This Device Could Save a Life! (Bay Alarm Medical Review)

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What's up everybody this is Danny and today I want to talk about safety something I think that's really important now most of you guys know me from the tech videos but what you don't know is that I work proudly as an emergency room nurse and you would not believe how many elderly people actually live on their own so when something catastrophic happens to them and if they get hurt no one is there to help them out when Bay alarm medical reached out to me and asked me to help raise awareness of this problem it made perfect sense I see elderly people come in all the

Time that have been laying there for 48 to 72 hours before anybody who finds them and we have to nurse them back to health and that could have been prevented with what's in this box so everything that you need is going to be in this box right here they do give you a personalized note in here now this is kind of nice as it comes where you can put your names and you can put all your pertinent medical history right here and put this directly on to the refrigerator for emergency personnel there is a QuickStart guide here just in case you need it

But the setup is really really easy this is the base unit this is where all the action happens all the connectivity is here you can see the help button is really big and just hit this if you need help and it comes in two different versions there's a cellular version and if your traditional you can actually just use the phone plug to make sure that this is connected remote wise there's three different ways that you can call for help so these two sensors are the easiest placement for you to call for help this one actually goes on your wrist so you can wear it like a

Watch and then this one goes around your neck so you can have it right there on your chest this third sensor is just a big help button so you can put this anywhere so if you know that they frequently fall in the bathroom or the bedroom you can place this here so they can easily reach it so here's how you set it up just make sure that the antenna is pointing in the upright position and then just plug your system in so everything's gonna be just voice guided and it's gonna take you to the steps the system's gonna tell you when connectivity is at best and if it

Has at least two point five bars of cellular service if you have that model when you hit one of these buttons somebody will be on the phone immediately and they will notify emergency personnel so somebody can help out within mid so if you have an elderly family member that could use 24/7 monitoring that makes you check out the Bay alarm medical system there's a lot of different tiers and different pricing for different types of monitoring so make sure you check out the link below or whatever fits your family member best

There will also be a code listed down below for the Watchers of this video to help you out with the price if you're worried about upfront costs then don't worry about it too much because you actually don't buy this system you're leasing it so only thing you need to worry about is the monthly plan and the monitoring thank you for watching this video I've just seen this so many times personally where in the emergency room a lot of these injuries could have been prevented with the system like this so make sure you check it out and protect

Your loved ones and I'll see you guys in the next video

This Device Could Save a Life! (Bay Alarm Medical Review)

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