iPhone 12 Pro Vs iPhone SE (2020)! (Comparison) (Review)

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Everyone time to do another comparison this time around between two new iphones i guess the iphone 12 pro is the latest iphone but the iphone se 2 also just came out and this is actually the cheapest iphone you can pick up from apple right now versus one of the more expensive iphones the most expensive iq could pick up right now but eventually the 11 pro max will be or the 12 pro max would be a little bit more expensive so let's go ahead and see how both of these things compare now the iphone sc 2 costs 3.99

This phone costs 9.99 i will find the cheapest ones on amazon link them down in the description below you can get them from there help support the channel at the same time now side by side you can see pretty much the 12 pro is the bigger phone in every dimension it's wider it's you know longer in length and i don't really think there's a problem with that i think people like a smaller phone people like a bigger phone they can choose what they want now the iphone se 2 has that 4.7 inch

Panel on the front and this is definitely a data design i hate to say it the panel itself is actually not that bad like it's actually a pretty you know current panel for the most part it's not ugly it gets the job done but like i said before and i'll say it again the biggest problem for this specific panel would definitely be the amount of bezel on the side and i think that's one thing that doesn't hurt it doesn't help it it's just one of those things that people are used to because this is a 399 dollar phone

If you want a better looking phone get the iphone 10r but this thing is still a pretty good phone when it comes down to it in my opinion in terms of the panel now the iphone 12 pro on the other hand has that 6.1 inch super retina xcr oled panel and this is a very very good panel in my opinion it gets the job done times 10 they decrease the you know body bezel of it it's now flat sides on it and for sure the iphone 12 pro compared to the iphone se 2 has a better looking panel it just looks overall nicer but it's

Still like a good panel like i i would say even compared to the 11 pro they're very little differences but between these two the iphone 12 pro is definitely the better looking panel in terms of the thickness between them the iphone 12 pro as you can see is i think overall thicker than the iphone se2 the sc2 is a really thin device and with the flat sides of the 12 pro it makes it feel a little bit thicker even though maybe it is maybe it's not the iphone se 2 feels a little bit thinner in the hand and on the back you can see triple camera setup on the

Iphone 12 pro with the lidar sensor single wide angle lens on the iphone se2 glass specs on both but you do have the frosted glass back on the iphone 12 pro on top of that you have that magsafe capability on the iphone 12 pro which is really really cool the iphone se 2 does not have that capability but it still has wireless charging now they both have ip certification and everything too which is really cool but in terms of the build quality i'd probably give it to the 12 pro it feels and

Looks overall nicer i think the sc2 still looks nice you know you still have the glass back and everything like that but the iphone 12 pro in my opinion feels a little bit nicer at the end of the day so in terms of the outside that pretty much covers it up in terms of the software updates it's pretty much fair to say that neither one of these phones are going to outlast the other one the iphone 12 pro is probably going to be the one that lasts longer than the iphone se 2

But we're probably talking within a year within each other because the iphone se 2 has a year old chip by now the iphone 12 pro has the latest chip it's just going to make sense that the 12 pro is going down last the sc2 but i wouldn't even worry about that right now because the iphone sc 2 is still getting support for a very long time and so is the 12 pro like we're talking four years from now that's when we're going to start seeing some differences but as of right now both phones are still supported same day updates on both two which is really really important as

Well so in terms of that that pretty much covers up the software now let's go ahead and do a speed comparison between both these phones now the iphone s2 has that apple a13 bionic chip inside of it with three gigabytes of ram the iphone 12 pro has that apple a14 bionic chip inside of it with six gigabytes of ram so let's go and see which phone is the faster one between both of these okay now let's go ahead and clear out on all the apps in the background which i

Think are already clear i'm going to increase the brightness of some of these things so as you can see all the apps are cleared out let's start loading up things like the app store 321 and the iphone 12 pro was faster iphone su 2 were a little bit behind and this really wasn't a crazy big increase in performance i think but definitely the 12 pro was noticeably faster as always i have a bunch of these third-party apps that we can go and get into let's do netflix three two one

And the iphone 12 pro is again faster let's do quizlet three two one and again 12 pro faster iphone c2 a little bit behind it dropbox i don't even think i have it thank you three two one and you can see the 12 pro was faster there the iphone se 2 a little bit behind it again not a crazy big difference but definitely a noticeable one i would say let's go ahead and do snake versus blocks three two one and again the iphone 12 pro was the

Faster one iphone se two a little bit you know slower and i will definitely say the sc2 was holding its own down it's definitely not an extremely slow device and i'm actually really happy about the sc2 it's only a little bit slower we can do fruit ninja 321 now both these phones are probably not going to be able to open it properly i'm going to tell you right now and i could be lying so this one does have a little bit of a different layout it just recently got an update so i may have to start using a different app or

Something like that we can do paper io two three two one and you can see here again the iphone 12 pro was the faster one iphone se 2 a little bit behind not a crazy big deal in terms of performance though they look about the same i can't really tell maybe actually the f1 sc2 looks a little bit smoother and maybe that's because of the low resolution display i don't know let's go into temple run two three two one and you can see again it's looking like the iphone 12 pro is the faster one here iphone sc2 a little bit behind it not a

Ginormous deal like i wouldn't go from one phone to the other just based off this performance increase but you can definitely see that i think the iphone 12 pro is noticeably faster every single time and that's what i'm looking for it being more consistently faster than not let's go and do the next one which is real racing three three two one now hopefully it opens up on both and it doesn't give me some random errors and whenever that happens that probably means there's going to be an error or

