Using the iPad 2 in 2020 – Review

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The ipad2 originally came out in 2011 and improved on the first iPad in every way possible new slimmer design much better specs cameras the iPad 2 is one of the biggest iPad upgrades Apple's ever made hey how's it going I'm Josh from ninety one second today we're taking a look at the second generation iPad how does it hold up in 2020 the iPad 2 got iOS support from 2011 all the way to late 2016 to this day it's not that uncommon to see someone using this and that's not a negative thing while brand-new iPads right now are some of the best value they've ever been and

I would still recommend people buy them the second generation iPad can have its uses the most common one likely being the reason my family still uses it for young children it can play some basic games and has access to streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Prime Disney Plus isn't on there which is unfortunate but there's still some you so you can get out of having one of these around prepare to be very annoyed if you do though this iPad suffers the curse of the a5 chipset or in other words it runs like crap on iOS 9 it's slow unresponsive at times buggy and is

All in all just a bad experience if you're using it regularly you might end up going a little crazy that or you'll get used to it which is kind of even worse in a way if you think about it but I might be getting ahead of myself here let's start with the design of the iPad 2 it's fully aluminum like the first iPad but is significantly slimmer it is curved on the back which makes it fit in the hands very nicely the overall design is simple but it was a huge improvement over the first iPad it felt more premium smoother this design was used a couple

More times with the iPad 3 and 4 before the iPad air would come out and change things up I do think the iPad air was a much needed upgrade but for 2011 this design was amazing even now it doesn't feel unnatural to hold and use this iPad it is a bit hefty but most of the time you're not really thinking about it the front of the iPad should look pretty familiar given that there are still iPads right now that look roughly the same it does have very thick bezels and an old home button surrounding the nine point seven inch display it is non retina and has a fairly low resolution

Of 768 by 1024 the iPad 3 would bring a Retina display which is much nicer there are some benefits to the lower quality screen the iPad 3 chugs thanks to how many pixels it pushes and it has double the RAM of the iPad 2 so the iPad 2 with a good screen yeah it would be very slow also battery life on the iPad 2 is actually surprisingly very good in my experience this iPad has been used by my family since the iOS 7 days and will still last multiple days before needing a charge and you say well sure but the screen still sucks yeah but my little brother doesn't know the difference

Between a good screen and a bad screen obviously what we have now is a lot more pleasant to look at especially with the 120 Hertz on the iPad pro but this iPad for the most part holds its own when it comes to the design until the 2018 iPad pro iPad still kind of really looked like this and they still do some of the cheaper ones being sold the iPad air it has thinner bezels but it still has bezel x' and kind of has the ipad 2 look to it besides the update to the design the other big upgrade was the addition of cameras the first iPad didn't have any while the iPad 2 has one on the

Front and back they aren't good cameras but they're here the rear sensor has 0.7 megapixels and it doesn't take great photos they're actually terrible terrible photos considering how much better the florescence camera was from the same release year I really would have liked to see something better here I believe this is the same camera as in the 2010 iPod Touch 4th Gen and yeah that's not a good thing regardless of the size HUD has never taken good photos they look even worse in 2020 if that's even possible video recording can be done in 720p

Believe it or not although this sure does not look 720p if you have to take pictures and record with a 2nd gen iPad I feel bad for you actually I think I used to record myself on this and iPad all the time so I mean at least it had a camera I think that's the big thing when I was young I didn't really care what the quality was like but that's not necessarily an excuse for how bad the cameras are the selfie camera is 0.3 megapixels and is just horrible but again I guess it was there the iPad 2 might have gotten to iOS 9 but it shouldn't have given the specs it had we

Have apples a5 chipset same is found in the iPhone 4s as well as 512 megabytes of RAM how do I say this these are not good specs and the iPad 2 is pretty darn slow on its latest version of software iOS 9 has become infamous within the community for basically killing any device that ended on it the iPhone 4s the iPad 2 the iPod Touch 5 the first iPad Mini and the third gen iPad none of these devices run iOS 9 well and while the third generation iPad does that more RAM again all of them struggle pretty equally when it comes to the overall experience

And when I say it's slow it is hard to show it on camera because little spots of lag here and there don't really seem like a big deal but it's indicative of the entire experience not just these 10-second Clips while you can and would likely get used to it the iPad 2 feels painful to use on a regular basis that said again it does have its uses because it has iOS 9 as slow as it is it actually isn't too terribly old and so we can get access to relatively modern versions of some apps YouTube actually works pretty well on here and so does Netflix and prime video and they do this

By letting you download the latest compatible version because of this says said before my three-year-old brother will often use it for patrol or whatever he watches from there again no Disney Plus which sucks but there is still some life left in this iPad if you can find a way to utilize it it isn't useless although to be fair it isn't particularly useful in most situations either if you don't really need it for streaming media there isn't much else to do with it I suppose some older games would write on here and you could do web browsing if you're willing to deal with

The speed or lack thereof one thing you could potentially do to speed up your iPad is downgraded to iOS 8 iOS 8 retains relatively recent issue versions of apps but makes the entire experience just a bit faster I wouldn't go back to any iOS version before iOS 8 says they're just frankly too old but if you jailbreak you can mess around with that kind of stuff if you'd like to a cool booter for example lets you do a boot with an old version of iOS like iOS 6 jailbreaking can also let you potentially speed up a few things and improve your time with it so

It is something worth considering if you have an iPad 2 that you really want to use for some reason and definitely don't buy an iPad 2 it's one thing to still use one if you have it just laying around but if you're thinking you need a tablet for Netflix or something the iPad 2 is not the one to get I'd recommend literally anything better honestly but again if you have one stuffed in a drawer somewhere maybe pull it out and see if you can find something to do with it I think for most of us who still have an iPad 2 it's a good time to move on and consider getting a brand new iPad

For as low as three hundred and twenty nine dollars off Apple's website that's a good deal and one worth taking advantage of that said anyone still have an iPad 2 what are you using it for let me know in the comments down below if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at ninety one underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason of that all being said thank you so much for watching i'm josh from Hendy one sec and i will see you all next time


Using the iPad 2 in 2020 – Review

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