Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

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Alright y'all so we're gonna talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and note 20 altra the phones that'll be announced here in just a couple of weeks and have been leaked to heck and back and by the way let me just be clear phones have been leaked for a very long time and Samsung is no stranger to this however the way the leaks have happened this year unlike any other leaks that have happened to previous Samsung phones at least not at least on this level least not to my mind there's a couple of things that happened this time that just don't add up and listen I'm not a conspiracy theorist but I figured it's a

YouTube video we're just gonna have fun think about the possibilities makes it a little more interesting so got a couple more weeks before they actually announced it so let's let's have some fun with the video let's talk about the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and no 20 ultra right after this players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is Travis and I do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything I'll talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just

Get into the video those of you at a long time viewers of the channel you know that I've been a Samsung Galaxy Note owner since the note2 I know a lot of you out there never really owned the note 2 that's how long hard core of a note fan I've been but over the last couple of years have gotten kind of boring and to be honest I'm not even really looking forward to the note 20 or no 20 Ultra this year there's another phone that I'm looking forward to and I will talk about that in another video but in the meantime we're here to talk about the note 20 no 20 ultra and some

Of the things that have leaked out now one of things I want to talk about is how the note series of phones used to be demonstrably better than the S series of phones that is to say they would have a bigger battery a bigger screen and usually a better processor a couple years back they stopped that practice and while sometimes there have been improvements like an extra camera here or there generally speaking they've been more in line with the previous version of the S series of phone – a slight size difference the s-pen obviously in sometimes it's like battery difference

But the processors have been the same if rumors are beat of leave they've gone back to the old theory of giving the note the best in class processor the Snapdragon 865 plus that's the current rumor now we'll find out in a couple of weeks if that's true might be true they've never really used the plus processor in any of these flagships before there was an 855 plus last year but they didn't have a phone out in time to get one of those so we'll see if they do it this year that would be an interesting change and slightly significant because in my mind the note

Series should just about be retired I'll probably talk about that in a future video I love the note series but I think it's time is coming to an end there's a couple of problems with launching the Galaxy Note right now but let's talk about these leaks that have happened lately some of them are a little bit weird we have seen CAD drawings before and renders and case models little plastic case things that case manufacturers used to so they can make their cases we've seen that before but very recently an actual Galaxy Note

20 Ultra was leaked like to a youtuber now let me just be clear to a youtuber this doesn't even make any kind of sense this is the worst kind of leak you can have it's not just a leak to some random person that it's happened in the past like you might remember the old iPhone thing that happened many years ago someone a developer for one of the iPhones left their phone at a restaurant I mean that went guy went guy went kind of crazy but that wasn't like an influencer this one ended up in the hands of Jimmy as promo now Jimmy has problem as an OG here on YouTube and has

Been doing phone videos for a very long time so I mean that's kind of cool for us who watch YouTube videos about phones went to the right person but there's some strange things about that video now first of all I like Jimmy he's a good guy I'm not actually disparaging him in any way but let's take a look at what the video was it's very interesting Jimmy shared a bunch of pictures before he dropped the video on his Twitter account to get people hyped up for it exactly what I would do I would totally do the same thing then he released a

Video which was kind of not like any of his other videos on his channel and then hasn't made another video since this is the part that confuses me and there might be a good reason for this but I'm gonna need someone to tell me so leave me a comment below and tell me why he shot a video in a different form than he ever has before let me explain unlike most of his other videos he doesn't talk in this video at all and while he doesn't typically show his face anymore in videos he has in the past let me tell you something if I got the Galaxy Note 20 altra weeks before anyone

Else like even people like mkbhd it would go something like this what please I got the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 altra raise my hand I got it me we got here we out here everybody you need to hit up my Twitter my Instagram follow me everywhere because I got to jam no one else got it and I'm gonna tell you all about it right after this so you know I'd be out here doing it big but that's not really Jimmy style but what's crazy about him what's really interesting about it if you watch Jimmy his promos other videos he's very detail-oriented goes over everything in

