Arenti IN1 Indoor Cam Review Arenti App Setup // Alexa Security Camera

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So you can see him right there licking his paws we can zoom in up close in 1080p hey everyone digital david here today in this video i'm going to be unboxing and reviewing the aurenti cam in one i did receive this product to review but any opinion expressed in this video is strictly my own that being said if you're interested in this product or you want to find out more about it the link to it will be in my video description below you can see how it was packaged to you right here in a really nice

Retail box walking us through some of the key features this features 1080p video two-way audio 115 degree wide field of view built-in night vision cloud storage motion detection an h.264 compression for the video this is a device that works with amazon alexa and you can download the free app on ios and android app stores now let's go ahead let's open it up and look at the package contents here all the package contents first up

We have your quick start guide right here walking us through full setup and installation of this camera with screen grabs walking through step by step how to set everything up they also have qr codes where you can be instructed to download the free arenti app to get it set up with your ios or android devices then we have three screws and three wall anchors for a more permanent mounting solution if you want we have a usb type a mail cable two micro usb cable for power

We have an included power supply plug and brick right here for that cable and then we have the camera itself that you can see right here really nice black and white color contrast and design so on the front of the camera you can see the lens we have our indicator light at the top on the left side you can see we have our micro sd card slot and a 32 gigabyte micro sd card included then on the back side you can see we have a speaker we have our micro usb power port plug right there we have a

Reset button and on the bottom right there you can see that little dots the microphone the built-in microphone for our two-way audio then we can see the mount right here for the base this can rest flat on a surface or we can use those included screws to mount it to a wall if we want or a ceiling and then we can rotate it 360 degrees to get the correct angle for our needs and desires indoors now let's go ahead let's download the app and set it up

So we have the in one camera plugged in and ready to go as soon as we plugged it in it did make some noise for us and you can see we have a red led indicator light flashing we downloaded the app on our mobile device again scan the qr code or search for the renti app in your app store now you'll be at this screen once you sign in or create an account you'll be here where we're ready to add our device so go ahead select the yellow plus icon now choose the device you're trying

To set up in this case it's a camera make sure it's powered on plugged in and ready to go and near your router then select next at this step make sure you have the red led light flashing if you don't hold down the reset button and follow the instructions on screen then once it's flashing tap next now we need to give it some permissions so let's allow and we must connect to a 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network so go ahead connect your 2.4

Gigahertz wi-fi network and then hit next once you sign into your network you'll be instructed to remove all the protective film from the camera lens and we're gonna be scanning a qr code from our mobile device to the camera just like you see on screen keeping it around five to eight inches from the lens so go ahead select next here's the qr code let's go ahead let's line them up so there we go it just made the notification chime for us

So it was successfully scanned go ahead select notification heard now it's going to work on connecting to our network the device was successfully set up you can see we already got our first alert message on the screen we can change the name right here we can also select done and now we successfully added the camera let's go ahead let's look at some of the camera settings so first up in the top right hand corner we can view all of our device settings right here we can change the name

Turn notifications on or off choose to share the device with a helpful video then we have device information and our basic we have night vision settings right here on off and automatic we have sleep mode so this is really important for your privacy guys you can turn the lens on or off right from your phone you can also schedule specific periods where it will not be recording any footage so set it for your weekly routine and schedule and you're all set and ready to go to protect your privacy and then

Geofence is a great feature too so basically if your phone and camera are connected to the same network it's gonna know that you're home and it's gonna disable the camera from working at that time you got four different options on off schedule and geofence then we have our sd card settings full day recording or event recording one two or three minutes the remaining capacity so again we can toggle that on or off depending on the settings that we want to record

We can format the sd card too right there then we have cloud storage service options right here we have a three month free trial if we want or we can enter an activation code then we have our assistant instructions so we got amazon echo right here showing us how to set it up and configure it so they walk us through step by step right here so you're just going to add it as a new skill or game same with google home step by step with screen grabs walking you through how to set

Everything up and we have some advanced features if you have onvif right here in onvif devices you can turn that on and we can see our device version and we can delete the device if necessary so that's all the settings now let's look at all the camera features so this camera's packed full of a lot of features you can see the red human detection box around me right now as i'm talking in my studio we can view the bit rate our wi-fi signal strength we can tap on

The screen you can see we can mute it we can change the resolution we can view it full screen then we have our live view and motion detection settings right here we can quickly turn on or off then our next tab is our history tab so as this builds out and films more events and alerts we can browse them right here and we can view our alerts you can see the red is for our motion detection we can select one of those if we want

It's gonna take us right to that clip right there and then if we had cloud enabled we can activate it right here and view all of our cloud history so very easy tabs to navigate then at the bottom you can see we can quickly record a video it's recording a video right now then we can stop the video we can take a photo too we just took a photo then we have our microphone for two-way audio which we'll try out in a minute and then we can also

Listen in so we have our audio options our quick photo and video options now let's go ahead let's test out the two-way audio the built-in speaker quality for two-way audio with the in one camera right here just hold down the microphone button and talk and you're all set and ready to go this is how it sounds coming out of the speaker all right now we have all the studio lights turned off you can see it's a pretty low light environment and we have night vision turned on with

