Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro: Which should you buy?!

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What kind of digicam did you use? That is definitely a great top quality.

so the huawei P 30 and P 30 Pro you could be forgiven for thinking that these like the galaxy s 10 and s temp plus are basically the same phone in two different sizes but that's really not quite the case in addition to being cheaper the smaller P 30 changes things up a little omitting some of the pros fancier features in addition to coming in a more compact body to start with let's focus on the screens they're both extra tall nineteen point five by nine panels but the p30 Pro uses a curved OLED competitor thirties flat display and

That phone has a smaller 6.1 inch diagonal compared to the pros six point four seven inches the be that he feels a bit more like a regular phone whereas the p30 pro really is a bit lanky and reaching up the top of the screen can be a little bit problematic both use the same do drop shape notch at the top of that displays however you'll notice the slightly thicker bezels on the smaller p30 as well as the presence of a traditional earpiece up top over P that he Pro there's a new audio system that vibrates the display itself to generate sound for calls speaking of audio the

Standard P 30 is the only model to have a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack that means it's bluetooth or USB see audio only in the larger model unless you want to bring your own dongle since there's none included in the box this time the number-crunching at the heart of both P 30s remains the same though its worries karin 980 processor the same as we saw in the mate 20 series last year a proven chipset the storage and RAM configurations are somewhat different though the p30 starts with six gigs of RAM and 128 gigs of storage whereas with the pro it's 8 + 128 256

And 512 gigabyte models are also available in terms of taste a performance you're not gonna notice much of a difference between 6 and 8 gigs of ram but 8 is pretty much the standard these days for a flagship it does give you a bit more wiggle room for keeping apps in memory a little practical limit of the standard P 30 has to do with its IP rating and that dictates how careful you have to be using it around water whereas the pro has the same ip68 rating for water and dust resistance as most other flagships it's little brother drops to IP 53 which basically means

It's splash resistance you'll be fine using it out in the rain but you want to avoid dunking it in a pool as far as battery life goes thus for p30 does have a spore cell version 3650 ml powers compared to the top-notch 4200 milliamp hour cell in the p30 Pro of course the smaller cell will mean overall you get slightly less spectacular battery life in a smaller fee 30 but in reality it's also powering a smaller screen so the difference shouldn't be all that noticeable the larger compromise comes in how you'll actually charge the standard p38 uses

Huawei supercharged standard but at the lower twenty 2.5 watt rating compared the pros 40 watts and there's no wireless charging support in that model either the pro on the other hand does support wireless charging both to and from the phone those consequential trade-off of the p30 versus p30 pro easy to wear camera setup both are pretty different the p30 pro has the very best imaging setup Huawei has to offer and arguably one of the best in any smartphone you get a new wall a super sensing sensor at 40 megapixels behind an F 1.6 lens with optical image

Stabilization you get the proven wide-angle camera from the mate 20 as well 16 megapixels at F 2.2 and you get an impressively 5 x telephoto camera using Huawei's fancy new periscope zoom technology plus there's also an extra time of flight camera used for improved depth detection with the standard p 30 the camera setup is a weird hybrid of the p30 pro and the may 20 probe you still get that impressive wide-angle shooter you still get the super sensing sensor though without OAS and with only an F 1.8 lens that means low-light performance falls somewhere between the

Mate 20 pro and the p30 pro not the very very best but still excellent overall meanwhile there's the same 3 x telephoto camera we saw in the p20 pro and mate 20 pro still an impressive level of zoom but not quite the 5 times of the p30 Pro and both models share the same 32 megapixels selfie camera as well which I found actually performs really well across the board so the standard p 30 has the essence of what makes the pro special it's also priced within striking distance of the galaxy s 10 II and for the money is very competitive with that phone you get more camera options really

Impressive telephoto and a much bigger battery small phone fans or more price conscious flagship buyers should definitely give this one a look on the other hand the p30 pro remains the do-everything flagship with the very best of everything at Wally's disposal in early 2019 it's certainly not cheap but it comes real tangible benefits over the p30 and in my opinion a sharper design to boot that's it for now let us know in the comments which p30 model you'd pick up and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss off future videos including a full

P30 pro review thanks for watching and I'll see you next time you

Huawei P30 vs P30 Pro: Which should you buy?!

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