Pretty much every video so you don't leave wondering anything this video was very short and left a lot of questions now you could say that maybe he was protecting his source by not showing too much of the phone but he did show parts of the phone that would have probably given away a lot anyway so I don't know why he didn't dive an extra level deeper why didn't he show any of the really cool things you can do with the s-pen other than put it in an old note I don't understand that it seems to me I'd be one of the first things you'd want to do just because

That's one of the main reasons to buy a Galaxy Note and even if he forgot I just want to be extra careful I think everyone was expecting at least one other video and there just hasn't been one so I don't know why Jimmy did that I mean he probably had a good reason my guess is the reality is he's probably protecting his source but if you want to go conspiracy theory you could say that's just what Samsung wanted him to leak we've seen kind of leaks like this before the pixel three how'd that happen where there were complete reviews before they ever even announced it overseas

Like like some Russian websites or something actually had the pixel three and was reviewing it before was ever even announced by Google that was really strange and I guess in a vacuum you could just say that some employee gave Jimmy who may be a fan of his channel access to it but then right around that same time Samsung's old website their own website leaked pictures how is that possible now what's interesting here is that it wasn't the main Samsung website that actually would be too obvious I mean that would never happen there Russian website did it always seems like

Whenever in a brand's website leaks things prematurely it's always one of their other countries websites uh-huh so you're telling me that these graphics that should not be shown for weeks were put on a prod website prod meaning production website public facing not just email to other people so they can look at them not just on an intra web where people can see them but on their actual website and then someone published them and didn't notice the mistake before the rest of the internet did how much of this are you believing between that and the leak Jimmy is promo

Video that isn't exactly like na VIU's other videos starting to seem a little weird now let's go a little bit more conspiracy theory and I'll admit this is just conspiracy theory we're doing this for fun ladies and gentlemen it's not like I really believe that this is really happening I don't think but let's be honest this has been really interesting people are excited talking about the galaxy note that leaked image got everyone swooning over the galaxy note and that's a thing that hasn't really been happening this year the galaxy s 20 did not sell very

Well which it probably wouldn't have even if the pandemic wasn't happening as the galaxy s 10 didn't really sell all that well either and they priced everything wrong and the galaxy notes gonna be at least if not more expensive than the high-end galaxy s 20 phones so of course they weren't gonna sell that much that goes without saying but a good lead is really good marketing and it makes it interesting and some of the fanboys of Samsung are gonna rise up and be super excited about it listen I don't blame them it's kind of cool I like the leaks but it is

Samples I'm doing it there was a lot of speculation that Google did this with the pixel 3 that they were actually in charge of their own leaks and if it's me and I'm running a multi-billion dollar corporation about ready to release a phone that probably won't sell that well because of the pricing I might I might do the same thing I might find a youtuber that's been really nice to me and has done a lot of positive videos about my product and leaked it to him even if the youtuber didn't know himself again I'm not saying that's what happened but that's what I would do if I

Was in charge of Samsung what would you do leave me a comment below so all-in-all this phone might end up being excellent certainly has a lot more buzz going into this very strange release because you got to remember no one's gonna be in a big arena with all the cool spectacular stuff that Samsung normally does at these unpacked it's gonna be a virtual event now with that they can get really creative like Apple bid and maybe wow us but going into it you almost need a little extra boost that they actually have that now whether it was on purpose or not at the

End of the day we're just here left and wondering so let me know in the comments below what you think did Samsung leak these things on purpose is this one big conspiracy theory or is it just a YouTube video that now you can't get your time back from I mean I know that some of you are gonna be upset about that but you know what just a YouTube video you'll be alright you'll survive I've got some other videos for you if you like this one right here you can check that out or maybe a playlist over here anyway I'll see you next time

Samsung is LEAKING the Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA on PURPOSE!

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