iPhone 12 Vs iPhone XS Max Full Battery Comparison!

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All right everyone welcome back for another iphone 12 pro battery comparison and i just went ahead and compared the iphone 12 pro against the iphone 10 x and the iphone x max and my big battery comparison i do usually and what i found was pretty interesting and first of all before i even started i had already assumed that the tennis max was probably going to outlast the iphone 12 pro and that ended up not being the case to kind of spoil the comparison a little bit sooner but basically what i do in this comparison if you guys know you probably

Watch the other videos i pretty much just put both phones side by side i do a group of phones at one time and i just put all the max brightness on and let the screens never die i don't let the screens die or anything like that and i just play the and i do the exact same things on both if i play a game i play it on all the phones if i play it on one phone i played on the other ones like it's just the way it goes so it's not like a super detailed speed comparison but it's a full one it's a good one to

Kind of get your eyes and like kind of assume which one's better i did make a scale of like when a phone dies what battery percent the other phone should be on like if it falls into those specific percentages how much better it is all the way from kind of better to like way better so within an hour and four minutes of just the screens being on on both phones nothing else just the screens being on in max brightness i saw that the iphone 12 pro was at 91 battery life left the iphone tennis max was at 87 battery

Life left and i was kind of like just kind of weirded out because i was like i was already assuming the tennis max was going to do better but that kind of didn't end up being the case so i was like okay that's okay for the most part i guess so then what ended up happening was i let the phone sit again for a couple hours and i rechecked on all of them and i saw that two hours and 48 minutes in when i compared these two i saw that the iphone 12 pro was at 61

Battery life left the iphone x max was at 49 battery life left so again i was seeing a pretty big difference here and the iphone x max has a bigger battery than the iphone 12 pro i'll be at the iphone tennis max also has a bigger screen same resolution i think around the same resolution on both which is very interesting so to see that big of a difference was really really interesting in my opinion then i eventually checked in again when they both died i just was looking at all the phones when everyone died i just

Made a video about it and i saw that six hours and four minutes in around that time that's when the iphone 10s max died and the iphone 12 pro was at still at 15 battery life and that was actually very very interesting to me to see that big of a difference there because i was expecting the tennis max to overlap the iphone 12 pro and that ended up not being the case so in my opinion what happened here and first of all the tennis max i think is around like 94 battery health

So it doesn't have a horrible battery life it has like that same battery life almost they're six percent degraded so maybe that has a little bit to do with it but but i think the thing that took the most in my opinion of the battery life here was probably ios 14. i think ios 14 has taken the biggest toll in my opinion on the battery life segment so on the tennis max and all the other phones that i tested all these phones are in ios 14 for the most part besides like the iphone 6 plus and stuff

And it's kind of interesting to see the battery difference between them because the tennis max in my opinion i thought was going to overtake the iphone 12 pro and the only thing that could have probably stopped it was ios 14 and that's the only variable i'm seeing on all my other devices that are similar ios 14 is pretty much taking a big toll on the battery life and between the 12 pro and the tennis max that's pretty much what i'm seeing here too so that really pretty much covers it up for the most part

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iPhone 12 Vs iPhone XS Max Full Battery Comparison!





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