Cool ITX Cases We ALMOST Missed!

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Ah good people i'm dmitry and today we have something really interesting we'll be checking out three weird unique itx cases that we're super happy we did not miss out on they fit into an even smaller niche within the whole itx space and the cases are probably not for you but if they are you're in for a treat let's check them out so the three cases are the aza pyramid mini 806 we have the radio like spaceship looking in wind b1

And probably the most normal out of the three is the new dan case v4 i'm excited to break down exactly why these cases are so interesting let's check them out right after this the razer viper ultimate the lightest and fastest wireless mouse designed for esports with an accurate focus plus 20k dpi optical sensor razer hyper-speed wireless technology that is 25 faster than the competition all packed into lightweight body with optical mouse switches

Check it out below ah so let's begin this weird itx compilation with the pyramid mini 806 a larger alternative is already available in the market but the itx version is going to cost 250 which is yes very expensive but this is what you pay for something that is so unique don't be buying this for performance sake it's all about the visuals in terms of build quality and materials we have tempered glass on all four sides therefore revealing the entire system from all angles

And i do appreciate that the tempered glass and the aluminum meat at the bottom that kind of hide all that cable mask that sits in the bottom chamber there are some steel elements in the frame too but majority of it is aluminum and glass which feels pretty premium getting inside the enclosure is pretty interesting we have two captive thumb screws on two of the sides if you don't have dainty fingers like me you will need to tilt the enclosure in order to access it and then you simply lift off the pyramid shell

Overall it's a pretty easy case to work in both the fan platform at the top and the motherboard tray are removable although the motherboard tray doesn't have to be removed for installation as everything pretty much fits in between the frame in terms of hardware compatibility we have sfx power supply we have gpus up to 300 millimeters we have cpu towers up to 85 millimeters or a 120 mm all-in-one cooler for storage we have a bracket that houses two vertical ssds i would advise against installing ssds

Potentially go with an m.2 on your motherboard just to minimize all your sata cable clutter in that main visible section now given the shape and airflow channels going with an actual cpu tower cooler is most likely not advisable so i did install a 120 mm all-one cooler with the radiator facing up and we are utilizing the included 120 millimeter digital rgb fan up top for exhaust it must connect to the addressable header on the motherboard

For to pass any rgb illumination and you can use one of the pyramid sides for cable management as there is a built-in cover that you have to screw in and it's an easy way to hide one of the fan cables the assembly procedure is straightforward as long as you follow a particular step by step like installing your motherboard first installing the gpu second and routing that included riser cable then mounting the fan platform inside was a bit tricky just

Because you have to hold all three components the fan the platform and the radiator together mount that inside the frame and only then secure it to the actual frame and the last thing is to mount the power supply and route all your cables as cleanly as possible and given everything is exposed it's really up to you to make sure it looks good i will mention the plastic housing around the power connector and the back of my power supply had interfered with that bracket which isn't all that fun because the power

Supply was not completely flat to the bracket and once the system was assembled the pyramid is a really unique take on an itx computer because of the larger square footprint at the bottom it does occupy roughly the same footprint on your desk as a regular mid tower but obviously the computer case itself is intended to be the centerpiece and not exactly the hardware that's inside and given all four sides are transparent having any sort of illumination on your motherboard

On your ram on your cooler is an added bonus for a little bling on the interior the io unfortunately is pretty limited with a single usb 3 port a combo audio jack and a power button which is actually something that all these cases share with this open style case there are no dust filters aside from the one at the bottom of the gpu which isn't all that accessible once the actual graphics card is installed the really interesting thing here are the temperature results at stock configuration both cpu and gpu

Are 84 degrees celsius pretty toasty but removing the top shell dropped our temperatures significantly one of the reasons is the gpu doesn't really have much airflow to deal with and given my graphics card design it's actually intaking whatever hot air is being generated at the bottom of the motherboard so it doesn't really help there so don't treat this as a performance case instead treat it as a visual presentation piece

In your pc space i appreciate aza for taking the risk and continuing with the pyramid style of cases just keep in mind cooling is not very good it's a pretty toasty oven inside and it's really up to you to make it look good in terms of cable management and the hardware that you choose to put inside the mini 806 and now good people let's move on to the inland b1 which many people have confused for a bluetooth speaker for a radio for a heater because it is one of the most unique and weird looking itx cases it's only 89 so it's not too expensive

If you want to venture out and doing something different the interesting thing here is that the frame is made entirely of plastic and the only thing saving it from feeling too cheap is the tempered glass side panel up top just like the pyramid we only have a single usb 3 port a combo audio jack and a power button that is illuminated in blue but it's all about the design and the form factor given the almost ventilated looking strips running throughout the entire front and sides you can position the

