Google Pixel 4a | Unboxing, First Look, and Camera Test

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Yo what's good y'alls tutorial and today special delivery so we got the google pixel 4a in the building all right so let me go and fill y'all in real quick so if you don't know already on my community post i did make a post and that was about google reaching out to me and they want to start sending me these pixel devices every year so i have the pixel 4a right here right now and they're going to send me the pixel 4a 5g that's coming out later in the pixel 5. but for now the pixel 4 is on pre-order and i want to go and show you all this phone real quick

All right so we're at the unboxing table as you can see here and yeah i mean you heard it here first google reached out to me and they was like hey bro your content is kind of dope we want to hook you up and i was like what what about me what do i do to deserve this but they also sent me the pixel 3 axl last year because i actually reached out to them and they actually sent me one and that was pretty dope but they never actually sent me the pixel 4 flagship but now this year they actually reached out to me and it was like hey bro look bruh we saw your channel we saw

Your videos let's hook you up real quick man i was like all right man i ain't gonna pass up a free phone or like free phones every single year so yeah we're gonna go and do that real quick and as usual y'all you already know the drill just because they sent me this phone that does not change how i feel about this phone now i did really like the pixel 3axl last year so hopefully this don't let me down but you already know i'm gonna do my unboxing

With this thing probably like a 24 hours later and then do my consumer review all that stuff and i'm thinking about using this thing as my primary you know taking the sim out of my main phone and put it in here and then after two weeks it's just putting it back in my main phone which is my galaxy fold which that's hard to switch up from okay that's a galaxy fold like that's not any regular phone but yeah so they sent this to me early which means this thing is actually a pre-order right now so you can actually pick it up on

August 20th right now it's actually august 4th and it's actually running for 350 bucks so the same exact price that i'm pretty sure as a pixel 3 xl last year or the pixel 3a if i'm not mistaken i think the 3axl was like 380 bucks and i think the 3a was 350 bucks i just don't really remember right now but like i mentioned before they're also going to be releasing the pixel 485 a5g later so look for that in the fall with the pixel 5. but let's check out what we got now with the pixel 4 so i'm going to unbox this thing real

Quick so we got the google logo pixel 4a and then we actually got the phone here on the left side we have a google logo on the right side we have the phone with the color power button and on the back we have team pixel now they did change this box up a little bit because last year they actually had the phone like sitting in an environment or whatever i don't know it was like more stuff on the box so they clean it up a little bit actually like the pixel 3a box a little bit better but that was pretty much it for the box we just got a google logo at

The top and well yeah that's pretty much it so they got these easy pull tabs here which is always nice but you know that never matters to me because i ain't got no fingernails so instead we're going to go ahead and just put this knife somewhere in here and just kind of like peel that up okay there we go yup that's what i'm talking about that's the struggle life for me and all right so hashtag team pixel so now apparently i'm officially a part of the team pixel family so let's go and get this thing

About the box here and here we go so we got our pixel 4 8. and man i'm actually kind of excited for this now i actually have a weird relationship with pixel devices okay so obviously as you all know i use galaxy devices but every time i use a pixel device i really like it i don't know man but let's go and throw that to the side real quick actually you know what we're going to go ahead and just take this peel off real quick and there we go so simplistic we got our whole puncher there like we

Find in the galaxy series we have our earpiece here at the top and then we have our screen and we got this 5.8 inch screen here in the front but here's the thing about the pixel this year so they really watered it down pretty much like in terms of what you could choose for your pixel device so you only get one pixel it's like really simplistic and even the colors like only one color so this is the only color you can get and for the specs you only get one line of specs so the only thing that you can really

Change about this phone is what carrier you get it on so that's pretty much it and for the price i would say you get some pretty good specs on this thing and we already know what the pixel 3axl last year and the 3a it was all about the camera and it's gonna be the same thing this year now the thing with this year's camera is that it doesn't have any ultra wide angle lens or anything like we're already used to it just has one camera and that's it you get a flash on there and you better enjoy it basically but i heard the actual camera hardware

