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Bravo Apple you did it the iPhone se is an amazing phone for a better price and yet it's not so good for the price and makes just enough sacrifices that the iPhone 10 R and 11 remained completely viable options and really aren't that much worse value hey how's it going I'm Josh from ninety one tech and I got a haircut can we talk about that it's it's it's a miracle but anyways yeah today I'm not just talking about how great the iPhone se is although it is pretty great but I also wanted to talk about how Apple masterfully pulled this off and made a phone that's a positive for literally everyone

so it's been a while since I've done a more casual video like this but I do think it is worth doing the iPhone se just hit the mark of pretty much everything I wanted from it with maybe one exception in the battery life what I really want to talk about with the iPhone se today is what I consider to be the three pillars of smartphone judgment how good the phone is currently and how good the phone is overall for the buyer and how good the phone is for the maker an example of this is the iPhone 6 and 6 plus is it currently a good phone no and

It's outdated on iOS 12 how good was it for the buyer pretty bad unfortunately there were numerous issues with bending and touch disease among other things not to mention the iPhone 6 really ended up not being any better than the 5s just bigger but how good was the iPhone 6 for Apple really really spectacular it's the best-selling smartphone of all time by a long shot with over 220 million units shipped safe to say I think Apple's pretty happy with that results even if the majority of media about the iPhone 6 over the years has been very negative and of course this is when I'm judging a

Phone analytically when we talk about what phone to buy well you really only focus on the first and second category when you're buying a phone you probably don't care what Apple thinks of you buying that phone using this template we can properly judge the iPhone se so let's start with the first one how good is this phone currently well I'd say it's pretty terrific it has apples a 13 chipset and three gigs of ram putting it almost on par with the iPhone 11 pro it also has better hardware than the two hundred dollars more expensive iPhone 10 R does it have flaws absolutely while

I'd say this is a terrific smartphone it might not look that way for some people it's a small phone that features more or less the same design we've been seeing since 2014 and I get being tired of it but this is a cost-cutting measure for one thing making this phone more desirable for budget users and it's also the best phone for those not quite ready to move on from the home button yet those not too familiar with tech may not want to make the leap to the gesture based system on the iPhone 10 R or 11 and that is understandable but the iPhone se might not be for everyone but

That actually helps Apple which I'll get to a bit later but just as a phone right now it is for the most part terrific although it does lack in a couple areas battery life is a big one for me a day's use is all you're getting out of and you're fortunate if you get that to the camera I didn't expect to be so impressed by as it is the iPhone 8 sensor but admittedly most photos including portrait photos have actually been quite good the iPhone 11 camera out class is it fairly easily but even with a technically worse camera the SC about matches and in some cases outperforms

The iPhone 10 R this picture here is actually a good example and the 10 R's photo while the green and the trees looks a little bit nicer the sky is completely blown out while the SC nails it perfectly and I think that tone was a little bit more true to life as well the a13 in it can really help produce a better photo and so my only real complaint besides the size and design is just the battery life and the size and design aren't complaints so much as they're just not really what I want out of a smartphone the battery life is something I think everyone can complain

About alright so we've determined how the iPhone se stands currently it's small and has a poor battery but has a good camera and the specs of the thousand dollar iPhone 11 pro I'd say the pros and cons balance each other out to make a pretty darn good phone but that gets a lot better once you take the price into account so now let's move to the second pillar of the smartphone judgment how good the phone is for the user this takes things into account like value longevity etc shocker the iPhone se scores really well in this category

For me considering you're literally getting $1,000 Hardware for $400 you can Yap about the camera and screen and battery all day but when it comes down to it you don't really spend most of your time thinking about those things you're just using your phone you're using iOS and that software experience is more or less identical to what you'd get with the iPhone 11 pro max albeit with the home button and smaller these two phones are gonna get the same number of years of software support whether that's until 2024 or 2025 or whatever the truth is the iPhone se will very

Likely be around just as long as the 11pro max thanks to having these same heart with the a13 same heart same brain it doesn't really matter the important thing is that the iPhone se is really good value and actually probably the best value in the iPhone lineup at the moment of course prices for you might not look like this as carriers will often charge differently but because there's so much variation I'm just going to use the price tree from Apple to talk about the iPhone lineup at the top of course you've got the iPhone 11 Pro starting at $9.99 then the 11 at 6

99 and the 10 are at $5.99 and then at the bottom is the iPhone se for 399 American dollars for most budget buyers and value seekers the SE is going to seem like the obvious choice because it is if you don't do much with your phone but if you want a bigger screen or a better battery you can move up for a price and that price will become even more relevant as we move into the third pillar how good is this phone for the maker being Apple well I wouldn't say they're hurting from what I've seen the media has been surprisingly positive about the iPhone se at least for the

