GDC 2015: Divide by Sheep is a gross way to do math

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Hey guys this is Simon sage from I'm or we're with mike from tiny build gains and he's showing off / sheep at GDC 2015 has gone mike is going pretty darn well yeah that's pretty good pretty well so what's / sheep it sounds a violent it is it is deceptively violent so this is by red team and yeah like you say we're publishing this and it's basically Matt's game in disguise so I'll just basically just jump in here in your be able to see what goes on so you've kind of got all of these sheep all over these little islands and you want to try and save them by bouncing them to the to the kind of raft ov so this is fairly simple

You can see the idea you want about 24 and six to get there you know you've got a little tutorial level here to work out how you can bounce them so this seems pretty simple but as you kind of get into the game it gets kind of messed up you have to start sacrificing sheep to be able to make up those specific numbers which can be a little cruel you sometimes need to bounce sheep on top of each other so they fall in the water and get eaten sometimes you need to slide sheep in half and then glue them back together with tape once they're on the raft sometimes you'll need to feed them

To wolves so that the wolves take up space on the platform so that you can basically work out the the basic math to to get the exact number you need as there's all kinds of things in this there's there's levels with pigs there's levels where you actually have to purposely kill sheep to get them on the boat so that the Grim Reaper can take them Wow yeah it gets so I mean you can see here I've just played through these levels it seems like pretty happy and pretty bouncy and then all of a sudden it gets really kind of dark so especially when the laser walls come

That I think the first time I saw the laser walls it kind of threw me a little bit so yeah so I mean it can get a little bit harder here so you see I need for here and I've got 60 if I bounce them that then it's going to sink the raft because there's too many so what I can do instead is bounce these six to this for two of them are sacrificed into the wall so because they they sort of didn't be needed again I need three year so the question is how do I get three or what you're actually doing this level is sacrifice that one there bounce this guy

Across here so we're preparing our 24 later and then oh no hang on open this one run we need to bounce these two back of this or actually and once these guys here to turn there's four in two three see I told you it was my skin is kind of what people realize that its a math game I'm doing that this isn't right but yeah so it's gonna start getting a bit strange soon but yeah this is the this is the the general game and I think the idea is that it's coming and I think like early May and so yeah maze time essentially okay how much is it gonna cost yeah it's good we premiere out I

Have no idea what price point is going to be yet but yeah it's it's gonna be a premium game awesome looking forward to it Meg thanks a lot no you

GDC 2015: Divide by Sheep is a gross way to do math

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