Macbook Pro with Touchbar vs Surfacebook with Performance Base

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What's up everybody this is Danny and I'm excited for this video because I have probably the two most premium laptops right here with me and I have the new surface book with performance space and I have the brand new redesigned 2016 MacBook Pro so if you were thinking about buying one of these and you weren't sure which one to buy which one would work best for you then hopefully this video will help you out alright so both of these come in a bunch of different configurations but to save time these are both maxed out so you can see the highest potential of both of these machines this surface book

Has the newly updated dual core skylake core i7 clocked at 2.8 gigahertz with 16 gigabytes of RAM and the nvidia 965 m graphics with 2 gigabytes of video RAM and this 15-inch MacBook Pro has the quad core skylake i7 clocked in at 2.9 gigahertz 16 gigabytes of RAM and the Radeon pro 460 with 4 gigabytes of video RAM both of these are premium when it comes to the unboxing experience and the basic stuff like the chargers are included but the surface book does come with the pen which is nice so if you're a graphic artist then this would probably be the choice for you this is a

13-inch MacBook Pro which is closer to the size of the surface book but there's no dedicated graphics option for the 13-inch MacBook Pro just crap by the way so I had to use the 15 inch to make the comparison makes sense first of all build quality on both of these machines are top notch nothing is going to come down to personal preference the new MacBook Pro is for sure one of the best built laptops I've ever used and the machining is impeccable and it's all packed into this thin metal design it's beautiful all around the surface book is also extremely well built with a

Futuristic dynamic fulcrum hinge it's all magnesium alloy body I mean it feels solid when you're using it it also has this cool trick up a sleeve so you can detach a display to use it as a tablet so you get the best of both worlds there's nice subtle curves by the keyboard with hidden ventilation and I mean this design is very well thought-out in terms of how these companies want you to interact with the computer couldn't be any more different the new MacBook Pro has this new oled touch bar which replaces the function key row on the top of the keyboard to

Dynamically change the keys to the app that you're using at the time and you also get a touch ID sensor that doubles as the power button so you can sign into your computer quickly and you can also make secure online purchases with the surface book you get a full 10-point multi-touch screen so you can interact with everything on the display and the touch sensitivity is great and the pen also works decently for sketching and interaction the surface book uses Windows hello with facial recognition for fast sign-in I love this by the way

It is so fast so I've been using these laptops for about three weeks now so if I had to make a call I think I prefer the surface book when it comes to the interaction I personally think it's just easier to just touch the display wherever you want it like when I'm editing this video it's just easier for me to touch the display and scrub through the timeline then to take my eyes off the display and mess with the touch bar while the touch bar does have potential and has some useful features like scrubbing through a video while you're watching it and seeing little

Snippets of your tabs when web browsing for quick changes but at this time the touch bar is not fully customizable so maybe in the future this will become more useful but I think for now is just more cool to look at you can just learn some keyboard shortcuts or just touch the screen on the surface book the keyboards on both are absolutely excellent and the MacBook keys are a little bit more shallow and don't have as much travel and tactility but once you get used to it it is incredible it feels slightly mechanical and once I got used to the depth and feedback now I

Absolutely love it the keyboard on the surface book is more traditional with great feedback and travel I think most people would prefer this keyboard when it comes to feel both are backlit and best in the business so no worries there if you didn't notice somehow the track pads on the new MacBook Pros are absolutely huge I mean almost huge for no reason but it is excellent in terms of responsiveness and scrolling MacBooks have always been great for this and the trackpad no longer physically clicks it uses vibration feedback to give you that click feel the trackpad is much smaller

On the surface book but is also top-notch very smooth and responsive and is one of the best track pads on a Windows machine I have ever used it's nice with great feedback in terms of portability you can see that the MacBook is much thinner and the hinge wall it's functional makes the surface book pretty thick when it's docked and closed so if you just look at the display portion it is super thin it is incredible that the CPU and all the components are housed in here it's engineering at its best but when you're using it like a tablet the battery life

Isn't the greatest so you're going to want this nearby and you can actually flip it on to the performance space to the other side and use it as a prop to enjoy watching videos while you're in the kitchen or you can actually continue using this as a tablet with the base attached so when it comes to versatility the surface book as it hands down battery life as a whole is better on the surface book since there's extra battery in the base itself I'm getting about two to three hours more use with a surface book so if you want really good battery life surface book might be the way to go

When it comes to the ports the surface book has two USB 3.0 ports and a full size SD card slot and you also get the magnetic charging connector on the other side with a mini display ports you can hook up external monitors and you also get a headphone jack the new MacBook Pros have a total of four USB type-c ports and a headphone jack and that's it I know a lot of you are going to be really angry about this decision but for me I actually don't mind it don't think I am pissed off about is the SD card slot I think a lot of people use it I still use it a lot so I wish they would

Have included that so the reason I'm not as angry I mean think about this all of these four ports are Thunderbolt three capable which means it's wicked fast and you can drive large high-resolution displays with any of these ports and you can also charge the MacBook with just one cable and you can get much faster USB 3.1 speeds and you can also charge with any of these ports and with an external battery pack which is really important for a person that travels a lot like I do but I have to say I do miss the MagSafe connection it is true you may have to use some dongles for a