Most part it's nice to see that people realize while the SC is the old design and doesn't push the envelope in any way it's not supposed to it's supposed to be the barebone experience for a good price but to be fair part of the reason it's bare-bones is naturally fueled by the desire for money again this any of you watching right now who doesn't like this phone because you think it's boring you don't like the display you think the battery sucks to the camera it's all bad Apple needs to move on from this design well congrats because that's exactly what Apple wants you to think Tim Cook

Is laughing right now Apple doesn't want you to look at the iPhone se and say this this is the phone for me they want you to look at it and say oh this is kind of boring I want something better what's this the iPhone 10 R is the next step and it looks way cooler okay let's get that one a lot of people are gonna go straight up to that 600 or $700 phone because they think the SC won't be good enough and it's fair to think that but again this is what Apple wants they want you to buy the better phones over the cheaper ones it's just basic economics also with that Apple releasing an iPhone

Se plus they kind of just pulled a sneaky on everyone so to speak before the SC we had the eight and eight plus a 450 and 550 dollars yes the iPhone 8 was more expensive than the se is now I don't know why that was but the A+ for 550 wasn't a good deal and was just there is an in-between option between the iPhone 8 and 10 are not everyone wants the small display but they might still want the home button so currently without an SC plus slotting in at $500 Apple forces people to go up to at least the $600 option if you don't want that small s e that means more money into

Their pockets and a better phone and yours but the flip side of this is true it probably will cannibalize some sales from the iPhone 10 and eleven people will say well the iPhone se has the same specs as the iPhone 11 Pro I might as well just get that cuz it's way cheaper however I'd wager most to buy the SC likely would have bought the iPhone eight instead if it had been an option most people buying the iPhone se for those who appreciate the bare-bones experience and don't need anything more in other words a lot of people who know nothing about phones

Except that they need one are iPhone se stealin Android sales I did see an article assert this and it is a good possibility if you're a random Joe who knows nothing about phones and you walk into Best Buy and see three phones in your price range two androids and one iPhone one of those androids is a Samsung which let's say you're coming from you don't know what kind of Samsung you have but it's slow and the battery life sucks and the camera isn't very good so you don't really want another Samsung the other phone is an LG you know the brand but you also know I

Phones are popular so what do you do what most people likely do in that situation choose the iPhone part of the reason Apple doesn't make altra budget phones like Samsung and a lot of other Android manufacturers is because they want to keep the premium nature of the brand they want their devices to last so the users will have a positive experience and eventually buy a new iPhone obviously some iPhone users end up having lots of problems don't get me wrong but because Apple isn't selling super duper cheap phones the amount of users who don't like their iPhones is

Significantly smaller a lot of the cheap phones being sold to cut a lot of corners to get down to that price and usually won't get more than one or maybe two major software updates if you're lucky I will say budget phones have overall gotten much better from where they used to be but worse phones do raise the likelihood of a user not wanting to go back to the same manufacturer even if it isn't really directly safe Samsung's faults they didn't force you to cheap out and buy the worst phone they offered four years ago they did put that phone out there so

Justifiably in your head you might associate Samsung with a poor user experience pretty much any a $400 Android phone when it comes down to it is not nearly as good as the iPhone se and the reason for that is because the iPhone se is going to get that five years of software support it's only $400 the corner it cut was nowhere except it has the older design also kind of crappy battery life but other than that it's almost like the best iPhone out there and so that's a really good deal and I'm just very impressed with what Apple did here this theoretically

Could result in some levers of Android coming over to Apple and at the end of the day even if that doesn't happen I can't see this phone being a negative for Apple in any way but there it is the three pillars of how I judge smart phones so let's recap is the phone currently good yep it's fast and has a decent camera while the design is older it's still a phone a lot of people would love to have is the phone a positive for the user yeah definitely it's great value and will get software support for likely another five years or so is the phone a positive for Apple absolutely I

Feel like the tech community usually looks for a negative spin to put on everything and I really didn't want to do that in this video the title isn't sarcastic Bravo Apple you did it you nailed the iPhone SC I would have liked to see better battery life but otherwise this phone is exactly what I think people wanted and it's going to sell well as a result but what do you think of all this do you agree with me and disagree with me let me know in the comments down below of course the video is all me just really talking I'm not recommending you

Necessarily buy or don't buy this phone if you're interested in potentially buying it I do recommend you do some research into it and I do have a review if you want to see it so link in the description to that if you found this video interesting maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like this you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you've liked tube for some reason and thank you so much for watching i'm josh from ninety one tech and i will see you all next time



iPhone SE: Bravo, Apple





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