T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!

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What's going on everyone this is kevin here coming at you with my hands-on and first impressions video of the t-mobile revel 5g so let's get started so this is the t-mobile revel 5g now this phone was recently launched at t-mobile and metro by t-mobile and it is available for 3.99 now i'm sure they're always running different promotions so you most likely will not be paying the full price for the phone so definitely make sure to stop by your

Local carrier store to see what they're offering it for now about a week ago i did cover the other two of the three brand new rebel phones that have launched i made videos about the revel 4 and the revel 4 plus and then this phone the revel 5g is the best of those three but let's put the phone off to the side for a second here and take a look at everything that does come included in the box so here is the box you can see at the bottom t-mobile revel 5g we'll open this up and

See what all we get so we do get a packet here we'll open this up and see what's in here so we do have a quick start guide for the revel 5g and then also two little boxes within the main box so in here we do have a usbc cable for charging and data transfer and then on the other side we have a usb wall adapter so the wall adapter does have t-mobile branding on it which is pretty awesome and the adapter itself is 15 watts also in that packet we do have a sim card

Removal tool now as the name implies the revl 5g is indeed a 5g device and this phone is actually the most inexpensive 5g phone being offered in the us at the moment that's something that t-mobile has definitely been touting and it's a good thing too because this phone really does offer a lot for the price now with the t-mobile revel 5g we are getting a 6.53 inch display the display itself features ips lcd technology

However things do look very bright and clear the display itself is 1080p we're getting a ppi of 395 and we're getting a 19 and a half by 9 aspect ratio so more of a narrow but tall form factor here with the phone now the design of the phone actually reminds me a lot of the google pixel 4a but definitely in a good way now up top here we do have a hole punch for the front-facing camera situated at the top left of the phone and the front-facing camera

Itself is 16 megapixels now internally with the device we're getting 128 gigabytes of storage with micro sd card expansion there is no wireless charging with the phone but we do have a fingerprint sensor on the back let's try out the fingerprint sensor right now so a very fast fingerprint sensor let's do that one more time yeah extremely quick there so not only do we have a fingerprint sensor in the back but the phone also features face unlock so there are a variety of different

Methods to access the device now also on the back side of the phone we have a triple camera setup so there's a 48 megapixel main camera an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle camera and a 5 megapixel macro camera now here's how things look with the main camera on the device then from here we can switch over to the ultra wide camera to fit a lot more content into the frame and then we can also go over to portrait mode so with the portrait mode of course you are going to get those nice blurred

Out photos and we're getting that with both the rear camera and the front camera as well with the phone there's also a special pro mode where we get a bunch of other options as well and then going over to the more tab we get even more options including that super macro mode so with super macro again we can get very close up to the actual object and take very detailed photos now with the t-mobile revel 5g we're getting six gigabytes of ram and the qualcomm snapdragon

765 processor now this is the regular 765 it's not the 765 g not that that's really an issue because at 399 i'm totally happy with what we're getting here with the phone and i did run a benchmark test as well and i'll show you the score from that right now but if you want to download geekbench 5 on your own personal device and then compare the scores that you get from that test to these scores then you'll definitely get a better idea of how much of an

Upgrade this phone's gonna be but you can see here i got a single core score of 624 and a multi-core score of 1944 so definitely pretty decent here and overall navigating around the phone is silky smooth definitely very good performance here with the device and especially compared to the revel 4 plus this certainly feels like a performance upgrade now i am going to be doing a comparison between this phone and the other two rebel phones that did come out recently

So definitely stay tuned for that video now video recording with the revel 5g maxes out at 4k at 30 frames per second which is totally acceptable and with the phone we're getting a very beefy 4 500 milliamp hour internal battery now the phone does give us the ability to also do reverse charging you are gonna have to buy a special cable to do that but in theory you could plug one end of a usbc cable into the phone and then use the other end to charge a different device so maybe your friend's phone is running out of battery for example then you can

Use this phone to charge that phone which is certainly a very cool innovation now according to t-mobile with a full charge you are gonna be able to get 32 hours of talk time with the phone and i'm looking forward to testing that out as i prepare for the full review now with this device we are getting android 10 and pretty much a stock variant of the software of course there are some customizations but i like how clean and refined everything looks definitely a big fan of that another

Cool thing about this phone too is that we do get nfc so if you're someone that does use nfc for mobile payments for example then you're certainly going to like the revel 5g now taking a closer look at the hardware here on the phone as i mentioned before we do have a hole punch for the front-facing camera situated at the upper left of the phone then on the bottom we do have a little bit of a thicker bottom bezel but overall the phone does look very well proportioned and i feel like they did a good job with

The design now the materials here with the phone are all made out of plastic besides the display which is of course glass now on the left side of the phone we have the slot for the micro sd card and sim card then on the right of the phone we have the power button and we have the volume button now the power button is pretty interesting because there's actually a light built into it so it makes the power button glow now on the top of the phone

With the noise cancelling microphone and we have the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and then finally on the bottom we have the speaker microphone and usb c port for charging and data transfer then on the back of the phone you probably already noticed this but we have this really cool kind of gradient look here and depending on what angle you tilt the phone things actually look different so that's very interesting as well i've never really seen

This type of color i guess to put it that way on the back of the smartphone it's really a variety of different colors and shades here but you can definitely see a streak of the t-mobile magenta and then on the back of the phone we have that camera module that is squared off with three cameras and a flash we have the fingerprint sensor and the t-mobile logo so in general i am very excited about the t-mobile revel 5g i'm definitely going to be making a lot more videos about this phone

And going into further detail in the full review video but i hope you've enjoyed this video and if you did give it a thumbs up but this is kevin here and i will see you in the next one


T-Mobile REVVL 5G – Hands On & First Impressions!





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