Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

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What kind of digicam was used? That is a great high quality.

Well ladies and gentlemen apple's finally done it ladies and gentlemen they did it they figured out how to steal some of the customers that have android phones they did it the secret sauce has been revealed okay well they didn't exactly steal them they convinced them to buy iphones now you might think well that's not exactly what your title says it implies that maybe they went in the night and got people out of bed and took them with them to the great apple ecosystem in the sky

It's not what happened but i want you to think about this consider this if i said apple convinced people to buy more iphones than android phones would you have clicked this video be real honest you know you wouldn't have so now that we're past that and some of you might be angry that's okay leave a comment below give me some of that engagement love the watch time but more importantly than i will tell you indeed how apple was able to convert more people than ever before from an android phone to an iphone

Stolen or not don't worry about it because i'll tell you all about it right after this what up players welcome back and for all you new people welcome my name is travis and i do tech videos every single week and have a blast doing them if that sounds like fun to you sit back relax and enjoy the video anything i talk about will be in the description below but for now let's just get into the video now as the global pandemic continues we know and have known for a

While that this would impact smartphone sales i've actually been talking about this for a couple of months now even told people that maybe the iphone 12 and the galaxy note 20 should be delayed or just not brought out in 2020 at all maybe i'll leave a link for those videos in the description at the end because i brought up some pretty good points at least i thought so here's the thing what happened is exactly what i thought would happen a bunch of phones didn't get sold

Let's talk about the galaxy s20 so far so in 2020 the sales are pretty miserable as a matter of fact sales are down 38 versus the samsung s10 from the same four months the year previous at least the activations are i mean sales and activations seem to be about the same numbers and there shouldn't be a surprise people are shut in they don't necessarily need to upgrade their phones and if they did a lot of people upgrade their phones by going out to a store and doing it without stores being open they

Can't do it true all smartphone manufacturers suffered some losses across the board this year first four months being pretty brutal for some of the countries in some of the states here in america that have opened up an immediate kind of boon to the sales of some of those phones happened but for the most part everyone was down but as i've been saying for a while now apple seems to be impervious to a lot of these market shifts they definitely did not

Sell as many iphones as previously however they kind of have a better market share than a year ago in january when they didn't have a pandemic to fight against in the first quarter of 2019 they had a 12 market share versus a 14 market share in 2020. how how how what huh how in the six sides of heck did they do that now iphone revenues fell seven percent but there are some positive signs like iphone install bases hit an all-time high in every region so more people owned iphones in every

Region than pretty much ever before why now it's kind of weird well i mean apple did release one phone that may have just saved them earlier this year apple released the iphone se now this was a pretty controversial phone on tech youtube you know as the tech youtubers didn't like it because it was kind of an older design but with upgraded internals but as i said before you know the average consumer is not going to care about that and i was both right and wrong because you see there was a

Bunch of people who still had iphone 6s that upgraded to the se now this makes a lot of sense because of course the iphone sc looks just like an iphone 6 and that kind of bared out in the sales you see over 30 percent of se buyers come from either using an iphone 6s or older iphone so they liked the familiarity of that handset and they got it with upgraded internals and a better camera so while people who buy flagships every year were scoffing at the iphone se apple kind of knew what they were doing

They finally released the phone for the first time in a long time from their iphone line with some iphone specs in an android pricing and this is what causes some android users who've always wanted to try ios to leave over 26 of new iphone se owners were android users which is higher than the norm for people coming from android to ios so why well this just goes back to what i was saying there's a lot of people who've always wanted to try an iphone i

Know here in america pretty much anyone who has friends i mean some of you have friends right i think some of you might have friends i guarantee if you have more than one friend at least one of those people has an iphone and some of the cool things you do with imessage and airdrop and the emojis and all that other sort of thing are things that people seem to like so when having an opportunity to upgrade they can finally get into an iphone without paying a whole bunch of money you know that iphone pro price

Because up until this point android pretty much dominated the amount of varied phones at a different price range from i mean you can get some for about 100 bucks all the way up to over fourteen hundred dollars uh ios and iphones weren't really that way they were always the newest stuff and then slightly older and maybe 500 600 but at 400 plus subsidies and buy one get one freeze and everything you can get into an iphone really cheaply and the pent-up demand for a cheap iphone just unleashed itself now

Imagine if there wasn't a pandemic these numbers would be crazy and this is where samsung made a mistake their entire s series line that came out this year were all 900 and above it was really just a bad mistake hopefully they'll learn from that next year and go back to the s10e by the way an s10e kind of phone i actually did a review on the s10e very recently so why don't you check that i'll leave a link in the description below that's a great phone i don't know why

They didn't do that for the s20e line it could have been an s20e tell me in the comments below would you have bought an s20e by bringing out a phone an affordable price apple did the unthinkable they are now in the price range of most android mid-range phones with a specked out phone with a much better processor and the ability to take better pictures now you might say that has the old iphone 8 optics or whatever but as i've told you before it has nothing to do with the hardware

Pictures now are all about the software and the upgraded software on the iphone se takes darn good pictures and video and at a mid-range price most people aren't side loading gcam which i absolutely say you should if you have a phone that doesn't have great cameras on the android side of things they don't even know what gcam is but they know what a good picture is and using it on facebook and instagram and tinder my guess is the sales the iphone sc 2020 are going to do so well that apple will

Continue to release phones at this price if they do this they can continue to claw back some of the amazing amount of people that are still out there on the android side of things that do want to try an iphone imagine if they come out with an sc plus slightly larger design something that people who don't want a smaller design might be interested in or maybe a new version of the iphone 10r at four hundred dollars uh yeah they win pretty easily with that one i said it at the beginning of this year this

Year is the battleground for 500 and below samsung ignored that for the most part for their s series of phones and apple looked at it as a new battleground now of course samsung does have the a series of phones and you can find those some places but they're not making very many commercials at least not here in north america on the a series of phones but what do you think did apple use the correct strategy here to walk away with a bigger market share

This year than probably they should have been able to by simply releasing one more phone than they normally do the iphone sc like i said i did a video about this a while back it'll be right here i did a video about the s10e which i think samsung needs to go back to right here and i'll see you next time peace and love

Apple Is STEALING Android Users!

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