Home Theater Vs SoundBar Pros & Cons Which is Better

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Hi guys this is ranjeet and in this video let's talk about home theater setups and sound bars if you have watched my videos recently i'm covering a lot of sound bars but it's not like i haven't uh used home theaters in fact i had full-fledged home theaters in fact not one three of them uh one wasn't on cue one this is the yamaha one and also for our parents we had one but now lately we have moved to soundbar so i'll give you my personal opinion why we moved to sound bars now and what are the advantages that you'll

Get if you have a proper home theater system first let's talk about the regular avr setups like this big box that you get and this is a proper home theater system uh you can also get it bundled with speakers but on the higher end actually don't combine with the speaker this yamaha one actually came with built-in speakers and even a subwoofer and i would say uh this is great if you have a dedicated room for your home theater needs then actually these avr systems are the best to go because

The sound effect that you get you get uh dedicated speakers left channel right channel center channel and also two rare on a 5.1 you can also go with 7.1 or 7.2 system uh so and even if you're going really high and you have a budget you can even have that ceiling speakers for atmos setup uh but again the thing is that this setup can get a little bit expensive and i would not suggest this setup if you don't have a dedicated what do you say home theater room

Because what happens is that there's a lot of wiring that needs to be done for the rear speakers uh and again if you have that atmos and again in the ceiling you have to put those so it becomes a little bit complicated but if you have a dedicated room for your home theater then this is the way to go i would say but again this can become very expensive for example personally uh we had it on q1 uh home theater system and i had built it but what happened is

That after about one and a half years my wife decided to move the tv from this location to other and the whole setup was ruined because all the speakers were fixed and we didn't want to do the rewiring so that is the issue with this one so again plan a lot if you're going for the proper home theater system because you have to do the wiring for rear speakers if you have a 7.4 more wiring and even atmos ceiling you have to do the wiring and stuff and it can become expensive

And what what happened is that uh you also tend to spend a little bit more because the good avr receivers that have a lot of hdmi ports at the back that's how you actually connect all your devices um the most of them will have 4k but if you want really high-end atmos and 8k these can get very very expensive couple of lakhs also if they can go and again uh their wattage will also determine what kind of speakers you can connect generally i would say on the budget

Range the yamaha what i got the home theta system the speakers were okay but eventually what i did is later on i upgraded the uh left and right channel and even the center channel so again it's a hobby that you'll continuously keep spending a lot uh so again this is great if you have a dedicated home theater room go with the avr system a lot offers a lot of flexibility and because we having dedicated speakers even at the back the surround effect that you can get

With this one is far better than many of the sound bars even the expensive sound parts so that is regarding the regular home theater systems with avr's that we get now again uh let's move to the sound bar why do we use a sound bar you'll use a sound bar because uh you don't want that complex setup doing all the wiring to the back for the rear speakers etc with the soundbar you generally just get a bar and you can place it uh what do you say beneath your television and you're good to go and

Many of them will come with the subwoofer but mostly uh they are actually what you say wireless subwoofer so you can place it anywhere so it simplifies the procedure i would say and that was my pet pro uh problem with my wife my wife was very annoyed with the rear speakers that were going and that's the reason eventually we had to actually uh move to sound was even for my parents because the room was in such a uh what do you say crazy uh alignment

We simply couldn't wear the rear speakers and we were just using it with the front speakers for about two years but now eventually i gave them a sound bar and they're pretty happy with the same so the biggest advantage that you'll have with the soundbar is the ease of setup you just place it underneath your tv and you're sort of done yes you don't get that immersive surround experience uh that much that you get with the dedicated home theater system

But yes there are some uh what do you say sound bars that also do uh give you rare speakers that are wireless so if you want that immersive experience you can go with them but again the cost of those sound bars can go a little bit on the higher side so again it depends but again for most users even uh what do you say mid-range sound bars that are about 2.1 or a 3.1 system uh actually produce very good results but yeah some of them do this virtualization of

Surround effect and you do get that slight surround effect but it's not as immersive as having proper speakers at the back so if you want the proper speakers at the back look for a sound bar that has wireless speaker functionality then you can get that effect so the biggest advantage is that very easy to set up no wires running here and there so it's easier to manage and even if you let's say move your tv location from this to other place

It's very easy to just move the sound bar with that with a traditional setup when it's wired and stuff it's very difficult to actually move so ease of use is the biggest thing i would say and that's why i've seen many people actually are moving to sound bars because the new sound bars have become pretty good but again you want that immersive experience i still feel a regular avr setup will give you more immersive experience yes we are also getting dolby atmos bass sound bars i am actually currently

Testing a sony g700 atmos sandbar i'm still in the middle of my testing yes i do get that surround effect but it is not very very immersive i would say so again it depends uh there are some good atmos sound bars also available in the market but those are actually very very expensive so to summarize i would say make it your life very easy if you want the simplest of the setup and you want some great sound you don't want to hassle of wiring the rear speakers etc or you keep

Moving your stuff then a sound bar makes a lot more sense very easy to set up if you have a modern television just make sure you have a arc uh functionality on your television and if you're going with dolby atmos bass sound bars uh i would say it's better to go with e-arc because some of the sound bars uh the sony one that i'm reading specifically does not uh pass dolby atmos audio via regular arc it requires er

So that is the thing that you have to note but again if you have a dedicated room for your home theater then just go with the avr with the proper setup i hope this video makes sense i'm uh still testing some uh the sony atmos soundbar and i'll also be getting one more at most uh sound bar so again stay tuned much to my channel for that and guys if you're still not subscribed to this youtube channel click that subscribe button this is ranjit and i hope to see

You in my next video take care guys


Home Theater Vs SoundBar Pros & Cons Which is Better





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