OnePlus Nord – 8 Important Questions to Answer

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So the oneplus note is out and you're about to buy this phone and you're probably wondering if this is the best phone for you in this price segment or should you be looking at alternative options now there are some questions in your mind and i'm going to try and answer the most popular ones in this video but guys before we move on to our first question it'll be great if you could drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon and just help me get closer to my 200 000 subscriber goal and now the first question

Is the one plus not the best phone that you can get in this price segment of 28 000 rupees or about 400 dollars in my opinion yes and while there are other phones like the redmi k20 pro and the real me x3 that do offer a better processor in the same price band i just think the oneplus note has a better overall smartphone experience what i mean by overall experience is the fact that you get that oneplus experience with the nod which is oxygen os and that guarantees you two years of android updates and

Three years of security updates you get a good premium design it looks really good glass at the back plastic that looks like metal on the sides and metallic buttons and just the overall color and quality that you see is better than pretty much any other smartphone in this price segment so yeah performance is one big piece that does determine whether a phone is going to be great or not but it cannot be the only criteria and definitely not from an overall perspective so

You've got to look at other criteria to see if the phone matches up to your experience expectations now let's say that i've established it's a great phone to consider in this price segment is it really good value for money well i really think so it's got a pretty good balance of design and features performance camera reliability and it comes with oneplus promise and support and experience which is not something another phone in this price segment can deliver and i would actually go to the

Extreme of saying that the oneplus note is so incredibly good value for money that it almost makes the flagship phones look very overly priced all right coming to the next question is how good are the cameras on the oneplus note and are they better or the same as oneplus 8. now i don't have the oneplus 8 with me so i couldn't do the comparison myself but i did see this video by danny winget i leave a link to his video in the description i think he's done a fabulous job of explaining the

Difference between image qualities from one plus node versus the one plus eight and the one 8 pro and from what i gather by looking at this video is that the difference between the images taken by node and the oneplus 8 are very similar now interestingly on their website they say the oneplus note has flagship camera it's not the flagships like the iphone 11 or the galaxy s20 or the huawei p40 pro so don't get sucked into that what it

Really means is they took the primary lens of the oneplus 8 and used the same one on the oneplus note now the other cameras are actually not that great you know the ultra wide lens is eight megapixel on the nord which is not really too much you know it's it's it's okay at best and while this phone is incredibly attractive for its price point if photography is really important to you i think you're looking at the wrong price segment to begin with

Okay next question how good is the gaming on this phone it's smooth you know sure the launching of the actual game and loading may take long because it's still a snapdragon 700 series processor but once the game is loaded you can play in the best of settings and experience a pretty smooth gaming i've been playing pubg on highest graphics for a few days and no hiccups whatsoever no lag or no frame drops no overheating decent battery consumption and

Optimization and very smooth gameplay the only thing that could be a setback is that you will not get 60 fps gaming experience on the nord like the redmi k20 pro or the real me x3 with their better processors can deliver 60 fps gaming you may go up to a 40 fps you know on the node but but that's about it and that brings us to the next question should you get the noid or the redmi k20 pro or the real me x3 well very frankly if gaming is very important to you which

Means performance is very important to you just get the k20 pro or the real me x3 because they feature the better snapdragon 800 series processor and it's got the adreno 640 gpu which is supposed to be better than the 620 on the nord and that can guarantee you smoother as well as faster gaming but for day to day phone usage you'll not really experience a difference oxygen os on the oneplus offers a superior stock android experience which

Is hard to compete with and from an overall experience i believe the nord has more to offer than the k20 pro or the real me x3 better and definitely more classy design and more towards the minimal side of things which i personally prefer and even if you were to consider the camera performance of these three phones they're fairly very similar i mean one may have more saturated imagery the other may look a little washed out but nothing that a few camera filters

Cannot fix in terms of quality i think they're very similar next question how good is the battery on the oneplus nord so it's got a 4100 milliampere hour battery and that's getting me to somewhere about six to seven hours of screen on time with 90hz refresh rate which i think is just about okay it's not extraordinary but it's what's expected out of 4100 milliampere hour so point being it should get you through the day without any issues and besides you can get to a full charge from 0 to

100 in about 70 minutes is what i recorded and yeah in 30 minutes i did get about 65 charge which i think is brilliant okay so the next question is the oneplus note better than the oneplus 8 absolutely not the oneplus 8 has a better faster snapdragon 800 series processor you get stereo speakers with dolby atmos you get an upgraded version of wi-fi that's wi-fi six you get a slightly larger battery capacity on the oneplus 8 you've got a brighter screen you also

Get a 4k 60fps video recording on the oneplus 8 and you get faster internal storage the ufs 3.0 there could be a couple of more things that i'm missing out on but the point being the oneplus 8 does offer quite a few uh features that the oneplus not does not have now not all of those would be important to you and hence the one plus not may make more economic sense in terms of purchase than the oneplus 8 which is significantly more expensive than the oneplus not but that's a choice

That you have to make and lastly do i recommend the oneplus nord absolutely i believe it's the most well optimized and overall balanced package you can get at this price point it may not offer the same performance specs as the k20 pro or the real me x3 but as i said performance is just one part and there are all sort of things to consider you know there's design there's software there's future proofing there's camera and image processing there's optimization

Uh support that you would get for years to come in terms of android updates and even customer support in terms of you know if anything goes wrong so all of these things go into making a phone experience and you've got to consider all before making a purchase so if it were up to me in this price segment i would definitely recommend and myself go for the oneplus note now the redmi k20 pro and the real me x3 are great from a gaming enthusiast perspective so if you're going to be hooked on to pub g or you know throughout

Major chunk of your day go for it you know there are better phones when it comes to performance and gaming you'll definitely get a better experience there but from a day-to-day usage as i said earlier i think the oneplus note fits the bill much better so there you have it some really important questions about the oneplus nord answered and if i haven't answered your question feel free to drop them in the comments section below and i'll reach out to you now i'll be doing more videos on the oneplus note so make sure you stay

Subscribed and hit that bell icon if there's a specific recommendation of the kind of video you want to see or not you can drop that in the comment section below too as always guys it was great doing this for you i hope you really liked it if you did leave a thumbs up subscribe and that bell icon see you in the next one

OnePlus Nord – 8 Important Questions to Answer

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