Little while but to be honest most of the peripherals I use are already USB type-c like this tiny kingston 128 gig thumb drive is USB 3.1 it's quick and it's easy to take with me my external drive and raid are already USB type-c I can easily add back my SD card slot with minimal bulk and I can drive a secondary portable display with ease so between the two the surface book is gonna be a lot more convenient at this time and you may have to spend a little bit more money on the MacBook for some peripherals but when it comes to future proofing I think USB type-c is

The future it's a lot faster so once more manufacturers started adopting USB type-c I don't think this is going to be much of a problem I mean what do you guys think so Before we jump into performance let's talk about the displays a little bit the surface book is a little smaller at 13.5 inches but as a higher resolution at 3000 by 2000 with 267 pixels per inch with a different 3 by 2 aspect ratio but I'm digging it the display looks fantastic it's sharp the colors are nice and it's great for multitasking with this aspect ratio and

Windows 10 makes it really easy to do this the new MacBook Pro has a resolution of 28 80 by 1800 with 220 pixels per inch and it also looks fantastic the contrast level is higher and the color gamut is wider than the last generation and you can really tell the display is also crazy bright at 500 nits so when you put them side-by-side you can definitely tell that the MacBook Pro has a brighter display so to round things up let's talk about the performance so let me just say this that both of these machines are very well optimized for the hardware both of these

Machines do not have the most cutting-edge internal specifications and especially on the windows side you can definitely get a stronger and more powerful laptop but trust me when I say that both of these perform very well on day to day tests they're pretty hard to compare side-by-side so I'll use some benchmarks here and they are pretty similar when it comes to the graphics side each bench edges it to the surface book but you will notice that the quad core i7 on the MacBook Pro 15 inch makes a huge difference in terms of numbers and potential performance on heavy-duty

CPU intensive work when it comes to heat under load they both do really well they don't get hot enough to where you can't keep it on your lap while you're working there's not a whole lot of thermal throttling here I do have to say that the MacBook Pro it takes longer for the fans to come on so it's going to get warmer first and the surface book they fans tend to kick on right away and the surface book fan is just slightly louder it's got a little bit of a pitch noise a little bit higher pitched while the MacBook Pros a little bit more silent so if that

Matters to you take it for what it is testing gaming is kind of tough because gaming sucks on Mac OS so you'd have to install windows on here and from what I've seen from other videos the gaming performance is not that great on their Radeon 460 so I just didn't even bother but I can link you to a few videos that have done this test I'm not a huge gamer so I rather you just watch somebody else's video when it comes to gaming performance but what I can judge it on is video editing because that's what I do and I use 4k video as a benchmark on the MacBook Pro I use Final Cut Pro and

That handles 4k and even beyond 4k without any problems and video editing is very smooth on this on the surface book once the media is transcoded it also runs smooth on 4k edits and if you're working on 1080p then you will have absolutely no problems I do have to note that the transcoding times were a little bit longer than I wanted them to be on premiere but I'm assuming that has to do with the dual-core processor and when testing the two SSDs I noticed that the MacBook Pro is a lot faster on read and write speeds so that is definitely going to affect a few things when it

Comes to performance if you want to see a more detailed comparison on performance between the two then let me know and I will make a separate video about that so the last thing to note is that the surface book has a camera on the front and back and you're also getting a much higher 1080p quality on the front-facing camera on the surface book versus the potato 720p on the new MacBook Pro alright guys well I hope you enjoyed this video I know this comparison is kind of hard because they're not the same it's a little bit different than

Just putting up to Windows machines side-by-side but if you look at what these computers were made for and what their visions were then you can kind of understand where they're coming from both of these companies aren't trying to make the most powerful computer but they're trying to make the most well-rounded computer and I think both of them have succeeded I've experienced bugs on both of these and trust me they're not a bug free experience and I have to say if I had to go for the bugs then the MacBook Pro would be worse this is probably the

Buggiest new Mac that I've used in a long time but overall as a computing experience I have to say the build quality on both the smoothness the cutting-edge innovations that they're trying to push forward for their platforms I mean both of these are the pinnacle or the best you can get on the market right now so if my opinion counts at all to you which I don't know if it does or not but if it does then upon first impression or just say shock value or which one I'm most impressed by as a whole after using them for three weeks I would say it would be

The surface book it might be a surprise to some of you because I have been a Mac user for the longest time but I have to say the surface book really changed the way I feel about PCs the build quality is just fantastic it's the best Windows experience that I've had overall and I just think they did a great job with this it's not perfect but it's definitely a step in the right direction so when it comes to these two laptops I think if I had to have a preferred laptop it would be this one but since I am a Final Cut Pro user and I just cannot get used to Adobe Premiere that

Kind of defaults me back onto the MacBook Pro alright guys so let me know what you think and also let me know what else you might want to see because these two laptops are going to be around for a while so I may do a follow-up on this I just want to give you a general comparison between the two to see if I can help you make a buying decision it makes you follow me on Twitter at super-scientific and all of my other social networks if you have any questions or if you just want to interact with me and make sure you subscribe if you like this and if you

Want to see more videos like this I'll see you guys in the next one

Macbook Pro with Touchbar vs Surfacebook with Performance Base

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