port and this is the headphone jack and this is for dissipating the heat bottom also we have quite a bit of vent and actually it pulls in the air from here uh we have two speakers over here just pretty average i would say in terms of speaker i'll show you that later but over here if you move uh here is the power port and you have to use this

Power brick to actually charge it so you have to carry this uh it doesn't charge with the usb type-c port full-size hdmi and two usb ports and this is the type c port and this functions i would say but you cannot charge the laptop with this one and one thing to note is that no windows hello authentication no fingerprint or anything so you have to use a pin or something on this one but i like the quality i would say the hinge quality is also good not talking about the screen i

Would say it's a 14 inch screen and it's ips lcd screen so the viewing angles are good i did not have an issue with that and if i fire up this browser let's just open up youtube uh on this one and if i search my own channel let me give an idea about the speakers also speakers are pretty average nothing that great i'll maximize the volume but many of you have said uh me to do some budget-oriented sound bars and i was reluctant to do that because this

Max volume some of you have asked me about let me pause this uh how's the quality of the screen i would say the quality of the screen is actually good it's a matte screen hence uh you don't see any reflections also and the viewing angles are good i couldn't get the exact value of srgb values i even checked the me uh a laptop website they don't specify the srgb values i read somewhere it's just about 63 or 64 percent uh but i can't vouch for that uh to give

You an idea i would say this laptop the colors are pretty well on this one but again it might not be 100 accurate but again at this price point compared to other laptop windows laptops i would say the screen quality is good and it can go actually pretty bright if you really want you can ramp up the brightness and it goes pretty bright so that's not an issue on this one uh the thing is that we don't have any webcam integrated so they have supplied

This external webcam and i would say it's decent here is a sample that i recorded with the same guys recording this video with the supply external webcam that we got with this laptop and i'm not trying to make a good look or anything just one tube light is switched on this is how most people will use i feel if i add more lights yes it'll become better but comparing it with most of the other laptops in this price range i feel this external webcam does a good job audio is also being recorded internally

By the same and just to give you an idea and now i i added one more external light and this is how it looks and actually to be frank the quality looks very good for a webcam but i wish it was integrated because you have to put this and if you forget about it then you're sort of stuck now coming to the performance core i7 is based on 14 nanometer process not on the 10 nanometer for example the core i5 10 generations are based on 10 nanometer process uh this is a

Proper quad core with eight threads that you are getting uh and again if i go to the case it's about eight megabytes of cache a memory is just eight gigabytes uh fortunately it's still a dual channel but the thing is that on this laptop you simply cannot upgrade memory the memory is actually soldered to the motherboard uh moving to graphics as this is the higher end variant this comes with the nvidia mx350 gpu which also has 2 gigabytes of ram built-in so yes i would say it does help

A little bit in video editing and other tasks and you can even do a little bit of gaming on this i'd played overwatch on this one a little bit and you can also play some casual games but again if you're sort of a hardcore gamer i would say don't get this laptop this laptop is not designed for very heavy gaming because uh with about 25 minutes of gaming also it does get quite a bit warm the keyboard this area gets better

But again sometimes occasionally let's say you play a game at medium graphics and yes you can but this is not a gaming laptop now moving to some of the benchmarks that i did on this one i ran cinebench r15 and as you can see in opengl we got a score of 100 and the cpu score is 616. uh which is again uh average score that you can expect with the core i7 based laptop yes the amd ryzen 4000 series will go ahead but this is what the performance that you will get with

Most of the core i7 ultra books that are there in this range so again that's what we got uh ssd speeds are very good on this higher end variant as you can see blazingly fast we got almost 3.4 gigabytes and writes about 1.9 gigabytes which is very very fast most of the windows laptops in this range even some expensive laptops range around the 1500 to 1600 mark here so the ssd is very very fast on this one and i also ran

This was the what do you say geekbench score and to give you an idea single score we got a benchmark score of one two two three and three six five six and to summarize i would say in general operations i would say a day-to-day operations like browsing the web or doing your regular tasks and all these things actually it is really good you don't have a problem i did not notice any lag on this laptop but again i feel that eight gigabytes of ram is the limiting factor that i noticed so guys

What do i feel about this laptop let's actually divide it between the pros and cons i have made a list that i've made over about two months so let's go over this and the first thing that irritated me is as you guys don't know by now no backlit keyboard which is a big bummer because at night if you're using the laptop that is surely one thing that i missed quite a bit on this one so you simply don't have that on any models of this uh me notebook as of now second thing is

Uh windows hello authentication is not there that means no fingerprint scanner nor what do you say integrated ir camera so you have to rely on pens which is very surprising because a lot most of the windows laptop that cost about 50 000 do have these features so that is sorely missing another thing i don't know why and i think so they did this to do the cost cutting you do have the usb type-c port and i did test it it works fine guys but this you simply cannot

