A First Look and Set up of the Samsung Money Debit Card

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quite charming graphics!

Yo what's good y'all tutorial and today as you can see here i have my galaxy fold on me and that's actually because i'm actually recording this video right now with the pixel 4axl so i want to go and test this camera and everything at 4k at 30fps so let me know how do i sound and look in the comments below but today as you can see here i got a little gift from samsung okay it's not really a gif it's actually more something like i ordered from samsung but i finally got my samsung money card and i want to go check this thing out

All right so we're back here at the classic unboxing table as you can see here but samsung finally came out with their samsung money card here in the states and i finally want to go and check this thing out i finally got my card here so it took about a week for the car to finally get here but the thing was samsung didn't let you link your existing sofa account so if you already had a sofa account you couldn't actually get the samsung money card right away and apparently i already had a samsung money card so when they finally let

People link their sofa accounts that's when i was able to get my samsung money card and open my account so this is gonna be a samsung debit card basically and well it's pretty simple this is what you get in the mail so look through usps that's what you should be getting but yeah we're basically gonna just crack right up into it so we got samsung money by sofi and well yeah that's pretty much it so let's go and take this out the box here i got my galaxy fold right over there to link the card and whatever but you get this card here which

Basically says samsung pay with sofi here and well that's pretty much it but if we gonna flip it around here as you can see here it says samsung money by sofi welcome to the future of managing your finances do more with your money so i guess this is a nice little presentation right here and on the side note i want to say real quick that there's a thunderstorm going on right now so you might hear thunder in last time there was a thunderstorm which was like a month ago my whole power went out so let's hope that don't

Happen again but it's a nice little presentation so we have over here we have our samsung money by sofi card it says activate your new card and then it says this open samsung pay or tap your card on the back of the phone to activate so yeah that's basically it you just take this off of this and well that's pretty much it so i got my name here as you can see here this logo means that you could just tap it on the terminal and then just pay that way you don't have to put in a chip or

Anything pretty much like your phone and then we have samsung money so far again and it also says issue by the bank corporate bank please visit the samsung payout for assistance and then well yes so let's go and check out that app so basically from here you would just go ahead and unlock your phone you go over here to the samsung pay app real quick so let's go over here let's go to samsung pay let's go over to samsung money and then you just go ahead and do your

Fingerprint or whatever so i'm going to do that real quick and then there we go so now i'm logged in so you see here on the screen it says card on the way tell us when you get it and we'll turn on transactions so i'm going to whoa do you hear that thunder yo that's crazy yeah my power definitely might be going though but yes i'm going to head down i got my card here and then we're going to just go ahead and tap the card on the back of the phone as you can see here what i'm going to do is i'm going to tap where this logo says on the

Back of my phone so let's go and do that and let's just go ahead and try to find it okay there we go so now it says activate your card to turn on transactions so i'm going to hit activate card and well yep so the card's ready for use and now it's it's already been in my samsung pay but now i can go ahead and actually use the card so the benefits with this card is it basically works like if you were using samsung pay on your phone so basically you get samsung points just for using this card like you would with

Your phone so it's pretty much like a debit card but you get some credit card rewards with it and at that apparently they don't charge you any monthly fees or anything so that's good but as you can see here in the samsung pay app it actually says that we get exclusive samsung benefits so we get up to 30 on the samsung website when we use our samsung money card so that's pretty cool so you tap on start saving you can scroll through this if you want to and then you would type on get access now

And then it will go ahead and bring it to this webpage here which is basically samsung.com and it says welcome to the samsung money members store please log in to get your special pricing so i'm gonna get out of here y'all it's a nice design but it's not like aluminum or anything like the apple cart it's just like regular plastic like all of your other regular debit cards but yeah i do really like the design on here like in the front and everything like you can actually feel this design right here as you can see but thanks for watching y'all if you

Like this video go and give this video a like and if you really liked it go and subscribe but go and follow me on my social media at esentic on instagram and twitter and facebook but instagram and twitter is almost active but are you gonna get the samsung money card let me know in the comments below but thanks for watching i'll see you on the next one and peace out also like i said don't forget to let me know how i look in this pixel 4a video

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A First Look and Set up of the Samsung Money Debit Card





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