Isn't really the best you know it's where the software comes in you know google really kills it in the software department for the camera but yeah so let's look around this thing real quick so at the bottom we have our usb type-c fast charging here with two speakers so you do get stereo speakers from what they say on their website so i don't really know if one of these is a microphone and then this is the other speaker now i just don't really know yet but i guess we'll find out in a minute and on the left side we have a sim card tray at

The top we got a headphone jack so that's still sticking around with us on these budget phones these days and then we also got a microphone and on the right side we have our classic google here with our color button here it's like kind of like a mint color and then we have our volume rocker so it's really clicky on here man i love that i i know what mkbhd was talking about now i think they're the best feeling part of this phone and at the back we have our cameras here like i already talked about it actually looks like a die

Like you know like dice but uh die and it also has this fingerprint scanner here so just one piece of plastic just going all around the phone and then of course we have our google logo so let's go and turn this thing on let's keep looking in the box right here so we should have some charge as you can see here and the bezels like it ain't really bad like actually like this it's pretty cool so we have our usual bucks and stuff with our sim card ejector but still what do we do with that we throw it to

The side and also here we have our usb type c the usb type c cord and then we also have our fast charging brake so what you get in the pixel out the box is actually a 15 watt fast charger by default so that's actually pretty cool and then we got our usb otg adapter here so it's actually kind of hard to take out of here so i have to figure that out later but yeah so here is our pixel 4a so let's go and go through this setup so i'mma go and just basically fast forward to this and then i'll get back to y'all

so all right so it looks like we're done here it's just adding the finishing touches here as you can see and all right so let's go next next is just telling us how to navigate the phone and all right so here is our pixel swipe up to get started cool and it says welcome to your new pixel so thanks google appreciate that but if you're looking at notifications in the setup

Actually said that it couldn't activate my google fi so i'm just assuming that they gave me the google five version of the pixel 4a i don't got google fi i got t-mobile and verizon so that's not really going to help me but yeah man so here's our pixel 4a and one thing i can say about this is that this is actually the first google phone that actually looks decent on the front side uh is that that's what she said joke i'm not really sure okay yeah it pretty much is but yeah anyways like if you look at the pixel 3

And the pixel 4 they did not really look good like the pixel 3 it had that huge notch for literally no reason at all like that was just stupid and then if you look at the pixel 4 it just had to have four hits there that just really didn't belong in 2019 so they're finally doing something about it now but now in 2020 you see phones like the galaxy a21 and the galaxy a51 and all these other different phones that have these hole punches and everything so yeah i definitely think this belongs to

2020. so good job google you finally catch up with the trends in terms of like how these designs are going to front but this is actually going to be pretty cool it could save your life because this thing actually has car crash detection so if you're getting a crash it'll go ahead and just call the emergency services if you don't react to your phone and here's actually a demo of that car crash protection so we're going to hit try demo right now and then we're going to hit start and

Then check this out so watch this that's what it's going to sound like and then it's going to say this so listen say emergency to call 9-1-1 now otherwise say cancel so i could say i'm in emergency or i could say cancel emergency calling now as you can see there and it's not actually in the call 9-1-1 because i'm in a preview right now but i can say emergency or cancel and then it'll just go ahead and react that way so i like that because that's

Innovation right there more companies should definitely copy this because for all we know your phone could save your life so you could just speak to it and tell that you're in the emergency then they'll just go and call 9-1-1 for you and i imagine they'll put the phone on speaker phone and what i like about this is that like it might have that old google assistant robotic voice in it but i don't really think anybody's going to care if you're in an actual emergency you can just speak to your phone and tell her if you're in an emergency or

Not because like for all we know your phone could like fling across the other side of the car and you could be pinned or whatever so you don't have to go around tapping buttons on your phone like oh well yeah i'm okay or i'm in an emergency because like i said you could be pinned in your car and like i don't know like anything could happen that's what i really like about this thing so bravo google even if you can't speak to your phone at the moment it will just go ahead and automatically call 9-1-1 for you if you're in the event of an emergency

And you can turn this on or off if you want to but you can really tell that google really thought this out so i really appreciate that and then it has some other things here like the new google assistant at the bottom here as you can see but i never really care because well i use bixby on my phones and tablets but i do use google assistant in my house because i have google nest tubs everywhere google home mini google nest hub all that type of stuff and even my next guard has a google