Maybe not i don't know and the iphone 12 pro is the faster one here iphone sc2 maybe a little bit slower we may actually not even get into it maybe it'll go into the downlink panel i'm not really too sure and the iphone se 2 actually got into the game so definitely when it comes down to that and i guess these heavier intensive games the iphone 12 pro i'd probably do much faster we can go and end it off with stack three two one and this specific app the 12 pro one as well so i think honestly like it kind of

You know this was a quick one i will probably do a full one if you guys want to see it i think this pretty much covers up everything i wanted to hit on you know the the speed comparison between these is not really that big of a difference if i can be completely honest i think both these ones are very very similar in terms of performance and i think day to day if you're using one phone or the other you're not going to want to go and upgrade from one phone to the other just

Based off this performance difference the a13 chip is still extremely fast in my opinion and there's still a lot of capability between these two phones as you can see the ram is actually much better on the iphone 12 pro we did get a you know reboot here not a big deal not a deal breaker but it's still something to consider but i would definitely say when it comes down to both these phones the iphone 12 pro is the faster phone and the ram management should theoretically be better but i'll go ahead and give you guys a

Full speed comparison at some point you know i don't know if one is going to drop i have 30 000 videos to do but hopefully sooner than later so in terms of speed that pretty much covers it up let's go and hit on the cameras now like i said triple camera setup on the iphone 12 pro 12 megapixel wide 12 megapixel ultra wide 12 megapixel telephoto lens with the lighter sensor the iphone se 2 has a single 12 megapixel wide angle lens and definitely when it comes down to the uis of both you can see that they are almost identical they have pretty much the same

Exact features both have portrait mode different things like that and i really think the biggest differences here are probably the you know lack of lenses on the sc2 but also the you know this one has a better front-facing camera for sure the iphone se 2 has an okay front-facing camera but the one on the iphone 12 pro is far better in my opinion now i actually did a bunch of you know camera comparisons between this phone and a lot of other phones when this phone first came out and i pretty much saw at that time that

This was a pretty good camera for the price tag and for what it was but i think against a phone like even like an iphone 11 pro at that time it just didn't do quite as good because of the lack of lenses and because of that front-facing camera i think with the iphone su 2 had it had a better front-facing camera or you know had it had a better back camera with more lenses i think it would have sold more people but again i think this camera quality is great for a 399 phone right now even compared to

Something like a oneplus nord you know galaxy s20if he has a better camera but this one i think for the most part is actually pretty good the pixel 4a it kind of comes to mind too when i think about this type of camera and with the iphone 12 pro on the other hand this is probably one of the best cameras apple's ever made they say that every year but it's a really good camera you have that telephoto lens you can zoom in as a bunch you can zoom out a bunch too with that ultrawide sensor and that is something that's really really

Awesome also the front camera is awesome the 4k is 60 which is really really nice but on top of that you also have you know the ability of using that lidar sensor i don't know how many people are planning on using it but definitely when it comes down to it the iphone 12 pro has a far better camera in my opinion and a lot of other people's opinion than the iphone se 2. so when it comes down to that that pretty much covers up the cameras now ending it off with the battery life i actually did a full battery comparison

Between both these phones so i don't know when that's dropping hopefully sooner than later but i pretty much found out that the iphone 12 pro has a far better battery life than the iphone se 2. i did standby time gaming videos all that stuff pretty much the iphone 12 pro has a better battery life i think it was probably like a 20 to 30 difference between these two so whenever i make that full video i'll drop it but to kind of sum up this video and to answer the question should you pick up the iphone 12 pro

Or should you go and pick up the iphone se 2. what i can tell you is is that if you have an iphone su 2 i would recommend keeping it there's no point in going for an iphone 12 pro this phone just came out and if you're on an extreme budget i think an iphone se 2 is a good phone for the most part there's really not that much to hate on it the body is a little bit dated but everything else about this phone is pretty decent you're getting a good camera you're getting a pretty good you know

Performance probably tops your performance still software updates for a very long time and it's still very durable phone ip certification all that stuff and you're getting all those things that ios comes with but it is a little bit less of a phone i would say than the iphone 12 pro you know the real advantage i think with the s2 was the 399 dollar price tag and if you get this phone for like 4.99 or 5.99 like if it was priced that i wouldn't like that you know i don't think it's it's that great of a phone

But because it's 3.99 it makes it that much better and honestly it should have been 349 the same thing as the pixel 4a but the 12 pro is the better phone in every single dimension it feels better in the hand it looks better has better cameras better performance better battery life better software updates longer lasting like it's the better phone but you're paying for that because of the thousand dollar price tag i think with a phone like the iphone 11 or iphone 10r i think even going from an

Sc2 to those phones is a pretty good upgrade as well with an iphone 11 you're getting pretty much the same things as the 12 pro just at a cheaper price tag and maybe not as great as performance but the same performance as the sc2 which is really good still so i really don't think there's a crazy big difference between these two phones in terms of performance and everything but definitely when it comes down to the actual longevity of the phones and everything and the cameras and just overall phone

Quality the iphone 12 pro is probably the better one when it comes down to it so in terms of that that really pretty much covers it up like i said if you want to pick either of these ones up links will be down in the description below that's really pretty much it if you guys have any other questions or anything let me know in the comment section as well hit the like button know me so much but definitely hit that subscribe button every single subscriber that we get really discount so me so much if you guys can hit that

Also check out the other links down in the description as well my twitter my instagram my other channels more importantly everything else i love every single one of you guys hopefully i'll catch you guys in the next video peace out till then you


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