Charge the laptop with the usb type-c port and also no thunderbolt 3 support so that is a big con in my frank opinion because you have to lock that big power brick with this one every time whenever you're moving out so that i feel limits the portability of this laptop this is a very big missed opportunity in my frank opinion and another big con is that this i've noticed is that earlier it was not that much but now the trackpad when you click it

As you see it makes that clicking sign so this the precision is there that's not a problem windows precision but this feels actually cheap and now the uh this noise has increased considerably in the past two months so this is one thing i feel that is flimsy on this excellent built quality of this laptop uh but overall i would say uh it's a good laptop i'm not talking about the things that i liked is the build quality is solid on this laptop it has no creaking

Noise or anything even when i press it so this feeds like a very premium build quality laptop generally the thing is that with windows laptops in this price range the build quality is a compromise even though if they say aluminium and stuff it's actually pretty thin but here the build quality is one thing that stands out on this laptop uh in fact i would say that is the thing that i really like also the hinge quality is really good on this one also the screen

As i've told you it's a good screen very thin bezels on this one and it can go actually pretty bright i've kept it on low brightness but it can actually go very very bright if you really want to maximize it another thing is that in regular operations uh they have done good calibration when you're doing normal office work for example trying to emails browsing stuff doing a little bit of work on excel and stuff really regular stuff i would say the fan noise

Is hardly noticeable the fans don't ramp up so it's nice it you don't get irritated uh when you're doing regular tasks yes if you do heavy task for example like you're doing video editing or doing some rendering or something else yes the fans will ramp up but in regular operations that was not an issue uh one thing again this should have come in the cons is that i've noticed when you plug in the power supply uh and it's charging and using the

Laptop yes then the keyboard area this right side keyboard area does get a little bit warm that is something that i have noticed and also fans do blow out from this one i think that this area is not that warm because the fan is on this side but this area will get a little bit warm while you're using the laptop and charging it uh uh kind of what is simultaneous that is something i've noticed and also when you're doing some video editing work or heavy task

Yes the laptop does get warm but in regular operations i did not notice any major heating with the same uh now moving to another thing that i like is the keyboard quality is good in fact i would say they almost copied the keyboard layout what we get on the macbook only thing i don't like is the pager page down key that i have no test but rest it's actually good so to summarize i would say well and lastly this is a big thing on

Budget-oriented laptops we find a lot of bloatware junk that is installed that is not the case on uh this one that uh no junk wear and again as it's using the intel 10 generation processors the general performance is actually good comparable to other intel what do you say core i processors that we have seen and lastly i completely forgot the biggest thing that i hate about this laptop is the maximum ram and i've told you initially i won't recommend this core i7

Model uh the reason is that it's not because of the processing power you have enough processing power on this the core i7 for doing heavy task also like video editing but what i noticed is that when i was editing some heavy 4k videos uh it was not the processor that was the lacking thing it was the ram because the ram maximum ram is eight gigabytes and you simply cannot upgrade the ram the ram is soldered on this one so i feel because of the limitations of eight gigabytes of

Ram if you are a very heavy user do some very heavy tasks like heavy video editing and stuff this might not be the ideal laptop for you it's not because of the processing power it's because of the limited ram that we have and also coming to gaming yes this core i7 model has the mx 350 graphic card but i would seriously say this is not a gaming laptop if you're specifically getting this for gaming then don't get it yes you could play some casual games like

Overwatch or even rocket league at about medium graphic settings but again if you're sort of a hardcore gamer then i would not recommend this laptop so to summarize i would say instead of this core i7 that is selling for almost 60 000 i would recommend you the core i5 variants that are for about 43 to 47 000. those i feel are a much better bed if you are sort of a user who's looking for a normal laptop for office work and stuff because i feel uh because of the limited ram

Eight gigabytes of ram in every model out there i feel that is crippling this device and some of the cons that i have mentioned i hope they improve the build quality in terms of the trackpad general build quality is good but this is one of the sore points about the trackpad and some of the cons that i have mentioned but still overall i would say if you're looking for intel based laptop uh and with the latest 10th generation processor the core i5 models that start at about 43 or 44 i don't recall do offer quite a bit of value you can

Even go with mx 250 graphic guide that sells for slightly over at about 47 48 000 and in that respect i would say comparing with i've tested a lot of windows laptops recently uh with various brands i do feel this still provides quite a bit of value i would say the build quality is among the best out there and again you don't have that bloatware and it's been functionally mostly well apart from this trackpad issue that i have mentioned and if i have to rate this one

Overall for the core i5 variant that is selling for about 43 44 000 i would rate that model as about 8.5 out of 10. anyways guys that's it for now thanks for watching this is ranjit and i hope to see you in my next video take care guys


Mi Notebook Horizon Laptop Review with Pros & Cons after 2 Months





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