The camera so you can see what it looks like the quality it's still able to detect me as a human and a person right there which is neat and i want to point out when night vision is activated you can see the ir sensor at the bottom lit up red right there so this is the quality in a low light environment so you guys can get a feel for what it looks like and again we can still snap a picture start recording a video whatever we want to do right there with the camera

Doesn't matter day or night you can do it with this device now let's go ahead let's try it out in a couple more scenarios so you can see now i'm using it as a baby monitor that's my sweet baby girl lainey taking a nap right now so we can see in real time what she's doing if she's awake if she's asleep if she's crying without actually having to go into the room to risk waking her up or disrupt her from her sleeping so the quality is fantastic guys the lights are off in there

We have blackout curtains so you can see she's moving her arm she's stretching a little bit right there we have 1080p video resolution we can go ahead we can actually pinch to zoom so we can really see what's going on in even more detail very clear as she's napping in her crib we can listen in if we want to right now we just have some white noise going for her you can also set up those sound alerts too for crying detection if you want to be notified that way on

Your phone now let's go ahead let's try it out as a pet can now you can see we're using it as a pet cam there's my dog doug on his bed enjoying a nice rest right now so you can see him right there licking his paws we can zoom in up close in 1080p right from our phone we can keep an eye on our pet screen remotely don't forget we have that two-way microphone so we can talk to them we can tell them to stop if we see them shredding a pillow or something like that or being on the couch or somewhere they're not supposed to

Or we can you know talk to them and say good boy and praise them and tell them we'll be home soon so makes a great pet cam too really clear image quality we got a lot of windows bringing in light that could easily wash out and blow out the picture quality but you can see everything's got a great exposure on it and we can see all the details right here of doug and the surrounding room we can see everything right there in real time no issues at all great pet cam right there now let's go ahead let's set

It up with amazon alexa so to link your camera with amazon alexa go ahead open up the alexa app on your mobile device select the menu option in the top left hand corner it's the fifth option up from the bottom select skills and games now we need to search for the orendi app so go ahead type it in hit search there we go it's one result so we can select that now we're gonna have to select and able to use we can learn more about the commands we

Can use with our device right here show the camera hide the doorbell or stop so go ahead select and able to use now we're going to need to link our account so once this page loads we'll be instructed to enter our account information so go ahead enter your information and then select submit there we go guys we entered our information now you can see our account has successfully been linked and we're ready to start using it with amazon alexa

Now that we have everything set up let's go ahead let's try it out with our echo show right here hey alexa show a rentie okay so it's loading you'll see the preview right there and then give it a second it's gonna actually show us the live view so there we go you can see the live view right there directly on our alexa device everything works great and looks great so overall i've had a really good experience with this camera so far very easy to set up and use anybody can

Do it just make sure you're on a 2.4 gigahertz wi-fi network it integrates easily with amazon alexa or google assistant as well in regards to the build quality it's just plastic construction it's very simple but i think that's the point it's not going to draw a lot of attention to itself which you don't want it to if you're mounting this in your house to use as a security camera so it really works it's functional and it gets the job done the mounting base

Is easy to set up and used to if you want to fasten this to a wall for a more permanent solution and mounting in regards to the actual features and functionality of this camera i like the 1080p video in the future though i'd love to see maybe 1440p or some 2k or 4k resolution so if nothing else it will still display at 1080p but then when you zoom in you're really seeing the difference because it's basically cropped from a higher resolution so you can just get that much clearer

And crisper detail but it looks really nice very happy with it at this price point and again we can do a lower resolution if you don't have the best internet signal strength that sort of thing i would like to see some more controls in the future too though that we can actually pick instead of just 360 p and 1080p maybe 480 720 in a couple other resolution options and along those lines i'd like to have some camera controls where we could change the exposure

The focus would be cool too if it wasn't a fixed focus contrast brightness that sort of thing in there i'd love to see some of those controls going forward in the future but all of the key features they advertise motion detection sound detection they're awesome they work great there's some customization in there too for you which is nice to get it to your preferences and desires for the area that you're monitoring but i think the key feature for this camera that's awesome and

Makes it what it is is the ability to protect your privacy so you can turn it on and off right from within the app you can schedule to come on and off at certain times for your routine which is cool and then they got that geo fencing feature that tracks the wi-fi so if your phone and the camera are on the same network it's no longer going to activate the camera which is cool so basically anytime you're home it's gonna be smart enough to know that and then it can deactivate the camera

For you i think that's a great feature oh and did i mention that free 32 gigabyte micro sd card i love that they give you that too that just helps increase the value they do have those cloud storage plans online as well if you are interested so overall i think it's a really good and solid camera at a very aggressive price point well that concludes our video thank you so much for watching don't forget the product link will be in our video description below please go ahead check it out

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Arenti IN1 Indoor Cam Review Arenti App Setup // Alexa Security Camera

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