Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Review – Modular Thumb Grips!

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What's up everyone is time to check out Corsairs newest mouse just released to the market the glaive is aimed directly at FPS players let's take a look so the Corsair glaive when I first heard about it I was a little unsure whether I'd like it firstly because of the modular side grip plus I normally prefer small mice and the glaive is massive opening up the box the glaive comes included with 2 spare thumb rests the first is sloped which reminds me of the one found on the logitech g502 and the second is much like the stock one with

Rubberized grips we're talk more about them later and also in the box you get a handy little carrying case priced at $59.99 in the US and 69 at 95 pounds in the UK it certainly has a premium price tag so the big question is does it perform it shaped the glaive isn't as unique compared to some of course says other mice it's very safe just a gradual hump on the back with an aggressive slope at the front the left side slopes in at your thumbs gripping points and the right side is fairly flat with a tapered edge aiding grip the left and right clicks are fairly wide but

Have subtle comfort grooves indicating that the mouse has been designed for users with larger hands weight the glaive comes in at 122 grams not including the cable weigh more than more so normally prefer even so if you love heavy mice you'll be glad to know there's fantastic weight distribution dimensions the glaive is large length twelve point six centimeters height four point four centimeters and it's gripping width is six point six centimeters I found the mouse very substantial in my hands ideally you're going to have to have a fairly large hands to get the

Most out of this mouse my hands are 18 centimeters in length that said I found the mouse very comfortable to use especially over long periods of time the mouse is finished with a slight rubberized coating that seems very durable for a rubber surface but unfortunately over time it will show signs of wear and tear check out the buttons on the left side there's two very unusual forward and back buttons they stick out further than I've ever seen on any Mouse before plus they have an extremely long travel distance way past their actuation points on the top

Of the mouse the left and right clicks feel ok there's a fair I'm out of play that said they do get the job done but I found it hard to burst fire with the glaze left-click due to its clicks not being very well defined the scroll wheel has a decent amount of tactile feedback with button free being a little hard to press in but it gives off a nice tactile bump the DPI button is neatly tucked behind the scroll wheel and I never hit it by mistake there's also a strip of lights on the left side indicating your current dpi setting one feature with the glaive

Is the modular thumb grips you can choose from three different ones I personally prefer the flat a textured grip only trouble with these grips is they leave a gap between your thumb and the side buttons while testing I found the side buttons difficult to use the back button not so much but the forward button I have to take my thumb off the rest to use it not ideal at all if you use these buttons while gaming it's not all doom and gloom though with this Mouse far from it yes I've known about a few things but Corsair have nailed one super important thing with this mouse

The sensor once again Core says custom pmw 3367 is back one of the best sensors on the market while gaming tracking was excellent with zero skipping the mouse seems to perform well at most dpi settings as the sensor has no native dpi Corsairs custom version of the 3366 sensor cannot be faulted I can't even make the sensor spin out no matter how hard I try while gaming I only wished that my hands were a little bit bigger to really see the glazed potential you've got to have about 20 centimeter + hands to use it comfortably for FPS gaming in csgo

In my opinion the mouse's liftoff distance was a little high as default setting jumping into the q software I was pleased to find the option to adjust the height was there on its lowest setting is no higher than 2 millimeters which is perfect for gaming speaking of the Q software Corsair software integration is the best although the Q software can be a little daunting for new or especially casual users first of all you're able to create several custom profiles within software that can be stored on the mouse itself great if you ever use the mouse

On another computer the actions tab allows you to fully customize the buttons with single keys full macros and media controls lighting effects are limitless each one of the free lighting zones can be customized separately with various effects including rainbow color shift color pulse and lastly a single static color you can also sync the mouse up to all of your other corsair devices the DPI tab allows you to not only customize each five steps of the DPI button found on the mouse but you can assign a sniper button if you like it's also nice to software lets you choose

Very small increments as well performance has all the angle snapping and enhanced pointer options but more importantly free levels of liftoff height surface calibration allows you to tune the mouse to a particular surface you're using whether it's a hard or soft mousepad and lastly there's an option to save everything to the mouse itself rounding off now the glaive seems like a solid choice for casual and veteran FPS gamers with big hands ultimately if you're looking for a big heavy Mouse the glaive could be the mouse for you it's let down slightly by

The strange modular thumb rest design I'm not so well to find left and right clicks that said the most important features are there namely the awesome 3367 sensor and you should be more than able to rack up those kills when you're using the glaive the final score for the glaive is going to be a Silver Awards I hope you've enjoyed the video guys my name is Mark from silent tech goodbye you

Corsair Glaive RGB Optical Gaming Mouse Review – Modular Thumb Grips!

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