Case horizontally or vertically with the included plastic base and if you do go with the vertical orientation you can remove the plastic feed from the bottom plate so the other side looks clean also when the case is in the vertical orientation it can be used as a headphone stand pretty cool and the intent with the b1 is for it to be a light home theater pc that can blend inside your living room but also have a little bit of flare since the b1 has no space for dedicated gpu because of its form factor this is the perfect size for an amd apu

System especially with the upcoming renoir series that look really promising and powerful to get inside you remove two screws and simply pop off the top shell and for the 89 price point you not only get the case you get a 200 watt gold rated power supply there's a dust filter near the power supply that can be removed for cleaning and on the opposite side there is an 80mm fan for exhaust motherboard support here is itx and the cables from the power supply

Are long enough to reach whatever corner you need cpu towers up to 60 millimeters are supported so most amd and intel stock coolers are totally fine here and for storage you remove the bottom plate where the feet are connected and you can mount two two and a half inch ssds or hard drives with the little slot underneath the motherboard open so if you do mount an m.2 slot that is also accessible here one cable management tip with the b1 case is that you can use the solder cables

And the usb 3 cable to wrap around your 24 pin and the eight pin as a way to almost like act as zip ties and hold and bunch up all those cables and front enclosure so they don't go anywhere so it is a pretty unique itx enclosure from inlin made of plastic and glass and cooling wise when i was running a youtube video in the background my temperatures dropped four degrees celsius when the top shell was open so don't go crazy with hardware as the

Little fan inside can get pretty loud and lastly let's talk about the really awesome enthusiast focus dance v4 there's already a v 4.1 available that have upgraded the pci ryzen cable gen 4 and also the type c in the front to usb 3.2 gen 2 unlike on my version which is just gen 1. the case costs over 200 which is a bit on the pricey side but that is the price you pay for this itx niche space and the build quality is all aluminum fantastic execution the main thing with

The den case is its compact form factor that can still support gpus up to 300 millimeters so the main advantage here would be its compact footprint on your desk that still looks elegant and is available both in black or silver in terms of power supplies you can do sfx or sfxl for storage we have this bracket that can house two ssds but is not compatible if you're going with an sfxl power supply so that is why we have an additional slot for an ssd on the front panel while the rest of the cooling options are plenty to fit your build style for

Example for cpu heatsinks we have up to 48 millimeters and recommended heatsinks are listed on their website you can also install a 92mm all-in-one cooler below the power supply if you remove that ssd caddy and use an sfx power supply you can install an additional 15 millimeter 92 millimeter fan below the motherboard you can also go with the 120 mm all-in-one cooler on the gpu side as long as your gpu dimensions are lower and you meet the thickness criteria

For both the fan and the radiator the case comes with a protective film just in case your gpu doesn't have a back plate so it will prevent from shorts with the aluminum the riser cable for the gpu is included too and once everything is complete and assembled uh this kind of exceeded my expectations as i was expecting it to be more challenging to build in and more challenging to route everything but if you're using shorter cables maybe thin profile cables like i did here too

You wouldn't have any issues since the case is perforated on all sides except for the front uh expect dust accumulation over time but since the volume isn't that large cleaning shouldn't be a problem now the compromise here would be cooling for the cpu because we don't have that many good low profile coolers so you have to go with something a little bit less powerful on the cpu side but the gpu since we have that full perforation on the side has a lot of cooling potential with my

Rtx 2060 super i was hovering around 76 degrees celsius at full load but removing the side panel did give me a 14 degree drop which is pretty significant but still with under vaulting and playing around with fan curve this for a gaming machine in this form factor is totally acceptable my entire experience with the den case was flawless really love the experience of removing the screws and just going step by step taking it slowly

And really working the case for what it's designed for i mean the end result is beautiful it's powerful it's elegant and yes it's a bit on the expensive side but that's what you get for just over seven liters of an enclosure that can fit a full-size graphics card so there you have it guys our weird compilation on these itx enclosures really happy that we didn't miss out on these just to experience something completely new and different i'm 100 keeping the den case

Maybe building something in here for a really portable editing or gaming machine the b1 with an apu can live inside my living room as a home theater pc and the pyramid looks fantastic as a background on videos i don't know we'll see all right thanks so much for watching i'm a dimitri make sure to subscribe and i'll talk to you in the next video

Cool ITX Cases We ALMOST Missed!

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