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Hello everyone another gloomy day tilt no hi I'm wearing sunglasses on the way to Vancouver for a BMW x TED event here's so I've been to a couple autonomous driving events before one in San Jose I was there out with Intel this one in Vancouver I think is gonna be a bit different it's a TEDTalk x BMW and of course there's a bunch of different events we can form to it all right just landed the flight was

Good it's always good but it's swinging in Vancouver that's very typical rain Toronto terrain Cooper Oh how's it going I always forget there are no goobers in Vancouver thank you time for me to crash eats chew am back home big day tomorrow try to wake up early and maybe we can do a bit of a tech travel pack its camo I'll see you guys in the morning so good morning um I was going to do a video in this room but it's honestly a bit drab why don't we go down there orange chairs yep probably get this nasty mop fixed first though this is Bed

Head for me I think that's better we're good to go I think this backdrop is way way better so tech travel pack time just like I promised I did have an update though there's always a winner from one of these episodes unfortunately I don't have it with me but by the time this video goes live make sure you check both Instagram Twitter I will announce the winner I'm saying pre Congrats as you won an item from that episode New York City New York City tech travel pack congratulations to the future and just like that episode you can win one of the items that you're about to check out in

This pack and it's super super simple to enter just simply sub to the channel avi toss this video a like and leave a comment down below on the favorite item that you saw and in my next episode and I have a lot of traveling planned in 2018 I will ship that item out this episode is special we are looking at something that is almost coming out you guys know I'm a huge fan of air SF packs they just sent me one of their new ones it's my favorite line it's the duffle and they now have it coming out in camo these guys aren't sponsoring me they're not paying me they just hook me

Up with packs cuz I am that fond of them just once again little to no branding they have this fantastic front loading zipper which is literally made for all of my tech check them out guys of course everything that I mentioned down in the description box I am gonna talk a bit about my 2017 MacBook Pro that I just grabbed it is such a big improvement over the 2016 model can't even describe how good this guy cuts through 4k but they are coming out with new models I think the keynote from Apple is in june/july so if you're waiting for a new

Laptop I would probably say hang on till then smart phone wise I am rocking my Galaxy S 9 Plus this has been my daily driver I'm kind of compiling my thoughts gonna create a revisited review it's being crazy to think it's been that long since I was in Barcelona but it's been awesome of course on the back we've got black hammo with of course that hint of orange this guy of course is from dbrand obviously they're hooking it up with my color scheme you guys probably saw from the thumbnail that I am bringing or have brought my Mavic Pro with me and whenever I do car stuff I'm in a new

Place I definitely try to bring my Matic with me it's obviously compact fits nicely into my pack compact my pack headphone wise I am rocking the bose qc25 mark twos this time around I usually switch between those and the Sony's that I tend to have both are honestly awesome they're around the same price range I do kind of prefer the aluminum finish especially this year for the Sony's they're not as soft and supple the pleather fake leather that they used camera wise I kind of forgot to talk about that I just pulled this lens out of my pack it's the baddest 85

Mil 1.8 every photo that you see on Instagram is taken with this guy anyone that's looking to get into photography if you've got a Sony worth it and let me quickly show you guys this setup that I'm rocking here we'll do some video Inception a 7r3 wish I waited for the a7 3 here we've got these 16 to 35 2.8 G master honestly the greatest lens run-and-gun I bring it with me everywhere it is a bit big it is a bit bulky when I want to keep things a bit more lightweight that's when I switch to the 18 mil baddest and on top we've got the Sennheiser MKE 440 and we've got a

Little screen that actually helps me see what's going on this one is from small HD accessory wise I traveled very very light this trip I didn't even bring a power bank I'm living on the edge these are the only two that I brought the first one a USB see dongle this one's friend say techie obviously in space gray to match my MacBook and this guy here a 5 port USB hub I call this thing the Medusa you can kind of tell why it's got a micro USB cable lightning and of course USB see and this thing if you've ever watched any of these episodes lives in my tech pack and maybe my favorite

Part now from this bag you guys probably grabbed a sneak peek of these in the thumbnail you guys might know I'm pretty into kicks just picked these guys up these are the off light vapour Max's big shout outs to stock ex for hooking me up it's essentially a Marketplace on an app where you can check all things out sneakers clothes you name it it's on there kind of see what the market value of each of the shoes are I had to pick a pair of off whites up I wanted them forever obviously they are verified authentic they've got bits of orange and that's exactly why I came to this area

Just got to keep the orange game live I'll be wearing these at the BMW event later today and that is it for another tech Travel Pack happy that I recorded this video here way better then in the hotel which is hanging out right there as I mentioned later today I'm heading out to a couple of dmw events for autonomous driving so I hope I can get that video up shortly after this one and remember to leave a comment on the favorite item you saw can't guarantee that I can give you my off whites but if you do pick sneakers maybe I could ship something to you guys from

Stock X I'll catch the rest of you in one of my next episodes or vlogs peace


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