GET this Android Homescreen Look – Full Tutorial

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Now to get this look you're gonna need nova launcher kwgt widgets pro shadow kwgt widgets red plus kwgt widgets and the redline icon pack now if you don't know how to use nova or kwgt i've done a full blown tutorial on explaining how to do that the video will be on the top right corner do check it out now i do have 50 promo codes to give away to you guys for redline i can pack so you don't have to shell out a penny all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me they are

Asking me for promo codes to redline icon pack i have 50 so i'll give them first come first serve basis so best of luck and now let's move on with the setup now i'm assuming that you've downloaded and installed all of these applications first thing is you're going to have to run nova launcher and assuming that you're running nova launcher already just go and add a new home screen or a fresh home screen with nothing on it now you may have a different wallpaper installed so what you need to do is go into your gallery

And get this wallpaper i'll leave the link in the description below so you can download this then just go ahead and apply it as wallpaper on your home screen and make sure that the cup is on the left side so that you've got some space for the icons on the right and then you say set on home screen the next thing you should do is set up your grid size which is the number of rows and columns that your home screen would have now this depends on the screen

Resolution of your phone i have set it to a desktop grade of nine by seven so about nine rows and seven columns but feel free to change this that best suits your screen resolution this works for me the other thing is go into icon layout set that to 105 and turn off icon labels i just think it's cleaner that way and that's pretty much what you need and yeah doc turn that off uh i don't like that dock at the bottom that you see because

I'm anyway going to place all my important app icons up front so i don't need the dock it just gives a more clean look and the search bar placement you could actually turn that off so just say none the next step would be to apply the icon pack so what you need to do is long press on the home screen go into settings then go into look and feel icon style and then choose the icon theme as i said assuming you've installed redline icon pack you should see that

Icon pack appear over here tap on it and you can now check by going into your app drawer that all your icons now are belonging to the redline icon pack the next step would be to move apps out for example you want clock so you can just drag and drop outside now that you have all your frequently used or important apps out front you're going to need to place your kwgt widgets so long press on your home screen go into widgets and then scroll down to kwgt

Just drag and drop outside and then just resize it a little you can't be very accurate at this point in time because you don't know where the widget is going to be but just enough that you give it that space and while you're at it just add another one so you've got both your widgets outside and then we'll go ahead and set those up okay so the first widget over here is from the red plus icon pack so tap on it and then go into the installed assuming you've installed the red plus kwgt widget pack

And i think it's called red plus widget uh 155 so let's scroll down and look for 155 and there you go that's the one that i was using so if you just tap on it and right now if you see it looks a little too big but don't worry about it let's just hit save and then go out and you have this right now so what you can do is just resize it and make it a little bigger so it has all the space it needs and then go back into it and you'll see that 19 is actually

Completely in red color what you want is that this the square be filled with white so just hit stack group then go into this stack group over here and then there's an overlap group click on that and then go into shape all i have to do is fill the shape with white color so i just go into style and then i say fill and i don't want red fill i just want a white fill so i'll just do that and i hit save and that's it um that widget is ready

Now if you want to take it a little up you can do that and there you go it's it's pretty much set the next widget was from shadow kwgt so click on this go into installed and then hit shadow kwgt widgets and again guys you can pick pretty much anyone that you like over here the one that i'm using is probably somewhere down okay so it's this one shadow 47 so click on this but there are a bunch of things the one that i want is just

This one so what i can do is go inside overlap group and i can just delete date uh battery and google um yeah i can just remove all of this and then within the cards stack group this is the one that i want to remove so i just hit delete and then i've just got this one left so i can just go ahead and move it a little up in the center and that's it i hit save and now if i come out you'll see i've got that shadow kwg2 widgets that says hi whatever and i can change that

Obviously i can go back into it go into globals and then just scroll down and you should see oh there you go you've got the name and the email here so you can just change that over here and that's it guys it was really that simple or that complicated depends on how much you know about these apps in any case i'm going to leave links to download the kwgt widgets that i've exported from my phone so you guys can just import it onto your phone i'll also leave a link to download the nova backup file

So you can just restore the uh the file and then you can have that set up on your phone also the link to download the wallpaper will be in the description anyway thanks for watching guys i hope this was really helpful to you if you've got any questions in the comment section as always don't forget to drop a like hit that subscribe button and that bell icon i'll see you in the next one

GET this Android Homescreen Look – Full Tutorial

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