Samsung x AMD – The Truth.

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Samsung x amd last time we discussed how samsung is teaming up with rm to dethrone qualcomm there was a heavy report out of south korea and that is actually still on the menu but what we didn't know is the timeline we all expected this to happen with the galaxy s21 series but today the hopes are a bit crushed out comes samsung's favorite league boy ice universe saying that the exynos 1000 is not gonna pack the amd graphics and once again it's gonna lose to the mighty qualcomm snapdragon 875 chip this news has completely shattered

Most of the hype around the next galaxy flagship phone because i know how people were excited for the amd samsung collaboration including me personally but hold on a second we're gonna dissect the exynos 1000 cpu and basically see how much improvement are we actually getting based on the official information that is out via rm so without amd what is exnes 1000 let's break it down since amd is out of question samsung will be using the best rm gpu the 24 core melee g78 graphics

This gpu is 25 more powerful than the gpu inside the galaxy note 20 ultra and it's around 10 energy efficient it has 24 cores it's a pretty jacked gpu but of course your boy adreno 660 inside the qualcomm 875 will definitely be stronger but i don't think the gap will be that big as we have seen this year it's gonna get really really close samsung will not be able to surpass qualcomm next year but at least what we can do is to match the performance now let's talk about the cpu as per latest leaks the xns 1000 cpu

Will be using proper arm cortex a78 cores along with the beast cortex x1 cortex x1 is said to be 30 faster than the previous generation and the a78 is said to be around 20 faster so technically if you look at the overall improvement when it comes to the cpu we're getting around 30 to 40 percent jump and around 20 to 30 percent power efficiency since it's gonna be a five nanometer chip we're bound to get all the benefits that we get from a node jump compared to the seven nanometer of

Last generation it's a similar thing that we saw with the apple a14 so as for the gpu the g78 is said to be 25 more powerful and 10 more efficient overall these are actually pretty good stats and like i said we're just talking about the information coming from rm the actual samsung final chipset with its optimization and everything it may have higher numbers so the point is even without amd it's a hefty upgrade one that could solve issues with battery

Overheating and throttling it will not going to destroy the snapdragon 875 chip but it will be making the gap smaller as always let me know what you think about this if you're here for the amd gpu that is happening in 2022 i know that's a crazy long time but i don't know it might be worth waiting because back in april we saw the early benchmark of the amd gpu and it absolutely destroyed the gpu inside the 865 so by 2022 we could finally see

Samsung surpassing qualcomm once and for all i would love to hear your thoughts on this also samsung is holding a official unpacked part two on september the first to announce the galaxy z fall 2. i don't know why they're making this decision because if you guys remember the z fall 2 was indeed reveal completely with all the official material and everything but uh yeah it seems like they're gonna do it separately on september the first with

The unpacked uh second part uh so definitely this is something that i'm looking forward to because evil 2 is one beast that i'm patiently waiting for the best follower phone in the world so that's all the news that we have let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and yeah i will catch you guys in the next one peace out

Samsung x AMD – The Truth.

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