Assistant in it now so yeah anyways yeah that's pretty much all i got for you all right now i'm going to take some quick camera samples and then i guess we can call it a day for now so go check out these camera samples right here do and then this is the 1080p at 60fps but y'all should have saw my reaction when i took my first picture i was like yo this camera clean yo that's crazy but just looking at the

Video yo this is actually kind of clean too like i'm really feeling this i see what y'all doing there that's dope and then it's going to be 1080p just recording in a darker spot in my garage so i'll definitely be back to take some pictures of some astrophotography at night so just stay tuned for that in this camera test but let me go and close this door here and yeah i mean you can obviously you can't really see anything here just like most cameras but you can see a little bit so i ain't

Really complaining about that because i'm used to this but still they should improve on these cameras some more in the dark so yeah that's the camera quality on the pixel 4a so let me know what do you think about it on here just typical google fashion i guess but i'm going to get out of here y'all so i got some things to try like screen calling and everything like that so i know about that future where if somebody calls you and you don't really want to answer it and have your phone answer it

It can do that so let's say it's like a robocall or something like that you can have your phone pick up the phone for you and then just verify who it is first but honestly i don't really know if i can use this as my main just because of the size like this ain't really for me especially coming from a galaxy fold which i'm recording literally right now as you can see there with the camera layout and everything this ain't really the size for me chief but i'm just really disappointed honestly kind of like with what they did this year because like they had all

Those different colors and everything last year but now they just have black and y'all know how i feel about black black is boring i hate black and then last year they had the 3a and then the bigger 3axl which was a pretty good size for me but now this year they just have the 4a so i heard in the 4a 5g it's going to be a bigger size so we'll see about that when it comes out later but also it's going to be way more expensive i think it's going to be like 150 bucks more expensive

Like from what i'm hearing but again we'll have to see about that when it comes out and i get my hands on one but first impressions on this thing like it is pretty good there is no face unlock on here unfortunately i was looking in the settings here so if i go over here and go back and i go over here to where is it smart lock they don't have any face unlock but the fingerprint scanner is pretty good on here so thumbs up for that i guess it's not going to be no in display fingerprint scanner anything but it's still a

Fingerprint scanner nonetheless but let me go and see about cases screen protectors that type of thing because i don't really want to scratch it and then maybe even a camera lens protector like i got in my galaxy fold right now but am i going to get out here y'all so thanks for watching if you like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go and follow me on my social media eddie centek on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is almost active but one more thing before i go because i

Forgot to test this in the video is the speakers on here so let's go and play a video real quick by chuckie beats let's go and turn this up and you can hear that the speaker is actually coming out of this one and at the top so we do got stereo speakers i heard there's only a mono speaker but that's incorrect as you can see here and this speaker right here is actually a microphone like i thought it was originally but this actually sounded pretty good but let me know what specific videos you

Want to see on this thing of course i'm going to do a fortnight gameplay on this like i did with the 3axl last year so that's going to be fun but still let me know what specific videos you want to see but i'm going to get out of here so thanks for watching i'll see you on the next one peace out all right so quick update here how many times am i going to say that i'm getting out of here and then never actually do it but i thought i'd go ahead and see if we can do wireless charging on this thing

And no we cannot so if you're wondering we can't wireless charge and i do that all the time so that really sucks come on google i know it's a cheap phone but come on you gotta give it your all man just give us everything and the second update that i got for y'all is that i just found out when i go and tap on this notification here and then i go over here to one of my google accounts it says that my account currently isn't authorized for service on google files so i'm not really sure what's up with that but i'm assuming that means that it's

Talking about my google account and not the google fly sim card that's actually in here right now so i'm going to see about that but i think that they actually gave me free google fi service don't hold me to that but well i'm just going off of that right now and i'm just pretty much assuming that's for my review unit not really for like anybody that buys a pixel 4a right now but yeah so that's pretty much it so stay safe out there y'all peace out so


Google Pixel 4a | Unboxing, First Look, and Camera Test

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