Top 7 Must Have Android Apps – Aug 2020! (175 Promocodes)

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Great photos, the color and depth of the pictures are breath-taking, they attract you in as though you are a component of the make-up.

And let's get right into it the first app is called joy walls and it's a wallpaper app that offers a really great unique and pretty stunning collection of wallpapers needless to say they're all very high quality and super crisp and some of their wallpapers are so good i mean just look at these samples right here and the variety of the kind of wallpapers that are available is pretty good and they've got some really interesting categories that you could go through now it's available on the play store but

It's not free and by the way i do have 50 promo codes to give away to you guys for joy vaults all you have to do is subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo codes to joy walls i've got 50 so i'll give them out on first come first serve basis the next app in the list is this really good looking beautiful icon pack called line box i very recently featured this icon pack in one of my other videos where i talked about my favorite icon packs and people were really happy so i decided to feature it as a top app

In august 2020. this icon set has about 1700 plus icons designed which should cover about 70 of the icons that you may have installed on your phone the developer will keep adding more and i do see updates coming from him so that's good some really popular icons are actually made in more colors so depending upon the kind of wallpaper you're using you can opt for that specific color for that app icon which is great it's got some inbuilt wallpapers that go really well but

Feel free to use pretty much any vibrant wallpaper and just so that you guys don't have to spend a penny i've got 50 promo codes to line box as well all you have to do is follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo codes to line box specifically and i'll hand them over to you the next app in the list is called naughty easy it's like a gatekeeper for your notifications you know today we're working and notifications keep barging in onto our phones

And they just sort of distract us quite a bit noti easy just stores all those notifications in one place for you to review them later so that you know you just never miss a notification they're all there but you get the option to look at them whenever you want so it's all under your control another really cool thing about this is that you can look at messages from whatsapp or instagram without letting the other person know that you've actually read it and you can even respond from here if that's what you wanted

Or you could just tap on that message and straight go into the app and respond from there you can also create exceptions for certain apps so that those notifications can always come through although noti easy is free and all its features are free to use but it does come with ads if you want an ad free experience i've got 50 promo codes just make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel follow me on instagram and dm me there asking me for promo code to know the easy i'll give them out to

You coming up next is slowly and this app takes you back during that time when pen panels were a thing of course it's all digital now so in this app you can auto match with you know three four or five people and then you can just send them out a letter of course you can have your parameters and preferences set before the app starts to send out these invites and you can you know set your preferences in terms of gender in terms of location and the

Topics that you're interested in or you can explore manually if you do not want the app to look out for you again you can set preferences in terms of age location topics and even zodiac signs so you know like if you're if you're a scorpion and you're looking for a fellow scorpion to share a common topic and a discussion with you can do that now of course you can quickly set up your profile the interesting part is that you can't really upload your own picture but you can

Create a personality sketch of yourself so you can choose like your hair type whether you wear glasses or not you the kind of attire you wear your skin tone your eye structure your face structure your nose structure and the kind of glasses you wear pretty much you can very nicely describe your personality through this avatar that you create and of course before pen palling you need to be sure that you set up topics that you're interested in because that's pretty much where the conversations are

Going to head on now conversations could be really long because these are letters so typing on your phone might actually be a very complicated task that's why slowly has a slowly web so just like whatsapp web you can actually type in your computer and send a response now slowly is not your usual dating app i mean you can treat it like that if you wanted to but often you'll find yourself communicating with someone in some part of the world over a common interest and i think

That's what makes it really different and unique and and the fact that you know they're long messages there's just more meaning and more purpose in every letter that you write so feel free to explore and see how it works out for you hoping that a lot of you are now spending more time at home it's possible that you want to try your hand at new things like cooking and if that's the case you could actually use this app called yummly which takes in your preferences for

Example things you like as ingredients things you don't like the kind of allergies you have are the cuisines that you prefer and pieces that it will curate a list of recipes that you can then try your hand at for cooking now some of these recipes might actually feature the list of instructions to follow while some may also have videos that you could follow so depending on you know whether the app has that kind of content for that particular recipe or not and you do get nutritional information

Uh based on what you're cooking and of course while you're browsing you can create your own collection so you can refer to them later okay coming to the next one is this game called star jolt and it's got this nice retro feel to it the music is retro the look is retro and you know why it might seem very easy but that's where it becomes very interesting because you can't play on for very long you just tend to hit yourself too soon and that's what makes it so challenging

And addictive of course if you want to continue with with the level that you're playing you will have to watch an ad or you can start all the way from the beginning but just overall i think it's a really nice way to just pass some time if you've got plenty of it and just an easy low-key game to play the last app is a kw gt widget pack and if you look at the widgets you know the weather widget in the top left the toggle widget on the right corner and then the

Google widget at the bottom they're all belonging to this widget pack called loosened kwgt widgets and again just more examples from this widget pack you got this really nice time i've changed the colors though to match the wallpaper but because they're transparent or translucent they actually go on pretty much any wallpaper that you may have and which is what makes this a really versatile widget pack there are about 113 widgets included in this widget pack and the developer keeps adding more so it's

Definitely worth the price like any other kwgt widget pack the good ones are actually the ones that you have to pay for and even for lucent kwgt widgets i've got 25 promo codes to give it to you guys so subscribe to youtube follow me on instagram and dm me there i'll serve them out to you first come first serve basis and that's it from me guys those were top 7 apps for the month of august 2020 any questions feel free to comment them in the section below and as always don't forget to subscribe

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Top 7 Must Have Android Apps – Aug 2020! (175 Promocodes)

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