iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)

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The iPhone se came out just recently and is essentially the small iPhone 8 with a faster processor it starts at $400 and if you're not a fan of that older design the next step up is this the $600 iPhone 10 our hey how's it going I'm Josh from 91 tech and today we're taking a look at the iPhone se and the iPhone 10 our how did they compare and which should you get these are two very different phones but they do make up the cheapest options if you are looking for a new iPhone which one is better well actually that's a harder question answer than you might

Expect I mean yes the iPhone 10 R is more expensive and has the newer design as well as much better battery life and is significantly bigger but the iPhone se has the better chipset with the a13 instead of the a12 mind you the a12 is no slouch but the SE does have that extra step of power over the iPhone 10 R which will likely mean at least an extra year of software support in the future but besides that the iPhone 10 R is indeed the better phone that doesn't mean it's the better one for you though you might prefer the older home button design or like small phones or the

Complete opposite but I think for most people out there it's gonna come down to what a lot of things seem to come down to money so which phone is the best bang for your buck is the iPhone 10 are worth the extra $200 that's the question we're hitting today but first let's back up here and start with the designs of these two phones so the iPhone se again looks basically the same as the iPhone H but with the Apple logo centered we have an aluminum frame and glass back same as the bigger iPhone 10 R the iPhone se is noticeably smaller than the 10 R and has a Retina display sized at 4.7 inches the

10 R on the other hand has a Retina display sized at 6.1 inches so quite a bit bigger if you're not okay with a small phone the iPhone se is not the one for you but if you like being able to use your phone with only one hand it's a no-brainer there definitely is an audience that prefers smaller devices and that's totally fair on the bottom of these phones we have the Lightning port and no headphone jack both phones are fast charging capable although neither comes with a fast charger out of the box they can also wirelessly charge which is a

Nice feature although I suppose not really a new one but let's take this design talk up and knotch yeah yeah I'm sorry but we do need to talk about the home button versus knotch both provide different biometric systems face ID coming with a notch and touch ID coming with the home button both ways honestly have their pros and cons and while I personally prefer face ID I wouldn't blame you for disagreeing with me again just comes to personal preference here but there's no question these slimmer bezels on the 10 are really make the phone look a lot more modern the iPhone

Se incorporates a design we've better or worse been seen since 2014 which to some will make it feel old and stale but to others the SC is comfortable familiar this is very similar to what they've been using since their first smartphone so they know how to operate it or maybe they just enjoy the small display on the other side of the coin the iPhone 10 our two most looks much more fresh and modern even if it does have a fairly big notch and decently thick bezels compared to some other newer smartphones at the end of the day go with your gut if you want to

Stick with the home button get the SC that said if you want a bigger display get the 10 arm even if you are worried about the lack of home button trust me what I say newer iPhones are very intuitive and you'll get used to the new setup very quickly but let's turn to one of the more interesting factors between these two phones the cameras this is a tough category to compare because while we do technically have superior hardware in the 10r we get very similar results the iPhone SC uses the iPhone AIDS 12 megapixel sensor while the 10r uses a better 12 megapixel sensor however

Thanks to the a 13 ship the iPhone se he is able to take advantage of superior photography tech and because of that I'd say these phones are about on par with each other in most photos I do think the 10 are probably performs better in low light because of the bigger sensor but neither phone does well in low-light anyways if you need good low-light photos go for the iPhone 11 or 11 Pro they come with night mode and do a fantastic job actually that's a pretty good points if you want a better camera go for the $700 iPhone 11 it is pricey but not that much more than the 10 R and

It comes with an ultra wide camera that gives you a wider view which is really cool but yea the SE and 10 are shared similar performance and most photos I took both phones do have portrait mode portrait mode can only take photos of people with these phones which is a tad unfortunate but it does a good job with those photos from my experience I honestly can't tell much of a difference in how they're taken although the 10 RS camera lens is a bit wider so you get a little bit more in frame the selfie cameras on both phones are 7 megapixels and take a decent selfies that are about

On par with each other and show off my quarantine hair quite well we can also take portrait selfies interestingly they're computed differently because the 10r uses face ID sensors while the se just has the camera you can tell the difference here the se photo might look better because my hair is in focus but notice at the top that it isn't cut off very cleanly the 10 ARS photo is better with the cutting out but the bokeh fall-off is too drastic so both my shirt and hair aren't in focus honestly both of these photos look decent but I'm surprised to say I

Think the SE does a better job I think the average user would rather have some hard to notice mistakes and have everything in focus then more of a natural look but not nearly as sharp that a 13 ship and the iPhone ST along with the three gigabytes of RAM is what makes this phone so darn good in a value on the long run this will make a difference over the iPhone 10 are at the moment the a12 chipset and three gigs of ram in the 10r produces nearly identical performance you really wouldn't notice the SC being any faster in most day-to-day usage on iOS 13 that said it

Is very possible the SC could get an extra year or even two of software support so if you don't want to buy another phone for like five years the SE e is your better bet Apple is really good with updates though so I wouldn't worry about it too much if you're leaning towards getting the 10r so now for the tough conversation which iPhone is better value well let me start by saying neither phone is bad value so don't get that in your head the iPhone 11 for $700 is in bad value either and I actually think the iPhone 11 is worth buying over the 10r but I know that's

Not an option for everyone straight up the iPhone se is the better value here you get quite a bit for your extra $200 but for the average consumer who really doesn't care about the design and just uses their phone for a moderate amount of time in a day the SE just makes more sense battery life is really the biggest pressing point for me as the iPhone se is quite a bit worse in that department it should get you through the average day but as time goes on and batteries degrade it might start to get rough but if you keep a charger nearby or don't use your phone a whole lot the iPhone se

Does make sense for a lot of people that said if you want those more premium features the newer design the better battery life the iPhone 10 R is absolutely worth buying again I do think the 11 is worth paying an extra hundred dollars for but if you wouldn't miss the ultra wide camera the 10 R is a good pick up at 600 bucks both these phones are worth buying as you'd expect and what you get really depends on the price point you're looking at $400 $600 which makes more sense for your financial situation given what you really need a phone for of course prices might not

Look as black-and-white as I'm making them out to be the iPhone 10 R might not actually be $200 more than the iPhone se for you from the carrier you're going through but they're the numbers if you want to buy the phone outright so that's I used those prices however I'm talking about the phones I do kind of wish there is an in-between phone have $500 preferably like an iPhone se plus but there isn't so if you want a big phone you probably should go up to the iPhone 10 R although it is possible we could see an SC plus in the future there have been rumors about it possibly early 2021

Still though the current SC and 10 are are both great and I honestly think he'd be happy with either phone the 10r might be unsurprisingly better the SC really holds its own and presents the better value so that is certainly worth commending both that I think I'm pretty much done here do you have the iPhone se or 10 are you thinking about getting one of them let me know in the comments down below thank you so much for watching if you found this video interesting or helpful maybe hit that like button and consider subscribing for more content just like

This you can follow me over on twitter and instagram at 91 underscore tech if you'd like to for some reason that all being said i'm josh from 91 tech and i will see you all next time you


iPhone XR vs 2020 iPhone SE – which should you buy? (Comparison)





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